Well, the river god seems to have fallen into the hole he dug earlier …

Dakang, a pitcher fish, said before that the river god taught him to speak like this so that he could gain strength. Now the other side obviously has to persist in …
Fang Ning shook his head and lamented this.
Tianhe River God urged, "Dakang, have you also given birth to greed?" I told you to be an honest fish, and you always listened to me the most, so hurry up and return Yuhuan to others. "
The lantern fish shook the chandelier overhead and said, "I’m sorry that Master Heshen came to listen to you, but just now there was a sound that suddenly woke me up. If I listened to you, it would be difficult to send it back directly to the three Yuhuan Houdao …"
"Uh …" The river god immediately gave a wry smile to the big caterpillar. "Well, what happened to my white hair now?"
"What’s going on? It’s strange to say that you all speak in a strange way, as if I’ve seen a human cartoon, "the big green bug shook its head and wondered."
"Ha ha, it’s not as if it’s coming …" Poseidon’s eyes squinted slightly to the right to reveal a really "funny" smile.
"Ah?" Fang Ning was very puzzled when he heard that this guy was trapped in this trench. How did he learn these things through external communication?
He quickly asked Uncle Tong to ask this question.
So Qinglongkou asked, "Mr. Heshen, please tell me the story carefully."
"Well, I’ll say it if you don’t ask," he said with a robe in the bubble room.
"Seven years ago, the Tianhe River was exhausted. I found the entrance to this world in the last dry water. I didn’t expect to fall into this place. Most of the mana loss was good. I was also prepared to leave only mana to activate the protective mask to fight against external water pressure. After all, I am not a creature here. I am a golden carp. It is definitely not possible to go directly into the deep water."
During my seven years here, I made friends with this calabash fish while slowly regaining my strength. I taught it to enlighten the spirit, named it Dakang, and practiced the River God Road. Last year, it awakened a talent to freely enter and leave the deep sea and shallow sea, depending on the pressure changes.
"So I let it learn the knowledge of this world, its Morse light signal, the way of the river god and my appearance are all learned from human beings, because I found a phenomenon that if the world can be red, it will have power."
When I heard that, Fang Ning could not help but have a deep doubt.
It seems that this is not the first time.
He said to Uncle Tong, "Do you have a sense of familiarity?"
"Yes, he looks really funny …" Uncle Tong answered irrelevant questions.
"What a wonderful idea you have … I mean, do you think he is very similar to those three Tianzhu gods? The latter is also attached to the myth of the earth, pretending to be the god of Tianzhu and then gaining power. "
"Coincidentally, he did the same thing, gaining strength by attaching to our human mythology. I always feel that there is a big conspiracy in this," Fang Ning mused
"Conspiracy? What’s the conspiracy? I think it’s that they’re too lazy to make up new identities and want to take shortcuts. Didn’t they just say that, Black Dog? " Uncle tong disdains to say
Fang Ning says, "Hehe, one or two can also say this. There are many great powers in the world who choose to do this. Obviously, there must be some reason why they have to do this."
"It’s simple. You spend a little merit. Ask Tiandao’s father. He must know."
"Forget the merit value of heaven. It’s hard to come by. Obviously, this river god can’t brush the merit value of heaven." Fang Ning refused.
"What?" Uncle Tong is very strange. "Although he is a good man, the ancients never said that heaven does not distinguish between good and evil, that is to say, brushing good people can get the merits of heaven …"
"I depend, I think you are going to be possessed. Do all good people want to brush the merits of heaven? What we are all about is to strengthen people’s position, not heaven’s position, or else your unified rules will collapse, "Fang Ning rightly said."
I can’t help it. Grandpa is a one-year-old child, so I can’t let him go … teach chemical engineering.
"Oh, I didn’t want to brush his millionaire, and you misunderstood me again." Uncle Tong argued, "Since we don’t understand, let’s get down to business and get Daqing and Yuhuan back. When you ask questions and ask questions, you will talk nonsense."
"Forget it, then follow the standard process."
"What is the standard process?" Uncle Tong wondered
Fang Ning said, "Let me do it."
So Fang Ning controlled the Qinglong to read the sound to the big caterpillar.
The big caterpillar nodded to show white.
Then everything went according to the process …
When Dakang, the lantern fish, finished reading the lines again, the big caterpillar said very humbled, "I dropped a bronze jade ring."
After listening to this, Dakang, the lantern fish, was very happy and said, "Well, you are really an honest worm … then I’ll give you this gold and this silver."
"Thank you," the big green worm looked at the three Yuhuan being pushed into the bubble by the chubby fish and hurriedly jumped at it.
Seeing the three jade rings is like meeting the owner. It changes to a minimum and easily sets the legs of the big green worms.
"Good honest worm, I’m leaving. Bye."
After that, Dakang fish swaggered away …