White wave belt means that the riding is not strictly disciplined. The most armored riding equipment is in the hands of Luo Yi, the manager of Youzhou.

On the third day, Bai Lang threw himself into the army and the Zhang Xutuo army set out, while Bai Lang Youqi explored and swam far away. He sentenced Wagangzhai to expel Wagang Youqi and ensure his own marching route. This kind of thing is quite familiar to Bai Lang, but he just took his new department to kill people.
It’s impossible for Whitewater to scout, but it’s very easy for Whitewater to strangle each other. This man also takes a double horse when he goes to war, because he holds a double halberd, wears a double iron mace around his waist and adds leather armor to his own weight. This average horse is really struggling-at least there is a sample of 250 kg.
It’s a good thing that his horse didn’t wear armor, otherwise he would be dead in a day. Sometimes Whitewater thinks he’s going to step into battle, and then wearing heavy armor and holding a double halberd seems to be no worse than riding a horse. Now it’s very easy for him to rob and kill those Wagang villages and let them go out for a ride. He gives his iron mace and a divinatory halberd to the Ministry, takes off his leather armor and only holds a halberd to kill people.
Less than 200 Jin, his horse can still run very fast, so he appeared in front of him. The cavalry who were not under Zhang Xutuo’s command were stabbed by him one after another. It was as simple as eating chicken or someone shooting an arrow. It was also knocked down by whitewater and could not hit his body. Whitewater beheaded all the people, and the Ministry also knew that the official was simply enjoying killing and worshiping, and there was no lack of awe.
In the eyes of these departments, Bai Langyong is a real mistake. No matter how many others ride, he rides alone and kills with a few breaths. It’s as simple as eating and drinking, and Bai Lang is still a broad-minded person who can give them the first class merit.
It is also necessary to recover the white waves when you go out for the night. Almost every day, you get something-it is not easy to find popularity with the innate master’s lookout. However, Wagangzhai accounted for more than half of Xingyang County, which came out of Xingyang City, but it was already going to take over in two days.
More than ten miles in front of the array of more than 10,000 loyalists in the big Sui Dynasty is the Wagangzhai army. The next morning, Zhang Xutuo cloth square Wagangzhai fought against the white-wave right-wing cavalry. He didn’t have a horse, but he was led by a deputy. At present, there is no command for cavalry to attack. Most of the cavalry are guaranteed horsepower.
Whitewater looked at the army in front of him. He took a deep breath. Once again, the long-lost white tiger’s military spirit burst out-it’s a pity that ordinary people can’t see that unless they practice successfully, they can look forward to it. The two armies have their own piercing and fierce atmosphere, and even the sun and sunshine have become pale and not so warm.
At this time, it’s winter, and it’s even more chilly. The Zhang Xutuo army stepped forward with a big shield spear, but the wagangzhai army was a big leader. Zhai Rang personally led a much larger number than Zhang Xutuo, but he couldn’t hold his ground and was pushed back step by step.
"This Wagang Village is very delicious! Back off when you come, so you will collapse when you go for at most one wick of incense. Cheng Yaojin? Where’s the Sanbanfu? Where’s the devil in the devil’s kingdom? !” Whitewater led the horse forward slowly to avoid being out of touch with Zhongjun, and now both wings of the former Zhongjun Wagangzhai had to be filled in to avoid being completely destroyed.
Bai Lang saw the two banners of "Zhai" and "Li" flying in the Chinese army, and felt that Shi Biao had a strong control over the army. He insisted on retreating and had not collapsed yet. "How long has he been in Wagangzhai? Can do this, it was once followed Yang Xuangan disorderly neck-to-neck. I’ve seen a big scene. "
Wagangjun seems to have lost the battle when he was old. Although it was really as expected by the old thugs, Bai Lang, they fled when they were fragrant, but they were not killed too much by the big Sui loyalist led by Zhang Xutuo. The thieves’ running skills were almost full of armor, and they could be stripped and lost, even if they held the knife tightly in their hands.
Zhang Xutuo’s style of play is also quite fierce. What Whitewater sees is that Zhang Xutuo is located in the former army and Luo Shixin is the first to board, followed by the Wagang Village, followed by the high morale. The big Sui loyalist filed in and slashed and killed Zhang Xutuo, then retreated and commanded Luo Shixin Qin Qiong to constantly tear each other’s defense. Of course, there is no defense now. Just need to take the army to kill.
There has been no command to let whitewater and cavalry show after it. It seems that Zhang Xutuo also has his own ideas. He still keeps the reserve team "Wulin master"? I remember there are many experts in Wagangzhai. It is estimated that the army is really big? " Whitewater thought, but he still thought it was because these "masters" were not good enough …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Trap
Wagangzhai troops fled for their lives, but there have always been small-scale foot soldiers fighting back-and then they were defeated and fled again. Whitewater led the horse and thought that this kind of breakup could actually organize troops to fight back constantly. Shi Biao or Zhai Rang’s level is serious-of course, it may also be the so-called beauty strategist Shen Luoyan’s means. Anyway, Zhang Xutuo commanded the army to chase and see that it was about to kill for an hour
The army of Wagangzhai has been hunted down for more than ten miles, and there are two or three thousand lives lost. Zhang Xutuo led the Sui army into the forest on both sides of the sea temple, and the ambush was suddenly fought. Originally, Shi Biao had already decided on the tactics beforehand, and it was probably Shen Luoyan’s ambush tactics-Shi Biao Zhai Rang led the army to engage in fraud and defeat, and Zhang Xutuo was lured into the ambush, so he led the army to kill. Naturally, Xu Shiji, Wang Bodang, Dan Xiongxin and other warriors led the army.
There are more than 2,000 people ambushing the foot soldiers in total, but all the elite soldiers in Wagangzhai are very skilled in martial arts. It has to be said that Wagangzhai is really rich in martial arts these days, while Zhang Xutuo people’s martial arts are generally good at encouraging morale and caring for the foot soldiers. Luo Shixin is better than him, and many Zhang Xutuo has been beaten to death …
"Because he was followed by Luo Shixin and his loyal and heroic momentum." Whitewater’s view is that after the ambush appeared, he didn’t feel anything, but the Sui army was shaken. Because the front also had a pre-arranged elite counterattack in Wagangzhai-I’m afraid that was Shi Mila who came out to obey his elite and they pushed back Zhang Xutuo and Sui Jun.
The frontal attack of the phalanx is very strong, but the weakness is exposed when facing the flank attack, and it will be surrounded by division. "It’s time for the old field!" Whitewater was overjoyed when he found that the morale of the other side was rising, which directly crushed the morale of the big Sui loyalist. Indeed, when it was found that it was surrounded by an ambush, the elite army would panic-even the elite special army.
Zhang Xutuo didn’t make a military order, but the white waves roared by himself, which shocked the whole battlefield. Then he turned his horse and directly raised his halberd to the ambush in front of him. There were only a few riders behind him to react and follow the white waves. These are rare warriors who are really loyal. Now attacking the ambush in Wagangzhai is different from taking his own life to stop the other side’s footsteps.
The ambush in Wagangzhai attacked those who were already a little exhausted, like a sharp knife, and Sui Jun quickly tore Sui Jun’s flank. The Sui army turned around and was constantly killed. At this time, the white waves arrived, and the Sui army fierce generals also fought back, especially Zhang Xutuo. Now it is not the time to command, but it is necessary to meet the brave in a narrow way. Once he loses his heart of victory, the whole Sui Jun will be finished-Henan Road will be ruined and the day will be ruined.
At this time, I heard the male roar running through the whole battlefield, and Zhang Xutuo people saw the white waves rushing straight at each other’s army. I was also deeply moved and deeply regretted-it seems to him that this brave and loyal man is on the verge of sacrifice, but the white waves are armored-even leather armor is an armored ride, with little vest and iron armor. There were few in the Sui Dynasty, but there are still some points in Luo Yi, the manager of Youzhou.
Arrows and arrows hidden weapons are flying towards the white waves. There is no lack of powerful white waves. The white waves are double halberds crossed in front of the horse’s head, and the innate qi spews out, forming a wrapped cone in front. In this way, the ability to rush forward has been shocking. Even with powerful arrows and hidden weapons base, the innate qi forms a cone and slips out of a few hidden weapons shots that can break the air. As a result, it is blocked by the white waves filled with leather armor, and the white waves cannot be injured at all.
And when he rushed into each other’s position, even if the other side pulled it quite loosely-it was convenient for these skilled elite soldiers to play their respective martial arts. However, in the white wave and tiger roar, the arms were displayed and the original cross halberd was drawn directly to the left and right. This is the shock wave knife light and white wave, which directly made more than ten elite soldiers in Wagang Village on the right and left wings be cut into pieces and a splash of flesh and blood.
White waves laugh wildly like a brotherhood of the wolf. He is really very happy to finally break the army array and slash and kill him. The white tiger in his body has already been eager to devour the flesh and blood of the battlefield. That’s how the white tiger shaqi is. The more people kill in the war, the stronger the natural martial arts will be, the more wonderful it will be. Especially, a fighting heart is burning. It is definitely not a dream to play its own one hundred and twenty percent power to slay the enemy roots.
The key is that when you kill yourself, your mood will become extremely excited, your lethality will become more and more serious, people will become more and more energetic, and your skills will continue to improve. Although your achievements will not be so obvious after birth, it will definitely be more refreshing than step-by-step daily practice. The only pity is that you must be in an army to practice, and you can’t practice this by killing people.
The convergence of whitewater power is also a big loss to himself-the innate qi in this world can’t be regarded as a continuous loss exceeding the supplement, but it’s possible and it’s a little inferior to stir up the innate qi in this world-it’s impossible to make it that big. His martial arts are greatly imposing, so let’s converge and pour armor and kill with weapons.
The martial arts outside the White Wave have been practiced with a divine power. At the moment, he wields a halberd root, and people can block the halberd white wave. He wields it as fast as a lamp grass, and even if he doesn’t attach Nandou White Tiger Boxing, he can easily cut and pierce people and armor together by strength alone. "It’s not good for anyone to build a weapon with iron, but the blade is blunt after slashing dozens of people." A cup of white water kung fu has already rushed into dozens of steps to slay dozens of people.
Because there is no blood flowing down the gun shaft, white waves are shaking, and blood is flying everywhere. He skimmed his pie mouth and his legs, and a clip of course steeds his hands. Along the horse’s momentum, he stabbed halberds, like the same living dragon, directly through several people’s bodies, and then he stabbed them in white waves and pulled out iron maces. By this time, these ambush momentum had just fallen-white waves killed too hard and too fast, and they were not afraid …
Whitewater continued to fuel the steeds. At this time, the momentum of the cavalry behind him came one after another, and dozens of riders shouted the name of whitewater. Whitewater saw the same horse riding right against the face, and the Wagangzhai army directly rushed over.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Wang Bodang
At this time, the fact that the Zhang Xutuo army has been divided has been that the guards from Zhang Xutuo, such as Luo Shixin, and others are fighting their way out, and the ambush on the outside of whitewater is very easy to kill a group of people, military commanders, and those ambushes directly hit dozens of steps. At present, a member of Wagangzhai Rider is yelling and reorganizing the formation, while whitewater rides his horse and raises his hand, which is an iron mace.
The strength of the white wave is unusually large, but at present, this rider seems to be a martial arts expert. He raised his hand against the stable and took a white wave blow. Although his arms shook and he sprayed blood in his mouth, the real injury was forwarded to the riding horse. The horse’s hooves were directly broken and the horse’s body was short, and then he died. The rider rolled his body directly from the dead horse, jumped his right hand to his waist and touched it directly and pulled out a soft sword.
When soft sword shakes, he will stab the white face like a snowflake. This hand is directly to abolish the five senses and seven senses of the white face. If possible, he will break his skull through his eyes. "Alas, this world is so much stronger than Daqiang!" The white wave sighed and raised the iron mace of the left hand. At present, the iron mace of the right hand is thrown forward, and it is also brought with a fierce wind. The rider will have to stab the iron mace with one sword and use it to fly back.