After so many years, two dog really doesn’t have that kind of youthful thrill for Jiang Xiaoying. If you like it, you must like it, but love is not stronger than Jiang Xiaoying’s affection for Lingyao.

Speaking of Lingyao, if Lingyao hadn’t betrayed him for a life-saving money, he might have chosen Lingyao as his real girlfriend.
It’s a pity that feelings are importuned, and they have been beaten by Ling Yao and Zhao Tu. Now even if she changes her mind, Pi two dog’s feelings for her have faded.
"two dog with xiao less confrontation cost a lot? I can’t let you pay for nothing. Besides, you like me too. I’ll give you a good time. Isn’t that what you want in your dreams? " Xiao-ying jiang said strange two dog is how to return a responsibility? I went crazy chasing her in high school, and now she’s taking the initiative, and this guy is pushing from pillar to post.
"Xiaoying elder sister, I can’t fish in troubled waters! I really wanted you to be my girlfriend before, but that was a thing of the past after all. The most important thing is that you are still Miao Dajun’s fiancee! " Pi two dog rebuffed a way
"ah? Do you mean that Miao Dajun’s hamstring was broken by me, and he will never be able to make love again after living in a wheelchair? " Smell speech skin two dog is full of a shocked expression.
"Miao Dajun has become a basket case. After controlling my hand, I am willing to marry Miao Jia. On the one hand, thanks to your help, I can control Miao Dajun. On the other hand, Miao Shuisheng gave me a higher annual salary. You may not believe that it has risen from one million to three million!" Jiang Xiaoying excited way
"Well, that’s a good idea. Now this society needs money to live a good life. What love is nonsense is a bad thing. After Miao Dajun lives in a wheelchair, your physiological needs are not easy to meet! Equal to grass widow! "
"two dog, you are responsible for my physical needs! I love you for no other reason than … I really love you! "
Xiao-ying Jiang threw a big bang and chopped two dog into a tender place!
Oh, my God. Really?
Why does it feel like a daydream?
Sister Xiaoying said herself that she loved me? Oh, my god, you didn’t even think about it before.
Suddenly Pi two dog was so excited that he said, "Sister Xiaoying, don’t joke. How is this possible?"
"two dog is true. If I lie to you, your ass will get sore and your mouth will be pus!" Xiao-ying jiang swear swear way
Seeing that Jiang Xiaoying looked serious and didn’t like to make fun of him, he asked curiously, "Then when did you love me?"
"To tell the truth, many people in nine planets City say that you borrow money from women to pretend to be rich and cheat money everywhere. I am true. Later, you made a big splash at Xiao Shaoshao’s birthday dinner. I realized that I underestimated your strength! I have loved you since that day! " Xiao-ying Jiang looked at him with a face of sweet way
"Sister Xiaoying, I fight ok. Xiao Shaoshao is not my opponent, but I live in a mud tile house and owe a huge debt. Do you love me, too?" He quipped.
"two dog, I didn’t know that you made a fate food these days. Now it’s so hot that you should make money. How can you still be in debt? How much do you owe? " Jiang Xiaoying heart way
"To tell you the truth, I didn’t send the fate food and Cynomorium maru. The real owner is a real master named Wang Langjun! I’m just his agent and I’m working for Master Wang! " This guy pretends to be better than that.
"Well, I believe you! It’s only been a few years since I saw you. It makes sense to say that you learned martial arts from a master. It’s only a few years since you sent out anti-fate dishes and Cynomorium maru. I really doubt it! " Jiang Xiaoying said that even if two dog doesn’t own the food, his superb martial arts is enough for her to worship.
"Sister Xiaoying is still smart. I told others that Master Wang sent it. They didn’t believe me and insisted that I sent it haha!" Pi two dog tried to test Jiang Xiaoying’s sincerity by pretending to be poor.
"two dog, I believe you can tell me the truth, which will make me love you more and say that you are not a gossip! By the way, how much did Master Wang pay you? "
"Five thousand!"
"What master Wang is a shopkeeper of cutting? You are so his manager is only five thousand a month? How stingy! " Jiang Xiaoying, who is only 5,000 yuan a month, was shocked.
"Xiaoying elder sister five thousand yuan a lot, is this job or I grinded Master Wang for a whole month to get it! I served him tea and water and treated him as a grandfather. He only represented me when he saw that I was sincere! "
"two dog can’t believe that you have suffered so much! I love you dearly! " At some point, Jiang Xiaoying suddenly threw herself into his arms and said emotionally, "two dog, I’m only 22 this year and I haven’t married anyone. Can you let me be your secret lover?"
"Can this wait until I avenge you?" He thought of Xiao’s super strength and didn’t necessarily have much chance of winning against Xiao less.
"Come on! Two dog, I am waiting for you! "
Besides, Ding Baoyi, Deputy Bureau of Urban Construction Safety Bureau.
This woman has a friendship with Fan fishing, the deputy mayor in charge of medical and health system, and tries to force Fan to fish to clean up two dog, a disobedient monkey.
This afternoon, Fan fishing was investigated by a top-three hospital. Ding Baoyi rashly asked him to invite Fan fishing to a private room in front of more than a dozen accompanying officials. "Mayor Fan, you promised me the day before yesterday to send Wang Donghu to investigate how there was no news about a king egg in Pi two dog?"
"Comrade Baoyi, you said that Pi two dog’s illegal medical practice started the investigation procedure, so it won’t take a day or two to get the results. Comrade Donghu hasn’t reported the investigation results yet, which means that you don’t have to worry when he is still under investigation. I’ll let you know as soon as there is news." Fan fishing and Yan Yue said.
"Fan mayor you are perfunctory me! It’s been a few days. Three or four days? Haven’t Wang Donghu implemented it yet? I suspect that he was bought by Pi two dog! " Ding Baoyi dared to talk to Fan fishing so much because Fan had been a county magistrate for several years. Ding Baoyi was the owner of his office. After drinking too much, he made a good deal with Ding Baoyi. Afterwards, Fan fishing regretted his career. He found a reason to transfer Ding Baoyi to the Urban Construction Bureau as the deputy director.
I didn’t expect Ding Baoyi not to save an oil lamp and take chicken feathers as an arrow to pester Fan to fish. Later, Fan fished and rose to the vice mayor of nine planets City. This woman was still the ghost of Fan fished to take her to the post of nine planets City Construction Bureau.
Now this woman is here to help her brother stand out and find it again!
See Ding Baoyi dead to tie up lousy fan fishing a face of nai way "comrade baoyi is not conducive to unity, don’t say. Comrade Donghu is famous for his integrity. How can he be bought? So I’ll give Comrade Donghu a message to ask about the situation! "
Chapter 2 Fan Fishing Counterattack
After a while, the words got through, and Wang Donghu said, "What are the instructions from Mayor Fan?"
"How’s the investigation of Comrade Donghu’s involvement in illegal medical practice in Pi two dog?" Fan fishing a ball of Maitreya asked
"Report Mayor Fan, I went to Da Nai Village to visit many farmers. Pi two dog is Lizu’s secret recipe to help the villagers. He didn’t see any illegal gains after all, and most villagers spoke highly of Pi two dog!" Mrs. Wang Donghu, Shu Xin, suffers from dozens of tumors the size of hysteromyoma, which can’t be picked clean after surgery. It didn’t take long for her to relapse. I didn’t expect to be cured by Pi two dog’s mysterious skill! Whether Yu Shuo will recur remains to be verified.
However, Wang Donghu believes that his wife’s stubborn illness can be cured after such miraculous treatment as Pi two dog. After confirming that it will not recur, Wang Donghu intends to come forward to help Pi two dog apply for a doctor’s qualification certificate.
"Oh, I know!" Fan fishing knows Wang Donghu. People usually ask for a word and say no problem, then it’s really no problem.
Put away the words. Fan fished for a while, picked up the cup and sipped at the tea ceremony. "Comrade Baoyi sat down and said."
"I won’t sit. What did Lao Fan Wang Donghu say?"
See Ding Baoyi is full of an aggressive posture. Fan fishing will know that it must be that Pi two dog who has offended her. I have learned about Pi two dog’s fan fishing these days. When I learned that he had grown a fate dish at an early age, he also made a wind-smashed nine planets Cynomorium Pill. Fan fishing didn’t pay much attention. Later, someone recommended Cynomorium Pill to him, saying that this thing is the gospel of middle-aged and old men. Fan fishing has never been relieved because he is busy with business. Besides, can a teenager be more capable than Wei Ge?
After considering some kind of fan fishing, he beat about the bush and said, "Comrade Baoyi, what exactly is the holiday between you and Pi two dog? Can you talk about it? "
"Eldest brother is my brother Ding Xianjin. He saw Pi two dog for a doctor because of a serious illness. That little cheat saw that my brother was a hotel and a Kay, so he charged him tens of thousands of yuan for a minor illness! As a result, my brother’s illness is worse than good! Finally, the dean of Yaoding Hospital was cured! " Ding Baoyi hated Pi two dog’s guts and angered Fan Fishing. She did not hesitate to fabricate lies to discredit Pi two dog.
"oh? Is there any evidence? " Fan fishing one leng immediately took a suspicious look at Ding Baoyi. Others don’t know this woman, but Fan fishing knows that this woman is terrible and can do anything, but he has something to hold Ding Baoyi’s hand, so he can’t offend her.
"Eldest brother, you don’t believe me? Well, I’ll ask Ding Xianjin to bring the medicine to you! " Say Ding Baoyi angrily take out a cellular phone.
Fan fishing busy is motioning with his hand, "Comrade Baoyi, this is a very serious accusation. We should make a good investigation and have conclusive evidence before we can draw a conclusion! Well, I’ll let Comrade Donghu investigate one more time! "
See van fishing and want to talk Ding Baoyi frighten grabbed the phone, "the boss this also want to investigate? I said that there must be a false mouth pus and a sore ass! Well, I don’t have to be dead. two dog wants him to promise me one condition. I won’t pursue his illegal medical practice! "
"oh? What conditions? " Fan Daiyu saw this woman kicking her nose and letting go of his future. It’s time to fight back!
Thought of here, Fan fished while Ding Baoyi was not paying attention to secretly playing the phone recording function.
"My brother Ding Xianjin is a hotel monopoly because of Pi two dog’s fate. My brother’s business has plummeted. The salary of all employees is almost out of the question. You asked Pi two dog to promise to give Ding Xianjin no less than 10,000 kilograms of illegal medical practice every day. This page has been revealed!" Ding Baoyi threw a big bang way
"Comrade Bao Yi, you are the deputy director of the Urban Construction Bureau to Ding Xianjin, and your family members are not allowed to do business according to regulations. Now you are working to facilitate your brother’s interests … I’m afraid it’s wrong? Be careful that someone grabs you! " Fan fishing, don’t look at a group of Maitreya, always smiling, he secretly fished.