However, the fate has not lasted for me, and your reincarnation disk will turn into a fairy by then.

Then bring him back through the reincarnation plate and finish this doom. "
Then he gave the spell to Tie Guai Li and others and then disappeared.
"send the old gentleman!"
After the immortals got up, they realized this spell in succession.
On this day, Lv Dongbin also woke up to face everyone and felt very sorry for his previous obsession.
The immortals are relieved. "This is also your suffering and mine. Now, don’t rest assured if you spend it."
Then we should actively face the coming magic robbery. "
"Yes, you’d better get well soon. We have to go to the first fairy and wait for you."
At some point they saw Lv Dongbin and Bai Mudan standing at one another for a long time without saying a word.
They winked at each other and retreated, leaving them alone.
As soon as he came out, Han Zhong wandered around for two steps and asked, "They won’t get stuck again, will they?"
All the immortals smell speech at Lingqing, after all, he had promised the people.
Lingqing laughed. "Don’t worry, doom is spent. Even if it sinks in again, it has no effect on this doom."
Besides, I believe that the two of them can understand what they want after all this. "
"That’s good, that’s good!" The fairy smell speech in succession
Two people in the room looked at each other’s eyes at the same time. Bai Mudan took the lead in laughing. "My name is Bai Mudan!"
Lv Dongbin smiled and replied, "My name is Lv Dongbin!"
Two people at the same time, "nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! " Then smile at one another.
Lv Dongbin said, "I heard that you left Master Zhong, so you and I will be brothers and sisters in the future."
"Yes!" Bai Mudan made a ceremony and said, "Please ask your senior brother for advice in the future."
"Ha, ha, ha ~" Lv Dongbin laughed and lifted her up. "Say, say, brother, don’t talk about love alone, and you will give everything in the future."
"Hee hee hee ~" Bai Mudan is also a smile. "That school sister, I’ll just cut off my feelings and miss brother. Do you want to learn?"
"Classmate! Classmate! " Lv Dongbin Road
Then they chatted with each other, laughing and swinging out from time to time.
Outside, Han Zhongli and others looked at each other and wondered what was going on inside.
However, it’s okay for everyone to worry about it. It’s up to them, so they don’t ask any more questions.
In the following days, everyone also discovered the changes when Lv Dongbin and Bai Mudan got along.
Less infatuation, but also more intimacy.
Although they have secretly loved each other for thousands of years, one of them is Donghua Fairy, who has a high status, and the other is Peony Fairy, who guards the Flat Peach Garden.
I’ve never really had a heart-to-heart conversation.
It is also bitter to get more after three generations of love.
There are always some disappointments in getting along with each other.
Until now, the two people have a deeper understanding of each other.
Also more understand what the other person is like, and get along more casually.
Seeing that the two people have really changed, the immortals will no longer worry, but concentrate on understanding the reincarnation disk and calculating the situation of the first fairy
On this day, the immortals will gather in the hall after they understand the magic. Look at me and I will look at you.
Lan Caihe first said, "This spell has seven days, and sometimes that Cao Jingxiu is a timid and greedy man."
How can we change it? "
Fairy also worried that "the key is that we went to Mana, so I’m afraid we can’t even meet the national wine."
Tie Guai Li said, "This is not the key. The key is that we went to the flesh and stayed where we were for seven days."
Someone has to guard me, or Zhang Guo, Zhong Li and Dong Bin will be fine, and you and Xiang, Cai He will lose their bodies. "
"gentlemen!" Lingqing debut "you don’t have to worry about me to watch for you.
With Zhu Xianjian, I can stick to it for seven days even if my uncle comes.
Don’t worry about his little demon. "
Tie Guai Li saw his one eye, "it is better to have a clear guard with us.
And we will be able to successfully return with the seven immortals, and then the immortals will be able to get through the magic bullet. "
"good! People are affectionate! " Lv Dongbin stretched out one hand and said
"Xian Juyi!" More than six people have reached out and pressed him.
Then everyone lived away from home to cast their reincarnation and went to the Song Dynasty two hundred years later.
While Lingqing always guards one side.
Qingzun, the spirit in the altar of Tongtian Sect, and Zang Ling watched the Seven Immortals go to Cao Guojiu through reincarnation.
Zangling said, "Now the fate that has lasted for ten thousand years can finally be stopped."
Then he lost a smile. "Now think about it. I’m almost white for ten thousand years."
Immersing yourself in hatred and comparison every day will make you constantly be killed without substantial progress. "
Lingqing Road "ShiShu can now be white and not too late.
I’ve been waiting for a long time, and my uncle is even more immortal. These setbacks are just our further resources. "
Hidden spirit nodded. "It’s also that I suddenly have no interest in what the Three Realms of King’s Landing are."
After this disaster, I will take my son, Jinger and Sun Hu back to the door.
Careful teaching will enable them to have a promising future. "
Lingqing looked at the hidden spirit now, and he already had some weather when the Virgin Turtle appeared.
And this appearance is the real Taoist practitioner.