Chapter five hundred and sixty-one The rise of octopus empire

Fang Ning heard lingyun shouting is not funny.
You’re not the first one to shout Bss like this, and you’re certainly not the last one. You may be able to count a lot, but grandpa’s real ability is known only by grandpa Fang …
Okay, it’s done today …
However, he was still a little uneasy, so he asked the expert, "Ann, what do you think is the chance of winning the Dragon Venerable this time?"
Anderson affirmed, "If Lingyun plays again, he will be doomed to be beheaded today."
Fang Ning suddenly looked at the screen with a smile on her face.
See that lingyun doesn’t seem to believe in evil. Obviously, it is not easy for him to trust others …
What he turned into black and white gas suddenly split into a small group
Followed by a sudden change in the wind and cloud
That divided into a small group of black-and-white gas and divided into thousands of strands, like wind guns and rain arrows, rushed straight at the knight-in-waiting.
Fang Ning can’t help but be afraid of the center of the earth. Is it a beginner to be skilled in this form of offensive and defensive combat?
However, it turns out that the scum didn’t worry about the qualification of learning gods …
In a flash, the knight-errant A turns black and white, and suddenly a fish of yin and yang appears like a divinatory disc, and the two streams of yin and yang turn.
"Damn it, how can you learn this high defense method so quickly?"
Lingyun flustered and frustratedly shouted again
The reason why he often gaffes is simple. He has to do his best to be the best. As a result, people learn more than him at a glance, which makes him feel like a heart?
No matter how talented you are, you can’t violate the law of cultivation, can you? !
Unless that’s true?
No way, knight-errant A is just another dumpling. It can’t be the figure in question. That’s too destructive to the balance between heaven and earth!
Heaven and earth from perfection
From this point of view, knight-errant A can’t be
Just then, the wind, guns, rain and arrows hit the yin and yang fish like eggs hitting stones to dissipate all the self-effacing forces.
Lingyun immediately white each other not only learn congenital xuan gas but also higher than him.
If his realm is perfect, the other side is superb.
But if you can learn this trick, I don’t believe you can learn another one!
See lingyun a cloud of gas suddenly a shock black and white gas suddenly stopped flowing and then behing blood red gas emerged!
In an instant, these blood gases are like a generalized rainbow with visual impairment!
"Damn, let him get away again!"
The big ye resentfully each other rather way
"How is it possible? Let me look at the map!"
As soon as I saw the black dot that just represented Lingyun on the map of Fang Ning, it suddenly became bleeding red and then disappeared.
"What practice does this guy have?"
Fang Ning just questioned and listened to Anderson’s dignified way. "I’m afraid this is a blood sacrifice method. I don’t know how many creatures have served as his escape sacrifice …"
"What?" Fang Ning was surprised.