It’s all true feelings in the neighborhood

"When he comes, I have to call him a beast every day."
"Yeah, yeah, this dog thing pissed me off."
Sheng Jiyuan quietly packed up his things, but there was nothing. He limped silently with a thin little package and left. He looked back and looked back. He has been here for several years.
Street people’s attitude towards him is not good, but it is not bad, which is a normal handover attitude.
"After here is that you live alone. Can you read? It should be remembered that it will be handed over to our street once a month. "
Street elder sister gave him a look when she spoke.
Sheng Jiyuan was busy nodding his head at once. He was stunned by the environment here. Is it really for him to live in?
"And because of your identity, the salary will not be the same as that of the previous people, but the food will be increased for you."
Elder sister, business is business. She handed over the key and left quickly.
Sheng Jiyuan, look at this room. It’s neat and clean, and it’s a bed. He hasn’t been lying in bed for several years, and he hasn’t slept in it. He can’t stop the rain and wind in that hut.
There is also a coal stove in it. After cooking, he also improved it. It suddenly occurred to him that he didn’t tell Xiaoyao that he couldn’t find himself to worry about.
Two days later, on Friday night, Yao Shangqing came again. This time, she brought some vegetables, a piece of meat and a pack of medicinal materials.
"This can’t really be your client to do things, can it?" Sheng Jiyuan was surprised
Yao Shangqing was in a good mood and put everything on the table one by one to "find a neighbor for me"
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Chapter 66 Yuan Yuan is coming
Sheng Jiyuan got up and helped Yao Shangqing pack things together.
"You child, why are you so stubborn and disobedient?"
Yao Shangqing’s heart has fallen to the ground. Look at the environment here. It’s much better than before.
"Uncle Sheng, it’s not that I’m disobedient. Don’t you always be willing to be like that with your medical skills? It’s never wrong to be serious every day. You should take care of yourself and wait until you get back, and you can save more people."
Sheng Jiyuan listened to these words. In those days, that little girl suddenly grew up and looked much better than him.
"Ok, I’ll be fine when I know, waiting to meet your father."
Yao Shangqing knew that he was really relieved at this moment and turned around to see just the charge.
"And this is when I went to the hospital to see Chinese medicine, to help you grasp the meridians and cultivate your body."
Sheng Jiyuan hasn’t seen this medicine for a long time. He was sick before, and he also called to see it because of occupational diseases.
"The formula of the medicine in it is quite unique. It’s a coincidence. Why didn’t I expect these two herbs to be put together? The efficacy has doubled directly."
Yao Shangqing-she doesn’t understand these things, and this prescription is not made by the doctor in the hospital, but written at Yuanyuan’s home for herself. She asked someone to catch it in the hospital.
"I didn’t expect that there are so many people in this place. This prescription is really good." After that, I looked at Yao Shangqing eagerly. Although I knew that I couldn’t go to see people now, I was still very excited to think so.
Yao Shangqing forgot whether Sheng Jiyuan was a talented person or a medical fanatic.
"Well, you can see it in the hospital when you have a chance."
Sheng Jiyuan, thinking about it, took the medicine bag and went aside to study it happily.
Yao Shangqing gave him a little tidying up and left quickly. If you ask again, you will be exposed.
Yuanyuan stayed at home with her three brothers until Yao Shangqing came back.
In June 1974, the primary school exam ended, and junior high school ended a few days later than them.
Yuanyuan is now familiar with the family area. Who doesn’t know that her father works in the province? Although there are many cadres in this family courtyard, she is still treated with eyes.
Yao Shangqing also had a free holiday. Because it was too hot, she let them stay at home. She went back to Baijia Village by herself. Chen Shaoyuan studied in the second day of school, and she didn’t worry about anything.
Yuanyuan has always been curious about her mother’s rescue of that man, even more curious when she knew that he was a doctor. She told Chen Shaoyuan and strolled out by herself.
"It’s too hot outside, you’ll come back soon after you play." Chen Shaoyuan didn’t forget to charge her like an old father.
Yuanyuan: Oh, and left without looking back.
Most of the things in the waste factory still come from several state-owned factories in the county, and there will be convoys and carts to take them away. What to do behind it is another level of people’s management.
Sheng Jiyuan is much more leisure now, and sometimes he sits down to drink tea. If there is any waste, he will register and then leave it alone
Probe around the entrance of the iron gate of Yuanyuan Waste Factory.
Sheng Jiyuan sat at the gate and looked up and saw the little girl. She was really nice. She was running for fun and looking at the back. No one followed him to remember his identity. She didn’t dare to get up and take the initiative to talk to the little girl. After all, if someone wearing a little red chapter saw Yi Bu, they would all blend in.
Yuanyuan saw him and took the initiative to go in and see him. She knew a name before, so she would see the real person. It was somewhat unexpected that this man had a high merit and saved many people’s lives.