A sword is suspended in front of me, and the tip of the sword is pointing at my chest, which is more than ten centimeters away from the key position of my heart. A short distance can definitely pierce my heart. I have no chance to dodge, but the sword has stopped strangely.

What’s going on here?
Suddenly Sanskrit bursts with familiar Buddhist names appeared in my ears, and I turned my head with a look of surprise and saw a familiar and tall figure on the left. At this key, the kind master appeared again and saved my life.
At this time, I don’t know how to shape my mood. It is too difficult for me to live, but all this is given by the master.
The master is like a sculpture, and his eyes are shining with dazzling golden light, and his mouth is slightly closed one by one. I don’t know what he is thinking about. Think about it carefully. It should be some kind of Buddhism. After a while, the master suddenly opened his eyes and said gently.
"There’s so much I can do to help you. You can go on your own."
After that, the master’s body seemed to melt into the air and gradually disappeared. I was excited to get up, but my chest injury made me unable to breathe, which was stinging, let alone acting. Although I tried hard to get up, it brought unbearable pain, but I didn’t succeed.
The master’s gone. This time it’s really gone!
Sadness sprang up in my heart one by one, and I was able to live and sacrifice myself. What the hell is this? God, why don’t you let me die? Don’t you know that living like this is a punishment for me? A disguised torture?
Sitting on the ground with dull eyes and a gray face, I hate myself more than I do at this time.
The painful struggle in my heart made me seriously injured, and my body was blurred. I couldn’t hold on any longer and finally fell into a coma.
At this moment, coma seems to me to be a state of liberation from consciousness. How can the pain affect my heart? However, to my surprise, after a while, consciousness appeared in the magic divination mirror and was still in the spell room.
When I saw the spell in the spell room, I suddenly realized what master Feng Shuang died. The main reason for his death was not that God tortured me, but that I was too weak to deal with the dangers again and again. Imagine if I was strong enough, would they still sacrifice?
Be strong to me!
I want to learn the mantra that heaven will abandon the weak, and only the strong can control their own destiny and make the road smooth.
The spell in the room gives me limited hope. The most important way for Zhong Kui people to improve their strength is the spell, and perhaps there are spells, so that I can fight well and play freely. Physical strength is powerful, but it is not the way I want to fight.
Thinking of this, I took a deep breath and played an extremely energetic role. An adult often gives up on himself in pain. The weak should turn pain into progress and limit motivation. I am not a weak person because I want to be a real strong person to control my destiny and everything.
How many spells are left in the spell room? I wondered for a while, but I couldn’t find where the remaining spells were. At this time, I suddenly remembered that when I first entered the spell room, all the spells seemed to have disappeared. Qi Ling once said that the spells would appear when the key was pressed. Isn’t it time to press the key?
I need spells and a lot of advanced spells to improve my strength. This is also the time when I can definitely calculate the keys before I can walk out alive in the melting blood array. However, there are more than a dozen spells, which is a huge contrast with the number of houses that are densely covered for the first time.
Just when I was puzzled, suddenly a phonetic symbol appeared in the spell room
"The spells that appear after you practice too weak spells are all spells that are suitable for you to practice at every stage."
This is a strange sound, which I have never heard before. It sounded so suddenly that I was shocked directly, and my face involuntarily looked flustered.
After waiting for a long time, the sound didn’t appear again. I shook my head in confusion. Did I just have an illusion?
"There is one hour left to learn the spell. The spell room will be closed!"
I can’t hear the emotion in the strange sound, but at this time I don’t have time to ask who the owner of the sound is, because the spell room will be closed in an hour, and I won’t learn if I don’t hurry. This time, it’s hard to get into the magic divination mirror, and the opportunity will be wave.
Learn spells, I want to be strong!
This word represents my determination now!
Then I pulled myself together and devoted myself to the process of learning spells. However, at this time, I was worried. There were five spells in the spell room, and there was one hour left to enter the spell room in the magic divination mirror. The roots were out of my control, and no one knew when they would enter at one time.
I have to learn a complete spell in one hour. I want to be more greedy and chew hard. The reason is that I have no intention to learn all five spells in the spell room because of the time. If I don’t learn a spell, I must understand the way the spell is portrayed and keep it in my mind.
Every spell has a complicated vein, even the low-level spells are no exception. When the high-level spells have many and complicated veins, it is almost impossible to remember all the veins, even if it is clear about the general arrangement order of the veins.
One hour is too little, and I am afraid I can learn two spells.
I took a deep breath. Since time is limited, I must learn from the strongest of the five spells, so I can save time and learn a garbage spell. In that case, my strength will be little improved. What I lack most now is that I must seize the opportunity to improve my strength.
If I’m unlucky, maybe I won’t have a chance to improve my strength and die directly.
After careful observation, I was surprised that all five spells were introduced in detail, which saved me a lot of time. I could find the strongest spell in the shortest time and improve my strength as much as possible to deal with the danger I might encounter.
Fire, rain, fire spells, fire spells, excitation spells, and the day after tomorrow, like a rainstorm, 10,000 fire spots can cover a range of 20 meters in diameter, so that the enemy has no chance to dodge, and the temperature of each fire spot can reach 1,000 degrees, which can instantly melt hard materials such as steel.
I took a breath of air-conditioning, and the fire spell has always been my favorite kind of spell. Plus, the attack range of fire and rain is stronger than my heart. Of course, I didn’t decide immediately because there are still four spells I haven’t seen, and maybe one of them is stronger than fire and rain.
The spell power contained in the fire and rain is twice as strong as the remaining four spells, and the strength of the five spells can also be distinguished from this aspect.
However, to my disappointment, among the remaining four spells, none is stronger than the fire and rain. Shake your head, so it’s all right. Anyway, the fire and rain are what I want now, and it’s also difficult to choose the right and left, which will make more waves.
Fire rain!
Calm down, the whole person entered a state of concentration, and his eyes stared at the spell of fire and rain. After a while, I frowned. What happened? I couldn’t see the spell. The sight of fire and rain was blurred, as if this spell was not composed of veins, but was another kind of strangeness.
What’s going on?
Suddenly the strange sound came again!
The strange sound said a word, a simple word, but it seemed to contain endless truth. When I heard it, I fell into meditation directly.
He woke me up. He seemed to want to tell me something.
Quiet! Wait, isn’t my heart still enough?
But how can I be quiet?
Take a few deep breaths quickly and try to make my heart quieter, but the more I do this, the more I can’t calm down. I gradually get impatient, and at this time, the strange voice comes again with the same word.
Listening to the sound is not loud, but it resounds in my mind like thunder. Negative emotions such as impatience and panic seem to have disappeared as if they had met a nemesis. The whole person seems to have entered a strange realm because of this quiet word. An unspeakable realm is unprecedented in physical and mental comfort.
The spell fire rain finally happened in my sight. I wanted to change the spell body and disappear. There was nothing in front of my eyes. However, I saw a clear vein arrangement. I calmly and carefully observed the law of vein arrangement.
Chapter 93 Strange sword
Time passed quickly, and I don’t know how long it took. By the time I came to my senses again, I had mastered the spell, fire and rain, and I could easily portray it at any time. I was also very satisfied with my memory. Obviously, I haven’t finished an hour in the spell room.
I don’t remember how much time was left, and the strange sound didn’t show my meaning. When I waited for a while, it didn’t seem that I had to wait any longer. There are four spells in front of me. Although they are not powerful enough to spell fire and rain, they are much better than thunder and fire dragon. If I learn my own strength, I will definitely increase one point.