This discovery reminds me that the four delusions of making a fortune in Gumulin may have been killed.

It’s so easy to take a person’s life by buying a black bear’s skin. When I pass by people with blood stains and smell the blood of that person, I can’t help but glance at those people more.
I saw those individuals greeting everyone with warm smiles and telling everyone to take their time and be careful.
This is the beast with a human face. Seeing those personal faces makes me laugh at it.
Just when I withdrew my eyes from those individuals, I saw that celebrities who had established themselves were staring at me in an exploratory way.
I’m focused on my feet, and I don’t want any more trouble.
When we got to the shore, everyone dispersed, and I, Rowling and jesse, returned to Zhongya apartment. When I passed Wang Zhuopeng’s restaurant, I stopped to let Rowling and jesse go back to the rented place first.
Wang sledgehammer came out of the restaurant at this time and greeted us, then he talked to jesse.
Rowling and Xiji returned to their rented place together, and Wang Dachong and jesse set up a restaurant to chat outside, while I went into the restaurant to find Wang Xiaopeng.
Seeing that there was no one on the first floor of the restaurant at the moment, I asked where Wang Daipeng had gone outside the door. Wang Daipeng pointed to the second floor of a restaurant and said that Wang Daipeng was receiving visitors from his room on the second floor at the moment.
When I heard what Wang sledgehammer said, I put my backpack on the dining table beside me and took a seat, waiting for Wang Zhoupeng to finish receiving visitors.
Wang sledgehammer and jesse chatted outside for a while, and Wang sledgehammer sent jesse back to rent a place. The first floor of my restaurant continued to wait for Wang Zhuopeng.
After a full hour, Wang sledgehammer never came back to the restaurant, but Wang Zhoupeng did come from the second floor.
Seeing Wang Zhoupeng followed by that man, I couldn’t help thinking stupidly for a moment.
"Little Ran Ran, how can I see my brother so excited? This will make me feel flattered. My little heart is pounding." Dan Tai Glass came to my side with an evil smile on her lips.
"Er, why did you come to Japan?" I got up from my seat and looked up at Dan Tai Li who stood beside me. I always came to my senses.
"Encounter in a foreign country, little master. This is a small promise to the little master, but it seems that the encounter here is not romantic enough. I was thinking about how to get some petal rain." Dan Tai Li sat in the seat opposite me and motioned for me to sit.
"Then" I can’t help but raise my forehead when I see the distress of Dan Tai Glass.
"Then follow the normal routine, the young master will be moved, and then look at me affectionately and say," I am willing to travel around the world with you and take me to fly. "Dan Tai glass braved the hearts to imagine the follow-up plot of petal rain.
"Take you pack to force to take you to fly?" I interrupted Dan Tai Li’s words
My words export Wang Zhoupeng snow smiled out of the Dan Tai glass and glanced back at Wang Zhoupeng. Wang Zhoupeng immediately made an apology gesture and went straight to the second floor with a smile on his face.
"Sister-in-law, although I’m not an ordinary person who doesn’t take the usual road, it’s too awesome for you to meet us like this." Dan Tai Glass frowned and looked at me with his eyes blinked and wronged.
"Where is it?" I can’t help but recall the lip angle when I see this expression of Dan Tai Glass.
Chatting with Dan Tai Li for a while, I know that Dan Tai Li didn’t have anything urgent to do when he came to Japan this time. Apart from catching up with Wang Zhoupeng, he mainly fulfilled his promise of meeting me in a foreign country as a joke.
I know that Dan Tai’s coming to Japan is mainly to fulfill the promise of encountering foreign countries. I am full of enthusiasm for Dan Tai’s glass, saying that Dan Tai’s glass is now free and rich.
Dan Tai Li said that it is necessary to say that sex is one of his natural skills.
Gave Dan Tai Glass a white look, and I told Dan Tai Glass that I had something serious to talk to Wang Shaopeng. Dan Tai Glass Yang called Wang Shaopeng, and Wang Shaopeng quickly came downstairs to me and Dan Tai Glass.
I can’t help but pick up Dan Tai Li, who is high-brow when I hear Dan Tai Li calling Wang Zhoupeng by his first name, and explain to me that he and Wang Zhoupeng are used to calling each other by their first names because they have forgotten their friends.
After Wang Zhoupeng arrived at Dan Tai Li and me, I glanced at Dan Tai Li and said that what I wanted to tell Wang Zhoupeng was a secret thing. He could choose to avoid it for a while.
Dan Tai Li said that after obeying the sacred orders, she got up from her seat and walked toward the outside of the restaurant. I told Wang Xiaopeng that there was a desert island ranger. I told Wang Xiaopeng that the ghost imprisoned in the array was ready to move, and the ranger was dying. The sooner the ghost was solved, the better.
After listening to what I said, Wang Xiaopeng nodded and said that he would dial another message and told me that he would leave for a desert island in half an hour.
I was surprised that Wang Zhoupeng arranged this speed. I told Wang Zhoupeng that I would go with him. Wang Zhoupeng glanced at the back of Dan Tai glass outside the restaurant and thoughtfully asked me to hold it and throw it.
I was pressed for time, so I left the restaurant after Wang Zhou’s response and refused. Dan Tai Li wanted to send me back to the rented place for discussion. I immediately rushed to the rented place to take advantage of this time to wash myself before leaving.
When I returned to my rented place, I washed in a hurry and rushed to Wang Xiaopeng’s restaurant again. When I was far away, I saw that the restaurant door was closed. Wang Xiaopeng and Dan Tai Lizhengli’s restaurant looked in my direction.
Chapter five hundred and forty-three Return to a desert island
I couldn’t help but pick my eyebrows when I saw Dan Tai Li and Wang Zhoupeng both closing their doors and windows at the same time, and Wang Zhoupeng was carrying a satchel in front of the restaurant.
So it seems that in a short time since I left the restaurant, Wang Zhoupeng has told Dan Tai Li about the desert island that I told him before, and this desert island trip is the rhythm of Wang Zhoupeng and Dan Tai Li.
When I walked quickly to the front of Wang Xiaopeng and Dan Tai Li, Wang Xiaopeng said that since the people were all here, the traffic jam on the way to start immediately would delay his appointment with another ship.
I nodded and agreed to leave Zhongya apartment for the dock with Wang Zhoupeng and Dan Tai Li.
The most lively days in Kyoto and gion matsuri have passed.
Reading in sections 365
After going to the taxi, the normal operation has resumed, but the enthusiasm of people in Tokyo has not dissipated. There are still pedestrians outside the taxi window.
I took a glance at the back seat of the car with Dan Tai Li, but I smiled and said nothing, and there was no unnecessary reaction. Dan Tai Li closed her eyes and rested on the back of the chair.
The car was silent, and I closed my eyes and leaned back to guess what kind of Dan Tai glass and Wang Zhoupeng were. The more I felt that Dan Tai glass might be the Minhou king, the more I felt.
If Minhou Wang is really Dan Tai Li, then Dan Tai Li, when I come to Japan, named me to go to Wang Shaopeng, Wang Shaopeng, Dan Tai Li, and Wang Shaopeng believed in Dan Tai Li so much, and so on, which can explain the smoothness.
However, according to Dan Tai Li, if he and Wang Zhoupeng forget to meet each other, things can be explained smoothly.
"Little master is asleep? That little one will help you beat your legs to relieve fatigue." As far as my thoughts are concerned, Dan Tai Glass comes with a thick smile.
"No, no, no" I closed my eyes and put my legs closer to the car door when I heard the sound of Dan Tai glass.
"There is a forester in Xiaoran Island now, isn’t there?" Wang Zhoupeng followed.
When I heard Wang Xiaopeng’s inquiry, I sat up straight with my eyes open and told Wang Xiaopeng that there were nine other dead people on the island if my guess was correct.
Wang Xiaopeng asked me what was going on with a surprised expression. I simply stated to him what happened around me during the ten-day trip to a desert island.
I, Wang Xiaopeng, erased the ghost lamp when I stated the ten days of desert island, erased my apprentice and forester, and erased the specific process when I met the black bear demon.
Wang Xiaopeng twisted his body and glanced at Dan Tai Li after listening to my story. He said that he didn’t expect me to encounter so many things on a desert island. He said that it was all his fault. I didn’t know much about the travel agency before I went on a 10-day trip.
I shook my head and said, why don’t you ask Wang Xiaopeng? If we go to a desert island and encounter a tour group, what should people do?
At this time, Dan Tai Li said that the desert island is not privately owned by the tour group. If they can go, we can naturally go to the well and stay out of the river. I believe that the tour group will be very white. If the tour group is not white, let them stay on the desert island from now on
"Big Brother’s side leaked" Dan Tai’s words made me feel good and at the same time I couldn’t help but vomit.
"How can I be domineering? I have always adhered to the principle that you must never say anything when you can start work." Dan Tai Li threw me two winks.
After Dan Tai Glass met us, Wang Zhoupeng turned around and sat in his seat, not taking part in my conversation with Dan Tai Glass.
"You tell me what Wang Shudu told you after I left the restaurant." I was near Dan Tai Glass and I and Dan Tai Glass could hear the sound and inquire about Dan Tai Glass.
Dan Tai Li glanced at me with a thief’s smile and answered my question in a low voice, saying that after I left the restaurant, Wang Zhoupeng told him that the desert island was in trouble and invited him to help.
"No" I raised my eyebrows a little.
I said that I was very dissatisfied with Dan Tai Li’s answer.
"Yes, what do you really want to know without the young master? If you ask me readily, I will answer readily." Dan Tai Li’s eyes greeted my sight.