This theory is that both the police handling the case and Wan Chaoyang saw that this cargo root didn’t know Li Chu, and he should have seen the photos, otherwise he wouldn’t have recognized the photos last night.

But at that time, he was asked to identify the photo. Li Chu was wearing a military uniform. When he came in just now, he took off his military uniform and put it on Wang Jiadong’s arm
But this guy can’t recognize people because of a change in clothes. That’s not a plant. What is it?
"Did someone else give it to you?" Li Chu continued.
"That’s right."
"Do you know what he does?"
"Yes, the doctor at the General Hospital made this medicine by himself. I said it’s not illegal for the government to sell things made by themselves."
"It’s really illegal to sell drugs without batch numbers."
"ah? I … I don’t understand this. He … He told me that he made it himself and sold it. It’s not illegal to sell money. We each have half. "
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-two Title
Indeed, if Li Chu hadn’t borrowed the title of the pharmaceutical research room of the General Hospital, he wouldn’t dare to give the newly made medicine to others casually.
Although he can guarantee that there is absolutely no problem with his medicine.
"Do you know what kind of medicine this is?"
"Yes, men take medicine."
"Have you eaten?"
"Hey, hey, I ate one years ago. Don’t say it’s really effective."
This man is definitely an old gun, and he has been put into the detention room. He is not afraid at all, as if he is sure that the police will not do anything to him.
"Who did you get the medicine from years ago?" Li Chu spit out a sigh and continued.
"Years ago? Oh, I got it from the light. "
"He just gave you medicine and didn’t give you anything else?"
"There is also a table to write down some changes after taking the medicine."
Asked here, Li Chu didn’t ask any more questions. He got up directly and turned to walk away.
It was not until then that Sun dacheng seemed to notice that this man was wearing military trousers when he asked him. Some wait for a while said, "You … aren’t you Li Chu? I mean, he gave me medicine when you look so familiar to the government."
It’s a pity that no one believe what he said.
Without waiting for others to say anything, Li Chu said, "Comrade Wan, let me have a look at that half pill just now."
After receiving the medicine, he pinched a little from his face and threw it straight into his mouth.
This move startled several people in the field, and they didn’t even come to stop it.
Wang Jiadong aside is no response at all. He drilled into the next room and brought out a glass of water.
Uncle and Wenxuan are used to eating those Chinese herbal medicines.
"Li Zhu, what are you …" Wan Chaoyang’s heart jumped into his throat. What should he do if something goes wrong?
Li Chu did not care about it with a wave. He tasted it carefully in his mouth and spit it into the trash can next to him. He took the cup in his hand and washed his mouth.
"Did you take the other half for testing?"
"We gave it to the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine."
"The formula of this medicine is fine, but the content is not right. According to the time, this medicine maker got the formula at the latest years ago, but it is obvious that it is impossible for him to get the medicine. This person should have got the medicine and got the formula by testing the medicine, but the content of each medicine can’t be tested for a while, so he made a fake and it should be to make money."
Pass Zhao-yang Wan a little medicine left in his hand. Li Chu took the coat from Wang Jiadong and put it on.
"Comrade Wan and all public security comrades, where can I test the ingredients of the medicine? I don’t think this will wake you up."
Of course not. Where else can it be made except by drug research institutes, pharmaceutical factories and university laboratories?
"Will Li Zhu’s fake medicine cause any harm to the human body if he eats it?"
Then a public security comrade asked
That’s the key. If it hurts, it’s really big trouble.
"If these drugs are made according to that formula, even if the weight is not enough, it won’t cause any great harm. That prescription is mild, but …"
But he didn’t say anything, but everyone understood it. It’s hard to say if there is still a recipe.
Mouth asked the police is a team leader, he listened to Li Chu’s face immediately changed.
"I won’t accompany you, leaders. I’ll organize people to continue to judge that Sun dacheng now."
Zhao-yang Wan outside the corps building is a little embarrassed to apologize to Li Chu.
"Don’t worry, there’s nothing to apologize for, but according to the process, I have to report for duty, and the case-handling unit may have changed. You’d better tell your leader when you hurry."
If it’s a simple fake drug, the case must be handled by the public security bureau, but now it involves planting Li Chu, and the nature has changed immediately.
If not, Sun Jianjun, who is in the afternoon shift, will personally bring people over to take this Sun dacheng family away 500 years ago.
After reporting to Bian, Li Chu left it behind and didn’t ask again.
He is sitting with Wu Shu for tea at the moment.
Yu Hai has been carried into the house by Aunt Wu to play.
"Are you comfortable now?" Wu Shu walked over and said.
"Shu what ah, this is not just being framed" Li Chu said some nai.
"It’s not a big deal. We can always find out."