Although Ershimin found that the leader’s style is a certain game character, it is the player’s control role. Simply put, it is … no fixed personality.

They can’t fool the team leader like other heroes.
And in terms of strength, what impact do they have on the team leader?
So the team leader finally did it.
The main reason for the tour leader to do this is to let the creatures here … develop relatively fairly and freely.
It doesn’t have the idea of continuing to protect the dream, but now it seems that the dream still has great advantages.
In the end, it doesn’t care who wins. It doesn’t want to stay here anymore.
The team leader found some of his former companions, friends and so on.
Then the team leader took these friends away … It decided to explore this emptiness.
But the former team leader decided to reclaim the consciousness of other departments.
Because the ancient conscious body has always been’ fixed’ in this large area just like this regional body.
Although the leader’s body can leave this area, his consciousness will always stay here.
This makes it feel a little uncomfortable.
Then the team leader tries to make his consciousness movable.
At that time, it made many attempts, but it never moved its consciousness and methods. When it was forced, it left the body to explore.
At that time, the team leader left the area covered by his own consciousness and took his friends to the unknown.
Actually, it was at this time that the team leader really discovered … It turned out that this place was not normal.
Everything happened, it encountered everything, and even it was the leader of ancient consciousness. At that time, it was considered as a normal imaginary thing.
It used to think that all this was normal when it lived.
After leaving its own area and arriving outside, it found that this virtual’ rule’ is far from what it has always recognized.
And there is not even the most basic star.
Although it knew that the star it saw before was made by a simulation device, the original simulation device created a scene with real stars, several stars and tumbling galaxies.
Only after it came out did it find that there were no such things at all.
Unpredictably, it is a complete stranger … full of wonderful creatures.
So the team leader opened a new journey in the virtual space that he was unfamiliar with.
It has encountered many new things in this virtual reality, and some companions and friends are in crisis.
But for the team leader, he really likes this exploration trip.
Can make several new discoveries.
But all along, its consciousness is actually controlling its’ body’ virtual activities in situ through remote control.
It has always wanted consciousness to be active.
Later, the team leader found this opportunity.
Because it met a creature similar to it, that is, a distant shadow.
He Lin knew that the situation was similar. The team leader was studying distant shadows at that time.
It found that the distant shadow is also the area covered by this great consciousness, and it can move freely.
The team leader has always been very interested in this situation, so he studied it carefully for a long time
It also found something normal and imaginary in the process.
I was very … surprised to realize that the normal virtual team leader was.
It seems normal just to think about it, because people’s cognition of normal emptiness is not based on it, but there is such a emptiness.
At that time, the team leader decided to go to the normal virtual.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Virtual consciousness
The team leader found a way to move his consciousness.
Because it reached the normal virtual and unpredictable’ boundary’
It found that this boundary can be used to "peel off" consciousness.
At the same time, it also studied the moving mode of distant shadows … Finally, it successfully knew a suitable way to move its consciousness.
In fact, it is to let yourself enter the normal virtual and be able to enter it, and at the same time transfer your consciousness to the normal virtual.
The team leader didn’t tell Lin in detail that it did this. It meant … that it succeeded at that time.
When the team leader successfully entered the normal virtual reality, most of his consciousness followed his body to the normal virtual reality.
At that time, some biological consciousness like phoenix or whirlwind constituted its normal virtual body.
And consciousness moves with the normal virtual body.
This body shape is still its original game character shape.
Its huge consciousness follows this body completely, and it is no longer in the unpredictable place.
But it is also a wonderful state to be observed in normal virtual reality.
Some companions also followed the team leader to normal, but most of them followed the law.
Even so, the tour leader showed a normal virtual journey, and he was surprised to find that almost everything here … was almost exactly the same as what he realized when he was a citizen of Ershi.
For example, there are various rules here, and there are many beautiful stars and many creatures in this rule.
Of course, many things here are also outside its pre-cognition, but it will not make it feel that’ this is another emptiness’, but let it recognize that all this belongs to normal emptiness.
After that, the team leader wandered around in a normal virtual way. He saw several wonderful things and met several dangers.
The tour leader thought that the exploration was the most interesting time.
It explored for a long, long time.
At first, it didn’t go anywhere, almost all of it floated, and then it had some fast moving methods.
In the process of exploration, it also found many creatures from the unforeseeable. There are all kinds of lives here, and many creatures don’t know that they are from the unforeseeable.
Slowly, the team leader also realized that it seemed that two imaginary people had collided a long time ago.