"What I have to do now is to beat you completely!"

The three heads roared in unison and were completely inspired by the fighting spirit. Pei Wende dismissed this.
What Yang Shen is the first person?
The prefix "Yang Shen" is an insult to Pei Wende.
Can a passer-by be called a passer-by without surpassing his opponent?
Pei Wende never showed any pride, but deep down, he never recognized who he was weaker than.
Just like now …
"Take my punch and it will run through the world" 3
With Pei Wende’s "One Middle School, Two Middle Schools" meaning a heavy roar, his body expanded again.
In one second, Pei Wende is covered with 40,000 muscle fibers, and the muscles on the skin surface are as high as a dragon.
Kakaka …
Just like a small gear of a large instrument.
Forty thousand muscle fibers continuously rotate, guide, transfer and accumulate Pei Wende’s muscle strength, and finally show the form of brute force by thousands of times.
With one punch, Zhao Guizhen became the embodiment of Thunder Giant, and then he was smashed into half of his body and fell into an inevitable sluggish state.
-Shenzutong Thousand Machine Wheel!
Chapter 49 I am God in four seals.
Booming …
It was in an instant that Pei Wende spontaneously reconstructed a complete giant without waiting for the second punch to roar and thunder.
The giant built on the basis of Yuan God naturally inherited the characteristics of gathering and dispersing.
Theoretically, if Zhao returns to the truth, even if Pei Wende smashes the Thunder Giant thousands of times, he will be able to restore to the original state.
Good Pei Wende is ready for this. One pair of arms has already formed a snake god, and the other two pairs of arms protect their vital parts respectively.
"Dawei Tianlong, the Buddha hides the Dharma mantra and Prajna Buddhas!"
As if this moment was still, Zhao Guizhen could watch a ferocious black dragon drill out of Pei Wende’s crown.
It’s not that Zhao Guizhen doesn’t want to stop Pei Wende. It’s that this guy has already protected his most vulnerable key.
Zhao Guizhen is really fast. If the thunder blows hard, it will smash Pei Wende’s foot, Chiba Baolian, and it will not cause substantial and effective damage to the other party.
On the contrary, the ferocious black dragon grew stronger with the wind in this process, and soon it was different from Zhao Guizhen’s incarnation of Thunder Giant.
But that’s not all.
"Prajnaparamita … Ba Ma coax!"
Slowly raised his head, Pei Wende’s three heads didn’t speak-like Sanskrit, but he went all over the exquisite pagoda.
This is the mantra and the best expression of Pei Wende’s heart pronunciation.
To put it simply, this mantra does not need Pei Wende to recite.
Every cell in his body will spontaneously ring and eventually converge into this mantra.
As the saying goes, sand gathers into towers and armpits into furs.
The sound of a single cell is naturally nothing.
But when everything symbolizing Pei Wende sounds in unison, it means that he has achieved perfect control over himself.
From body to spirit, from the past to the future …
This mantra is that Pei Wende’s certificate is similar to the concept of "Buddha"
On time and place, if this mantra rings, it means that everything will be attributed to Pei Wende as an individual.
-mantra, card pu!
It was not until this time that the claw black dragon screamed in the sky and always declared itself to the world
His body is winding like a mountain, his scales are black as ink, and only his latosolic red pupils are burning like flames.
In particular, the spine spines of the coccygeal vertebrae that spread from the back of the neck added a bit of ferocious terror to this claw black dragon.
Originally a python snake, it turned into a true dragon.
Although it is a true dragon, it is ferocious and intimidates all beings.
At the same time, it will be a combination of holiness and terror. It is a real dragon soaring in the sky and an ancient snake walking through the veins.
He stands out from many ancient gods, and the snake god is immortal with the name "Mohologa"
"Don’t shout locha! !”
Out of some legal fear, Zhao Guizhen decisively gave up Fang Peiwende and turned to madness and launched an attack on Mohologa.
Boom Boom Boom
I can’t tell whether thunder or boxing roared through the earth.
Being shocked by Mohologa, Zhao Guizhen seemed to forget Peiwende and punched Mohologa’s body again and again.
However, just like Zhao Guizhen’s incarnation as a thunder giant, the Moho Lorca Peiwende Yuan God also has the characteristics of convergence and divergence.
Moreover, after being baptized by the Forgotten River, Mohuluoga had some Yang-god characteristics before returning.
This directly led to Mohologa not only seeing Zhao Guizhen’s attack, but also taking a reverse dive and snatching his body.
When Moho Luoga screamed at the sky for the second time, the huge thunder god had been tightly wrapped and freed from the shackles by struggling.
To deter all beings from devouring all things, greed …
This is the Mohologa. It’s a real monster!
"Even if the jedi day pass again? !”
"I am God!"
This time, Pei Wende didn’t make a speech in Form 2. He was seriously telling a fact.
[trinity true god? 】
In a trance, Zhao Guizhen seems to have seen a trinity snake god behind Loka.
At the same time, it was this moment that Zhao Guizhen woke up from the fear of "deterring all beings" in Mohologya and regained his rationality and cognition as a practitioner.
Nai when Zhao Guizhen realized that it was too late.
Because Zhao Guizhen was completely entangled by Mohologa, Pei Wende broke free from the international three-headed arm and was ready for his own attack.
"The wrath of the immobile venerable shows compassion!"
The pair of arms on the chest continued to maintain the seal of the snake god, while the other three pairs of arms respectively produced the seal of the lines, the seal of the laws and the seal of nirvana silence.
All walks of life often follow me, and Nirvana is silent …