A little mechanical dragon suddenly climbs around Lin Sisuo’s arm to his master’s shoulder. This little dragon is the best among the first batch of metempsychosis dragons, Pei Lin. It is named Isuta group metempsychosis dragons, which have great respect for Isu. Isu artificial intelligence is expected to evolve into a mechanical creation like Xiao Qiang and Li Hate.

"What can I do for Yisu?" Lin momo asked curiously, the little guy is usually very clever and won’t disturb his master’s meditation casually.
"Hissing, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poop, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof
"Ah, ha, ha, yisu said that it wanted the worm’s blood to regain its strength. The second red storm master fought against their group of metempsychosis dragons, and the damage was so great that it has not been straightened out yet." Peacock floated up from the desktop and translated.
"So? Don’t worry, we will soon go to the zerg flood place, and there will be many insect towers turning into metempsychosis dragons’ evolutionary ladder, so that the new evil dragons can wait and it will be almost that time. "Lin momo patiently appeased.
Izu nodded his head, and the cold faucet rubbed his master’s face, and then he retreated respectfully. As Tianma left hate and joined the taboo, the power became stronger and stronger, and the evil dragon camp was not to be outdone.
Lin momo rewarded Athena with brilliant beetles and Cletina with golden eyebrows and apes when Athena and Cletina attacked St. Martin’s Cathedral.
Speaking of the Golden Eyebrow Fighting Apes, Clatina can be described as an old acquaintance. The unexpected defeat of the Golden Eyebrow Prison was caused by Clatina’s sneak attack. It has been a long time since she thought that Lin Sisuo would give it to an "enemy".
Clatina is very interested in the Golden Eyebrow Fighting Ape. Linxi Suo Jin Eyebrow Fighting Ape decided that the monthly sales agreement will continue, but Clatina cynically agreed to some additional conditions.
The crew are curious about how this combination was established, just because of the fate of the world, such as Taiklatina’s Golden Eyebrow Fighting Ape War, after which the Golden Eyebrow Fighting Ape was extremely depressed and became a melee beast.
What does Lin momo want to send the bright beetle and the golden eyebrow ape out? One is the high fighting strength of Athena and Cletina, and the other is that the recovery and evolution of hatred are beyond imagination, and the computing speed of the charm can’t keep up.
The combination of the empty throne and the black wings of different degrees produces mysterious changes. There are two dark smoke columns in the body, which stir back and forth but do not spread. The mechanical body that is about to be repaired is looming.
According to Tian Ma Li Hate, it is speculated that the ability to communicate with the empty throne and establish a dimensional channel opens up a different dimension, which is that the ancient temple suppressed the nests of two black-winged light birds
This black-winged light bird is not a creature produced by itself. It should be a coincidence that it falls into a creature with negative energy. The creature with negative energy is a ghost. Two pieces of information about the light bird are not flowing. The ghost has been immersed in it for many years, and it has been changed a little by the degree. Finally, it has found a way to return to the universe.
The failure of the swan star in the Pontifical Jury is mostly due to the fact that the swan star is similar to two black-winged light birds, which may not be an individual phenomenon. Perhaps there are ghosts who fall into different degrees and return to the universe to a certain extent, which can protect the star according to the original.
The total horse has inherited a micro-dimension by relying on black wings. By analyzing the structure, it is trying to absorb energy. To succeed, the mechanical dark horse will be more overbearing than the colorful beetle and the golden eyebrow fighting ape. A three-point meeting will be a great help to Lin momo.
If you want to sail and accumulate hope, you must be fully prepared. This voyage may not return for half a year. Naturally, you should prepare enough supplies and ammunition to take everything with you, and then try to fill the cargo hold with containers.
Zerg forwards are attacking several fragile defense lines at the boundary of public areas day and night, and it is not easy to mobilize dozens of galaxy-like advanced zerg. It is still some time before the insect robbery comes.
At present, most of the attacking Zerg rank 50th to 200th on the list of strange bugs. This part of the Zerg belongs to the backbone and is too weak to be suitable for this war.
Every day, human beings die, and every day, the worm tide collapses. Ten days later, the Tianzhu fleet finally set off, and Mu Wanhua led 20 star cruise ships, which may be a strange beginning.
Volume 15 Insect robbery! Seven get together Chapter 57 The first battle.
"Report that the captain is 300 seconds away from the wormhole on the border." Qingyue sounds echoed in the main control room. Sasha was wrapped in a thin water curtain, and there was a slow-moving white light behind her head. To say that the biggest beneficiary of bringing down St. Martin’s Cathedral was Lin momo, so the mermaid adjutant was definitely expected to rank second.
There are many totem masters left in the treasure house of the Shengzong Jury, and they have found several good sacred objects from the development materials and the Holy Tomb. After thousands of years of washing, they are powerful. However, these changes are not the main ones, but they come from the super holy water.
There is a certain chance that the holy light will condense holy water when it is accumulated for a hundred years, and there is a certain chance that the holy water will evolve into super holy water when it is accumulated for a thousand years.
This super holy water is a strong purifying energy in the universe, and its nature is somewhat similar to that of super acid, which can purify all other kinds of energy. Fortunately, Tanhua can attract super holy water. Most of the super holy water left in the temple of St. Martin’s Cathedral falls into Lin Sisuo’s hand.
I didn’t expect even the Pope to get up. Sasha’s eyes felt very kind. Lin momo wanted to do experiments with super holy water, and the results made the mermaid adjutant force him to go.
I really don’t want to say that Sasha is not obsessed this time, but there is indeed a miracle when she cultivated the holy light and contacted the super holy water. The overbearing energy material showed a trace of assimilation.
The super holy water is inscrutable, even the slightest change should be paid attention to. Sasha closed her eyes and felt for five days and five nights. Finally, she resolutely swallowed the super holy water, although it was a drop, but it was fatal.
The crew have their own things to do, and Lin Sisuo is too busy to stare at Sasha. Besides, who would have thought that the mermaid adjutant was so bold as to make fun of his life?
On the way to the out-of-bounds galaxy, the Tianzhu fleet has been closed and swallowed, and the drop of super holy water has made great progress.
Super holy water is not unprofitable. Almost everyone regarded it as energy. However, Sasha regarded super holy water as a pure liquid. Her ability to worship the Aegean mermaid slowly inspired her.
Everything in the universe is in harmony with each other. Just because humans and Morgan people are helpless about super holy water doesn’t mean that Litan flowers can absorb some super holy water to nourish themselves, and Sasha can do the same.
When the mermaid adjutant walked out of the room, she climbed to the top of the class. With the climbing, Sasha’s figure was closer to human beings, not more than half a meter high, so the fish’s tail had reached about 1.4 meters.
It will take time for Sasha to tame more super holy water, so her power can be imagined. Lin momo took out most of the super holy water to the mermaid adjutant while scolding Sasha for not knowing the depth after hearing this.
The Phantom of the Opera is like a big family. Sasha was the first to follow Lin Sisuo’s old minister. The two of them have very deep feelings, and they don’t talk about friends. Even if others are suitable for the position of adjutant, the adjutant of Phantom of the Opera can be Sasha.
Although Lin momo has some emotional problems, it does not prevent the rise of Phantom of the Opera. Sasha risked swallowing super holy water because she didn’t want to be a ship to raise waste. After all, everyone has made progress over the years.
Real Aegean mermaid physique is not suitable for cultivation, even if the gene is gradually optimized, it is difficult to go to the heights, but super holy water is an opportunity, an opportunity to change itself. Sasha finally decided to give it a try after careful consideration.
If Sasha dies, Lin momo will be the first to be sad.
Or because of the strong mentality, Lin momo has always sheltered the charming and lovely mermaid adjutant, but does the weak really want others to shelter him?
Phantom of the Opera, in general, no one is weak because everyone has an indestructible strong heart …
Hear Sasha report Lin momo suddenly return to absolute being, then nodded and said, "pay attention to adjust the speed to scan the wormhole scope for hidden dangers. This is the place where Mu Wanhua is responsible for guarding. The problem should not be big."
The main control room unfolds the light screen for over-the-horizon exploration. The distant scene is constantly switched to the vicinity. Mu Wanhua is obviously very concerned about the identity of the cave owner. She has built a medium-sized and D-class mirage floating near the wormhole. In the distance, there is a large minefield to limit the Zerg from attacking through the wormhole.
Lin momo see image slightly one leng wormhole near fortifications although some bad, but the number of floating mines is absolutely surprising and look at these floating mines quality type seems to be good.
I don’t know where Muwanhua got so many floating mines, even if the fiftieth to hundredth zerg on the list of strange bugs make up a worm tide, if you want to enter the border, once you set foot in the minefield, you will be unable to move.
"Momo is about to reach the wormhole. Do you want to take a day off before you act?" Wood wanhua figure suddenly walked beside Lin momo two fleet flagship has established an efficient information channel.
"Time is pressing! It’s said that Sister Elegant and Jill’s expectations are soaring, and they’re almost over 1000. It’s really not much for the adventure guild to set a negative value of 10,000 for the red storm. I always feel that the optical federation secretly instructs the adventure guild to release the expectation system, which has some special meanings. Maybe it’s that the optical federation wants to intervene in some precursors of interstellar situation. Since the official has formulated the rules, they can’t always break the rules. Don’t you think it’s a crime for the expectation to reach a certain level? And it is a great sin "Lin momo thoughtfully at the screen.
"Ha ha, it’s not that we little people should be concerned about things. Both the Light Federation and the Adventure Guild will be affected by many forces. If the insect robbery is too fierce, then the Light Federation and the Adventure Guild will inevitably face a reshuffle, and those people will start playing games. Otherwise, the Adventure Guild will not let out the wind to allow the big family brother to enter the guild post. What is this not a nip in the bud?" Mu Wanhua made it very clear.
Being able to see the situation clearly may not be able to participate in the insect robbery, arrival, and everyone will inevitably fall into the interstellar wave.
Lin momo has a layer of worry about what the light federal core decision makers will do? What major initiatives will be launched recently? The Adventure Guild has gone to the front desk, so when the wooden house, the fire house and the water house enter?
Since Lin momo doesn’t want to have more waves, then the fleets of both sides will directly cross the wormhole and control the minefield to change the array and slip away, and the floating thunder will quickly fly to the side and soon reveal a channel.
The blood reward scout ship entered first, followed by Zeus, Freon, and then the Phantom of the Opera, Muwan Huayunla, led a star cruise ship and followed at the end.
Yunlu was once the coach of Lilith, Lin Sisuo borrowed a boat from Mu Wanhua in the hope of training a qualified female captain by Yunlu. This is not the first time, but the second time.
The Tianzhu fleet moved quickly, and the Blood Reward sent a signal through the wormhole that everything was safe outside. The ship went into the out-of-bounds adventure zone in an orderly way, and it appeared that this was a killing battlefield.
"Choose a direction to go forward and kill all the zerg B-class and B-class insect towers and hand them over to the metempsychosis evil dragon to solve the strategic insect towers and elite insect towers. It is worthy of our clearing. Remember to clean up the insect tide. You should not go into the hinterland and wander from the outside to spend a little time to protect your strength in the first two months." Lin Sisuo gave orders to the Tianzhu fleet and the friendly fleet at the same time, believing that Mu Wanhua could restrain Captain Hui well.
The battle to annihilate the Zerg began. Mu Wanhua guarded the wormhole, which was not an important position. There was not a lot of Zerg activity outside the wormhole.
Incarnate son cleverly chooses the direction of travel through three wormholes to go to the original Pisces historic site, where Lin momo met Odin and where the Phantom of the Opera scored the glass tower and then helped Sha Zhanyun’s father Sha Jinwei deal with the elite star cruise ship Fu Shuang, recalling the past scenes as if it were yesterday.
Some places in the Zerg Army Junction Adventure Zone have become unusually quiet, but some places are extremely dangerous, even if the Phantom of the Opera enters, it is difficult to retreat, and the degree of danger is greatly increased instead of falling.
In the first three days after crossing the wormhole, the fleet didn’t meet any decent zerg. Those scattered zerg can blow them into residue with a few gamma-ray bombs. Race competition for vitality has always been a cruel moment of slaughter.
Phantom of the Opera hardly slowed down until the fifth day, when Incarnate observed a strategic insect tower far away.
This strategic insect tower, which is nearly five kilometers long, is made by the power source of the flying zerg in the middle of the tower, and it is bursting out from the bottom of the flame tower. I don’t know if it will be rushed to the place, but it will be destroyed if it meets.
Momo Lin went to the bow, and he waved out the taboo. In an instant, one hundred mechanical dragons emerged from the page, and they sneaked into the insect tower to disturb the order.
The Kujou Hajime group of metempsychosis dragons hissed a few times and hid in the darkness. They will try their best to get into the zerg brain to drive action. If they are lucky enough to get into the skull of a female worm, it will be much easier to attack the strategic insect tower.
Five hours, just five hours, the strategic worm tower uttered a moan, and then the zerg power source was completely paralyzed, and the worm tower gradually slowed down and stopped.
Captain Mu Wanhua was surprised that the blood reward number was hidden in the shape. After more than ten minutes, the wave frequency came to a harsh roar. In the distance, the whole strategic insect tower was covered with shadows, but it began to kill each other. The defense was ineffective
"Very well, the sneak operation was successful. All star cruises were allowed to attack freely." Lin momo’s voice rushed out to the Phantom of the Opera, and now the Zerg hope value hook is not the time for humility.
Usually, it will not be so easy to attack strategic insect towers with a length of nearly five kilometers. However, Lin momo is going to form his own fighting style for many years, not to mention strategic insect towers, even those odd insect towers, he dares to fight.
Bloody blood spread, and a large number of bodies of flamingos and tiger beetles floated into the tower of Tai Zhong Insect, and the sails absorbed the thickness of cattle hair. The Zerg Jingxue Phantom of the Opera was bloodthirsty and the Tianzhu fleet was rampant.
Volume 15 Insect robbery! Seven get together Chapter 5 The way out