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The sword outside the sky is still hanging without falling.
"Shui Ze base city, where it seems that someone can’t help it."
Chapter three hundred and seven Elite Oasis
"It’s the afternoon news."
"The tenth base city of Lebanon is being established in the eastern part of Europe. At present, our country is connected with the local area due to the wave of evil and fog, but I believe this base city will be safe and let us wait for the good news."
"One news is that the Bureau of Investigation has passed a new round of exams, and 35-year-old residents who meet the conditions can apply."
"The latest research achievement of Donghuang Research Institute, the first set of basic forging gymnastics, has been released. This set of forging gymnastics can significantly exercise and improve one’s physical fitness. It is reported that the forging gymnastics research institute and mysterious institutions jointly developed it."
"The first set of mysterious enlightenment textbooks has been compiled at present, and it is expected that more basic courses of mysticism will be added from 2008."
"Now let’s interview a professional and ask them what they think of this textbook."
Pa ~
Press the remote control with one hand to drop the video.
Sitting in front of the machine, wearing white ornaments and decorative glasses, the white tower messenger could not help but marvel.
"Bluestar, the world is developing too fast."
"How long has it been since the mysterious arrival? They have broadcast basic training methods and even compiled teaching materials. If the world is not destroyed at this rate, this blue star will soon become a monster."
However, it is a false proposition that the world will not be destroyed.
The White Pagoda Messenger is amazed that Blue Star is not only strong in individual strength, but also very rapid in business development.
From the outside, this is an ordinary world.
The emissary has been in this base city of Shui Ze for more than half a month. He has been waiting, but he hasn’t waited for anyone.
"Blue Star, the tower master, has established the tenth base city, but he hasn’t asked us to buy Yonghui Stone."
In front of the White Pagoda emissary, the light and shadow projected by a semi-trap interweave a middle-aged man in a wide white robe.
He also had some accidents.
He can’t see through the pure white tower, but according to various clues, he can easily guess that the tower has something to do with Yonghui Stone.
"Blue Star is looking for Yonghui Stone, which can tear the fog and maintain Li Weili, and it is only possible to play it with the help of grade-rated materials."
Actually, even if it is said that the core of the material is surprising.
Compared with the fruit of prolonging life, the mystery of pure white tower really makes them feel moved by the white tower, which must contain poor knowledge
This knowledge is really … wasted with the blue star world!
"The tower owner, Blue Star, has a population of one base city, and they don’t need to build six or seven base cities at most."
"And now …"
"Blue Star Yonghui Stone seems to be enough. What should we do?"
Hearing this, the owner of the wealth tower was lost in thought.
"We have looked for major oases before, and it may be that Blackstone Alliance and Sword Flower City have sold Yonghui Stone to Bluestar, but … that number can’t be enough."
"Is it the burning oasis and Storm City that betrayed our agreement and quietly traded with Bluestar?"
____ _w_w_w________
"No, even so, it’s not enough."