Wadesi suspected "confusion" and took it to watch.

There is a message in the newspaper Clifton that General Zhang Yi, a Chinese tiger, decided to send troops south to cross the mountains and seas and enter the Central Plains! At the same time, declare war on all the invading China powers! At the same time, Coffin demanded that Wadesi leave Beijing immediately, otherwise thousands of Germans may face the anger of the Chinese tiger!
Wadesi was shocked. No country in the world knows more about the fearsome Chinese tigers than the Germans, not even the Japanese. William II’s other generals admired Zhang Yi, especially after Germany trained a group of Cang Lang.
Cang Lang, Germany, has now become a trump card of the German Army and will play the biggest sword in the future war!
German general wadesi has seen the power of blood stabbing in Cang Lang, Germany with his own eyes. At the beginning, an army camp encircled dozens of people in the mountains. As a result, the blood stabbing successfully jumped out of the army camp in the past two days and killed more than 200 people. At that time, the top leaders of the German * * world were furious with blood stabbing. All the top generals were full of awe of Zhang Yi and could train such a’ fine’ sharp general, which would be the most talented general in the world in this era.
Wadesi finally understood William II’s position and asked him to withdraw as soon as possible. This is a nest of right and wrong. Once Zhang Yi’s army crosses the mountains and seas, it will definitely be able to attack the Chinese people in Beijing in two days.
The strength of China’s revolutionary army plus Zhang Yi’s personal command of the allied forces of various countries can never stop others from attacking.
After all, the allied forces of various countries, even if they work together in Qi Xin, are not a complete formed army. They come from different countries with different intentions, so that the troops can resist the attack of the Chinese tiger? He wouldn’t believe it if he killed Wadsey!
Although faced with the huge wealth of Beijing, Wadexi had to consider withdrawing troops at this time. Not to say that the Kaiser’s will could not be violated was that Zhang Yi put great pressure on him, which was not as big as usual!
In any case, Naivaside had to meet with the generals of various countries to "hand over" the post of commander-in-chief of the allied forces to Lieutenant General Seymour of Britain, leading the German and American troops to withdraw from Beijing all the way and retreat in the direction of Tianjin along the route.
Wadesi looked at the heart of Beijing and silently mourned the allied powers. These crazy bandits also laughed at their own inability to please. They didn’t get any benefits, but they didn’t know that the great danger had come over to them. Cleander said that the Chinese tiger mobilized two cavalry divisions and an infantry division, and nearly 60,000 people’ stood’ into the Central Plains!
Here in Beijing, more than 10,000 allied forces can’t help others to attack!
Wadsey left Seymour to lead the six-nation Coalition, but he was even more excited. After all, now that two countries are missing to share their war benefits, won’t they be able to grab more? Seymour and other generals in various countries even indulged their own hands and soldiers to step up the looting of Beijing, and the number was bleak.
Tens of thousands of civilians have died, and the allied forces have turned Beijing into a hell for people! Zhang Yi sent himself a newspaper with cavalry in his hand and crushed the cup. "Make the army immediately enter the army and send troops to send mountains and seas, no matter what way, grab the mountains and seas for me one day!"
Chapter six hundred and sixty-two "mutiny" Cai E
Nearly 60,000 troops began to March towards the mountains and seas-
Cai E said to Zhang Yi, "The president is still Song Qing, the old guy, but it’s not simple. Now he still has thousands of troops in his hand. If we can directly attack hard, even if we can take the mountain and the sea for a short time, there will be a lot of casualties. We will not be able to negotiate the morale of our army until we get to Beijing."
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Songpo, I know that although Song Qing is stubborn and foolish, there are still things, and it is natural for Hunan, Huaihe and Anhui to add mountains and seas. It is unrealistic to want to take it urgently, but there are millions of people waiting for us to save it."
Cai E replied, "President Song Qingsu is loyal and brave, leading the country and loving the people. Wen Shixian’s capital is in great trouble, and he is afraid that it is a duty that he can’t leave without leave. Second, he doesn’t dare to act rashly because of insufficient strength. Why don’t we also be a lobbyist?"
Zhang Yi looked at Cai E in astonishment. This is Cai E, a little boy who thought of his heart. He was also thinking about going to the mountains and seas. He was not sure yet, but he was unexpectedly said by this little boy.
Zhang Yi patted Cai E on the shoulder and said, "It’s a good idea to grow up and say that Song Qing is a good idea!"
Cai E said with a full face of excitement, "President, you promised me that I would go and prepare to go in person."
Yi one leng criticise "you go in person? Bullshit! Song Qing, a small teacher, didn’t even look at you. I will personally go to the mountains and seas! "
Cai E was so scared that he almost sat down and grabbed Zhang Yi’s hand and said, "The president must not take risks lightly. How can your president take such risks?"
Zhang yi a glaring said "what did you say? Don’t the president take risks? It’s better to stay in heaven and let’ Yu’ lead the army in the south. Stop it. I’ve made up my mind to go to Song Qing for a while! "
Cai E’s face’ color’ is bitter and he can’t wait to slap himself in the face. Such a big thing is fooled by himself. This is a little thing. Don’t say that others are just a tiger commander and commander Ba Gen, and they will tear themselves up.
Cai E tried to persuade him, "The President can’t. It’s too dangerous. What should I do if something happens to you?" What shall I do? I haven’t been eaten alive by my brothers. The president is absolutely not allowed. "
Zhang Yi was in distress situation and criticised, "Come on, Songpo is not that serious. Song Qing and I have met several times, and we have a good impression of each other. Even if we can’t talk properly, nothing will happen."
Cai E finally had no way to say, "Even if you want to go, you should inform Shixiong and Shijun, and I must follow you to protect you. Even if I die, I will die before you!"
Zhang yi nu way "roll don’t mother-in-law mother want you to follow to have a fart.
I can deal with you two with one hand. Teach Zhang Shengqi to me. Don’t let Zhang know if Shi Yun knows, but you can’t leave. But you know that the plan is important. You dare to walk. The news is military! "
It was at this time that Shi Yun urged the horse to catch up from behind and said, "Jian, what did I just hear you say?" Is there anything to hide from me? "
Zhang Yi’s heart jumped and she couldn’t wait to "smoke" her mouth. This broken mouth just said that she didn’t want Zhang and was immediately heard by this sister-in-law.
Zhang Yi smiled and said easily, "Nothing, nothing to hide from you, isn’t it Cai E?"
Cai E hasn’t come yet. Shi Yun glared at him and shouted, "Songpo, you have to tell the truth, otherwise you know that they planted a tiger in my hand!"
Cai E’s reputation as a tiger with a shrinking neck and a rhyme is too heavy. Almost everyone in the Republic of China except Xu Huaijin and Wu Peifu, two Confucian generals who are known for their elegance, was cleaned up by her. Even Tan Feng was totally embarassed by him, but there was no such thing as them. When the time comes, he will be ashamed to’ get’ a black face.
Shi Yun saw at a glance that Cai E didn’t want to say that he was threatened by Zhang Yi and dared not say.
Shi Yun looked at Zhang Yi and said, "Why don’t you tell me if I am an honest man? If you don’t tell me today, don’t go anywhere!"
Zhang yi nu way "don’t be ridiculous! We’ll discuss the military affairs again. You’re a’ female’ family meddling.
What? "
Shi Yun pouted and said, "What nonsense? You said that the military is important, so why not see the second uncle and the third uncle?"
Zhang Yi was choked by Shi Yun’s words. Yes, the militarists brought out three divisions and two teachers themselves. Why don’t they talk about something important?
Zhang Yi rubbed his forehead and said, "I’ll decorate Songpo, right?"
Shi Yun looked at Cai E and sneered, "Songpo, tell me something. Anyway, I’m here to fight. Maybe I can help you."
Cai E, look at Zhang Yi’s bullet. Anyway, it’s a dead friend who never dies. Don’t blame me, or I will be killed by you one day.
Cai E said, "Sister-in-law, I confess! The president wants to meet Song Qing in the mountains and seas, and he won’t let us follow me and say that I will go. He won’t let me go! "
Zhang Yi was almost turned around by Cai E’s anger, so he sold himself!
Cai E smiled at Zhang Yi and said, "President, I’d rather be cleaned up by you than by my sister-in-law. It’s terrible for her to clean up people. I’ve heard about it for a long time!"
Shi Yun waited for Zhang Yi and said, "It’s so great that you even cheated on me. You …"
Zhang Yi hurriedly said, "Rhyme, listen to me, isn’t it …"
Shi Yun roared, "I don’t care where you go, I will follow you. You don’t want to slip away alone! Otherwise, I will die for you! "
Zhang Yi said, "Yuner, I was going to negotiate. What is it that you are a’ female’ person?" Cai E said, "President, I think you must take me to you.
You can’t go alone! "Zhang yi nu scold a way" Cai E you give me to shut up! I’ll deal with you later. Did I say I want to go alone? Won’t I take Sheng Qi and Cang Lang? Mix’ eggs! "
Chapter six hundred and sixty-three Song Qing tangled
Shi Yun stared at Zhang Yijiao and shouted, "What are you mean? I tell you that no matter who you take, you must take me if you want to enter the mountains and seas! "
Zhang Yi nu way, "what are you fooling around? A’ female’ child has put up with you enough before she took you to the army. You still want to follow me. I’m going to Shanhai to discuss the military affairs. What can you do with a’ female’ child? Do you know how to deal with military aircraft? "
Shi Yun pie pie said, "Come on, you say that men and women are equal every day. Can’t a man get a battlefield and a woman can’t go to the battlefield? Can’t men deal with military affairs and women? How many times have you said that you have been away from things? "
Zhang Yi’s hand was actually defeated by this tigress. Why can’t he be reasonable every time?
Shi Yun went on to say, "What kind of military affairs I can’t attend? Don’t look down on me. Is it white around my grandfather for so many years?" His old man knows no more than you? "
Zhang Yilian couldn’t say a word. She couldn’t say anything because her mouth was as small as a Shi Yun machine gun. It’s so rude for Cai E to wipe her cold sweat so that a big lady can have a president to eat. I wonder who listens to who after two people get married?
Cai E’s bad taste is associated with a wretched expression, and it’s’ exposed’ inadvertently!
Zhang Yi looked up at a man who was so angry that his eyes blazed and roared, "Cai E!"
Cai E was shocked and quickly stood on the right path "Here!"
Zhang yi scold a way "are you betray the old.
Get Zhang Shengqi back before you go out and run for me! Don’t ride horses, you are too young to clean up! "
Cai E hurriedly fart Dian fart ran to find Zhang Shengqi visit:
Shi Yun drink a way "? Take me or not, or no one will let Songpo go. At least this little teacher can’t get rid of that old guy Song Qing! "
Zhang Yinai said, "Yuner won’t be in any danger. Look, I will win them again. What are you worried about with them to protect me?"
"They? They have my kung fu? I can handle two of those Cang Lang by myself. Are you angry with him? "
When two people were arguing, John Zhang started Wu Shixiong and Shijun Wu brothers to urge the horse to return to Cai E to follow.
Wu Shixiong said, "The President has heard that you are going into the mountains and seas? That’s not a good idea. Qing dynasty, the monarch and his subjects all kept their word. In case that old guy Song Qing did something bad, it would be in trouble. It would be difficult for you to figure it out then! "
Zhang Yi replied, "Don’t persuade me. Listen to me and order Cai E to stay in the army. Two teachers, Shi Xiong and Shi Jun, will also help you win. Ask three brothers to join me in the mountains and seas. Let’s meet Song Qing!"