It’s just been a year since the Yuan Qi era, and everyone is crossing the river by feeling the stones. Many things haven’t been figured out yet, so we can gradually adapt to the previous rules.

As soon as the ladder activity is high, human beings immediately realize what their opponents are doing.
Few British people have reached a mainstream consensus at this time. In order to make the whole human race realize that the demon race is terrible, it is necessary to suffer big losses several times.
After the ladder activity, everyone went back to their homes and looked for their mothers. There were joys, sorrows and joys.
The demon master’s wisdom is difficult to quietly appear and take away the depressed Nie Yuan’s former giant rat strategist, the next nine magic generals.
The white house bodhi old zu secretly saw all this but did not move, as if he didn’t know the man at all.
And Zhinan didn’t say hello to him, as if rule out the rule of law.
The white house bodhi old zu said goodbye to the demons and flashed back to the giant rat city to call a meeting immediately.
"This time, the bodhi old zu will make a self-criticism and live up to expectations. I have worked hard to win him the opportunity, but it is not wrong for the old man to know."
He came to Zongyi to set the tone of the meeting.
The rats and demons looked at each other. When did the bodhi old zu criticize himself?
It was soon discovered that there was one person missing from the meeting, Nie Junshi.
Some well-informed people know that the other party also went to Tianmen earlier.
Tianmen this time, it’s been a month, and the hummingbirds, the intelligence organizations of human beings, have already sold the information, including the personnel who participated in the ladder climbing.
After all, although this matter is important, it is difficult to keep it secret. There are really too many people gathered outside Tianmen. There is a way to keep it secret in person.
Nie Yuan’s inferno representative went to climb the ladder without authorization, which naturally entered the ears of giant rats early.
It is a top priority for an organization with a complete structure to collect information. This is a land force that should be paid great attention to.
Associated with the bodhi old zu’s self-criticism behavior, some activities will be carried out.
Nie Yuan was betrayed to the inferno side by the other party’s single-handed promotion.
I’m afraid it is this that makes the bodhi old zu mind shake.
Now I’m self-critical, just as those sins have been written to the human emperor …
The venue was quiet when people spoke.
For a long time, the old god Bai Shixin just said, "Will the bodhi old zu be like this? Who can live without a sage? Cang Gong must have had a special reason not to spend the first dreamland, and he must be on the ground once he has had experience. "
"White strategist said yes don’t fail once? Failure is success, mother and bodhi old zu, so don’t be upset. I believe that the public will gain a lot from this battle and will make a comeback in the future. "A group of rats and demons have advised.
The high prestige of the bodhi old zu in the White House is a setback that won’t hurt anything.
The other party has expanded the giant rat from humble beginnings to China, and talents are thriving everywhere.
This is that the pioneer can base himself on money, and no one has more qualifications and experience than him, so no one can challenge him and hope that even one or two failures will be accepted.
On the contrary, successors will not have this advantage, but will be compared by pioneers everywhere. Once they are not as good as they are, their prestige will be damaged immediately.
The white house bodhi old zu smiled at the scene and he was in control.