But for a moment, she suddenly felt that her eyes were a little sour and the sand was surging and the wind was blowing, and she could vaguely see the young figure in the dust.

In the tremor of the earth, she ignored the dust and widened her eyes because the ground of the teenager’s feet rose.
Like a fish out of the water, the ferocious and majestic monster rises from the ground as if it were a dragon trapped in heaven!
The blue-black scales are dim, the sunlight is cold, the spine is clear, the spurs are sharp, and it is a dragon nearly 70 meters long!
As he floats on the ground to block the sun, shadows spread out like his majesty
Even though Merry couldn’t stop shaking behind him, it was monstrous … Rowen.
And the boy in the black windbreaker danced in the wind with a black broken hair behind the dragon’s neck.
Reminiscent of the mythical epic, Dragon Knight is the strongest warrior in a country!
"Let’s warm up first."
Lu Chen’s faint mouth and feet, Fenrir’s wings covering the sun, waving Gangfeng, made Meili have to grasp the rock bulge around her so as not to be blown away
The dragon ascended to heaven, leaving Commissioner Meili in a daze
At this time, she found it unnecessary to wake up.
Their S-class ace Commissioner was not prepared to carry out it step by step this time. He was just crushed in the past.
A scout in a camp in the desert six kilometers away rubbed his eyes with a telescope. He was lost in the sand and was wrong.
He seems to have just seen a very large passenger plane take off from the desert, but how is that possible? There is no runway near here, and what he saw seemed to be a bluish-black object.
He knew that the area might be attacked by Mi Jun, but how could there be such a big bomber?
When he picked up the telescope again, he saw that the heart in the behemoth felt tightly grasped.
How could he have such a thing when he dreamed for a moment?
He had never seen it before, but he recognized what it was. It was a mythical demon … the dragon!
He wants to send out an early warning to inform the leader that there is an enemy attack … Is this an enemy attack?
He has survived many battles in various harsh environments, but he doesn’t know how to fight the dragon.
He tried to shout, but he and the dragon’s golden pupil met in the telescope, and the overwhelming pressure instantly destroyed his will.
He may be a very good veteran, but he can’t afford to resist in front of God-like creatures, and he has fallen into suspended animation … rigidity.
The face of three men sitting at the table in the central house of the camp suddenly changed.
They also discussed whether to give up their present foundation and return to Nibelungen to hide, because one of their kin was killed the day before yesterday.
A few years ago, they didn’t care about the secret party. It seems to them that the secret party is just a group of mixed-race idiots. The strongest man won’t be the next generation opponent.
They kept a low profile just because they didn’t have enough savings. Now that the king has returned, they will raise the battle flag and return the world to the dragon age.
But at this critical moment, their whereabouts were exposed, and for safety reasons, they chose to meet first
At the same time, the army with the strongest thermal weapons responded to the changes.
But I didn’t expect the disaster to come so quickly. They waited until it wasn’t the secret fighter jets that bombed and washed the ground, but … the monster arrival.
"It’s … the breath."
A three-generation accent trembled slightly. He was a ferocious warlord in front of human beings, but the dragon body was just a "nobody"