Xiaoqi in the pharynx asked, "What is it?"

"Give you a gift"
Xiaoqi didn’t dare to take over what the blue gentleman sent out, but he couldn’t afford it as a mortal.
"Don’t you open it and have a look?" Blue morning asked with anxiety.
Xiaoqi pushed the beautifully packaged things in front of Lan Chen, saying, "Let the young master care about your birthday. I don’t have anything good to send. This gift has yet to come and go in front of you. Xiaoqi consciously can’t get it. It’s quite valuable. Your kindness is my neighbor. Please forgive me for not accepting your gift."
LanChen a listen to the fire "send you something you darling accept long-winded what long-winded? I didn’t ask you to give something back. "
Look at this posture, it seems that you can’t finish eating bowls of dried noodles.
Xiaoqi consciously can’t carry the blue eye knife, put chopsticks and start unpacking the gift box wrapping paper.
Wipe this wrapping paper and stick rhinestones and perfume on it. In the end, it will make people tear it apart. Are you tired?
Of course, Xiaoqi doesn’t pay too much attention to this kind of luxury, but she also knows that the rich love to talk about a romantic mood and give their girlfriends and lovers something, and they will spend a lot of time. Those stores that sell luxury goods will even like a piece of torn wrapping paper, which is terrible.
As the wrapping paper was torn open, Lan Chen’s face began to loosen. When a pure black flannel packaging box suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Qi, Lan Chen was excited.
"Open it quickly" urged Lan Chen.
Xiaoqi still slowly opened it. The first thing that came into my eyes was a touch of blue. Xiaoqi gently lifted the cloth that was shrouded in the face, as carefully as the bride’s red veil.
At this time, a green and shiny emerald is printed into Xiaoqi’s eyes.
Xiaoqi doesn’t know anything about jadeite, but he also knows that it’s a medium-sized sculptor. Lan Chen doesn’t see anything.
Without looking at Xiaoqi again, I pushed the lid of the box in front of Lanchen. "Master, this is too expensive for me to accept."
Lan Chen’s face suddenly lit up, but if someone dares to send something out at ordinary times and return it intact, Lan Chen directly smashed it, but it was his Xiao Qi who begged for peace.
Lan Chen’s hands were tight and loose, and there was a flash of pain in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced by anger. The pain was too short for Xiao Qi to capture.
"Ye Xiaoqi, don’t be ungrateful. No one has ever dared to refuse something from Master Ye Xiaoqi. Do you dare to say that you can’t afford it?"
Xiaoqiyu, this gift also brings strong buying and selling?
Lan Chen seems to be afraid of Xiao Qi’s going back on his word, but he carefully takes out the contents and gives them to Xiao Qi with piety.
But before Lan Chen hung up the emerald, she was pulled by Xiaoqiqing.
"Young master, I am not suitable for you, just like it." Xiaoqi spread out the moist jade in his hand. "Just like it is not suitable for me."
Giving a good time is actually a sign of kindness.
Lan Chen doesn’t accept such an answer. There are things he doesn’t want in his world, but he can’t get them without them.
"It’s up to me whether it’s suitable or not. I order you to accept it. I’m your employer." Lan Chen was really angry. In his view, Xiaoqi was simply a special case of favoritism and arrogance.
But he doesn’t know that now he is nothing left in Xiaoqi’s eyes except the identity of Master Lan. He has been fettered in his previous life and can be abandoned at any time. Now he still maintains his identity as a person. Because his wife has a heart for him, he originally planned to wait until he graduated from college to resign from his wife. It seems that he can’t wait until then.
"Master, you should grow up."
Xiaoqi left the villa after saying this sentence, dragging his badly injured body. He believed that he would never set foot in this place again.
Day by day, Wei Xiong added fuel to the flames in Xiaoqi and was also sentenced by the court.
Actually, Xiao Qi was not sentenced to death, which surprised him by taking drugs and selling drugs, not to mention participating in human organs. The state decree prohibits guns from being dangerous, selling and smuggling, and the first two articles are enough to sentence him to death.
Don’t Wei Xiong and he didn’t check the background?
But from such a huge crime, except for the death penalty, the sentencing period has to be changed under the pressure of public opinion. Xiaoqi can’t think of any backstage who is willing to provoke a prostitute to defend the male.
Xiaoqi tapped his finger. He rummaged through Yu Weixiong quickly in his mind, but when he matched this background strength.
Silent there is very hard to spread Wei Xiong’s "heroic deeds" through the Internet. Even if Wei Xiong’s background is strong, usually this kind of situation will choose Zhe to protect itself instead of protecting Wei Xiong, who will get into trouble instead.
Who the hell is it?
And who wants to defend Xiong from him?
What does that behind-the-scenes boss want?
Xiaoqi changed the card and dialed the only phone number.
"It’s my distinguished guest."
Xiaoqi ignored the ridicule and cut to the chase. "Find out for me the check to defend the male background and I will send it in the near future."
I’ll find out about it, but it’s generous enough for the guests to raise their hands and check it.
Xiaoqi didn’t respond to hang up. He knew that he meant dealing with Enron’s paintings, which was a lot of wealth. Of course, Enron’s paintings would be well taken care of by silent channels.