Cao Youling hesitated and prayed at Yi Yu’s low voice, "Master, please help the music player find it!"! Linger is afraid … I’m afraid I can’t! " If you want to know the aftermath, please see the breakdown!

The three hundred and fifty-first back to the north Mangshan crisis ()
Speaking of which, it was easy for them to play charades after the monk slapped his reckless teacher younger brother. Soon, the two sides reached an agreement. In fact, Yi Yu did leave a face for Shaolin Temple. If he insisted on killing the Luoyang prefect at this time, these monks did not dare to stop him. In that case, these monks would have to hold grudges again. Now, if evidence is found, the prefect deserves to die. If no evidence is found to save his life, it will be regarded as Shaolin Temple’s face. However, if the man goes to the temple with one hand and one foot, I am afraid that he may not be able to live
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Why can’t I say you can do it? Can’t I even find a few little sisters for Princess Jinxiang?" Seeing that there is no room for manoeuvre, Cao Youling can also crustily skin of head.
If Cao Youling is looking for those female ghosts in prison, don’t say that Yi Yu and Cha Shuangying are whispering at this moment. Listen to Yi Yudao, "Brother Cha, do you feel anything strange in this?"
Check the double shadow also nodded don’t "well! I’m afraid the problem lies in the fact that the Qing Palace held this Daofa Guangda meeting with them this time. "
Yi Yu smiles to say, "so does the younger brother! And I always feel that if we can’t figure this out, I’m afraid it will involve the main purpose of our trip. "
Cha Shuangying pondered for a moment and said, "It seems that we really need to take a trip to the Qing Palace!"
Two people smile at one another Yi Yudao "I don’t know check brother is to examine? Still an unannounced visit? "
Check the double shadow smiled. "What about the good brother?
Yi Yu laughed. "If it’s in my words, it’s natural to make an unannounced visit. How can I hear the truth? What’s more, you and I haven’t received an invitation. If we visit rashly, I’m afraid we will startle them. "
Cha Shuangying laughed. "Then my brother and I will come to spy on the Qing palace according to my good brother’s words!"
Just then, Cao Youling ran back in a little panic and took Yi Yu. Yi Yu knew what clues she had now and pulled him to see it. She did not struggle, so she followed Cao Youling to the backyard garden of the government office. Although she was in the hinterland of the Central Plains, this garden was somewhat delicate and exquisite, not as rough and unrestrained as Jiangbei Garden.
But at this time, Yi Yu is not in the mood to appreciate this quiet and elegant garden. Cao Youling is looking forward to Se Yi Yu with a miserable face. "You mean your sisters are all confined here?"
In fact, Yi Yu is even more amateur about this ghost. In the past, he didn’t play with the ghost except Tang Wan, the ghost, and he was beheaded when he met him! It’s just that I know everything about it now and I don’t know anything about it now. Otherwise, how could he let Cao Youling find it himself? Although it’s nice to say that you have enough food and clothing by yourself, in fact, because of Yi Yugen, you can’t find those female ghosts who are confined.
Cao Youling nodded hard. "Master! Linger felt that they should be in this circle, but she didn’t know where it was, and asked Master to help Linger. "She even took Yi Yu’s arm and spoiled!
Although it is quite pleasant to be held and spoiled by this little beauty, where can he find those female ghosts? Moreover, this ghost-seeking thing is different. If several large living people are hiding, it is just some secret rooms, but this ghost thing is very reasonable. It is not known that dozens of ghosts are hidden in a palm-sized porcelain bottle.
At this time, the double-shadow inspector and all the monks also rushed over, just as Yi Yu smiled. "Brother Cha, sirs master! My family Linger said that her sisters and ghosts were forbidden in this garden. It is being original, but it is impossible to find the ghost. I don’t know which one is the expert. It is also a big merit to find those female ghosts.
Although Cha Shuangying’s name is hung, Yi Yu is actually telling those monks that although Cha Shuangying is well-read and proficient in all kinds of strange things, this ghost-hunting thing is really a minor project, and he may not be able to study it even if he can estimate it, but monks like Shaolin Temple are different. They follow the secular route and the easiest thing for the world to worship is to catch ghosts and exorcise demons! And they are also experts in this field. Let’s just say that finding a few kids in the yard is even in Luoyang. They can also find a needle in a haystack to find the ghost because they can’t contribute.
Sure enough, check the double shadow and a slight smile when he heard this. "This ghost-hunting thing is old-fashioned but I don’t know because the master can help?" But I know that the method of subduing demons in Shaolin Temple is the most powerful, and the technique of exploring ghosts is also a must! "
In fact, Yi Yu came there just now because the monk’s face is changing, and his heart keeps weighing the pros and cons. "Now that demon fairy Yi Yu said this, it is obvious that he asked me to find the ghost, so what should I do?" Want to shirk? No way! If it is shirked, I’m afraid it will make demon fairy angry. This person has never acted according to common sense, and he has to grab three points. If he catches the woman, I’m afraid it’s not easy to deal with it. Since he can’t shirk it, he can promise. But if he promises me, is it perfunctory? Or is he really looking for it? "
Thought of here because the monk looked at the face firm and fierce, Cao Youling looked at the Luoyang prefect and thought, "If it is perfunctory, I’m afraid the little female ghost won’t promise to see Yi Yu’s love for her, but she won’t play any other tricks again. Besides, Yi Yu also said just now that this little female ghost is actually an old friend of double-shadowing, while Yi Yu is cramming. If so, is this actually the meaning of double-shadowing? It is not convenient for him to go out. Yi Yu just sold his personal feelings, so I’m afraid it’s even more difficult to do. Compared with Yi Yu, although fierce, after all, he is not old enough to do things. At best, he is just a wicked wolf, but he is a tiger who eats people and doesn’t spit bones. It seems that it is not appropriate to perfunctory things, and now it can disappoint the prefect’s adult to give those incense money over the years! If we really find the female ghost, he is also to blame. If not, then our Shaolin Temple will be responsible for his healing and life-saving! Also be done a favor. "
Think about it, because the monk clapped his hands and said, "Amitabha! Good, good! It’s not fair that we Buddhists are not friends, but we will act according to our conscience! "
Yi Yu clapped her hands and smiled. "The spiritual consciousness of the master proved to be a Taoist monk is different! In that case, please bother to show it to the master so that those poor ghosts can get out of their misery as soon as possible! It would be a great merit if Master Ho could voluntarily break his probation from the ghost path, ascend to bliss and return to reincarnation! "
Because the master laughed, "borrow good words from my predecessors!" As soon as he spoke, he flew up and fell into the garden. The rockery closed his eyes and stood in the handprint method. After a while, he suddenly saw the monk with his eyes open and shot out two shirts, and then he scanned the garden. It seemed to be very meticulous, but it took half a day to stay there, because the monk withdrew his spell and did not see anything different.
Then, because the monk flew, he even showed doubts. "The two predecessors were ashamed and the poor monk felt ghosts in this garden."
Things just poor monk cast’ golden eye demon’ technique but I don’t know? "
Yi Yu face a lane change "huh? Does the master mean that there are no ghosts in this garden? "
Because the monk hurriedly said, "No! Yi Yu’s predecessors misunderstood the poor monk, saying that this hospital is very strange, but there is something special about it. Now, the poor monk is somewhat convinced that the young lady is hiding ghosts in this garden. I’m afraid … I’m afraid there is a master who locks the ghosts, so it’s difficult to inspect them. It’s a shame that the poor monk is shallow but failed to find them … "
In fact, this is because the monk didn’t say anything far off the mark. He really felt the strangeness of this official garden, and at the same time, he felt more and more suspicious about the Luoyang prefect. Although Shaolin Temple received a lot of sesame oil money from him on weekdays, it is a big disadvantage to face the problem of right and wrong because the monk still can’t be vague. After all, Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist temple. If it is involved with evil things, it is a big disadvantage.
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "Why don’t we ask this prefect?"
Yi Yu woke up with this sentence. Although there are some special features in this garden, it is probably not difficult for them to get a little information in a population by their means.
The Luoyang prefect couldn’t help a burst of leng panic when he saw all the hostile eyes. "You! What do you want? Now you can’t find those evil ghosts, so you should release them! I am the prefect of Siping, the imperial court! I’m disrespectful to heaven if you dare to move! "
In fact, by this time, the prefect had already felt that something was wrong. Although she gnashed her teeth, she was arrogant.
Yi Yu smiled "yo! Your prefect is so arrogant. You are disrespectful to being original, but I don’t know when’ heaven’ actually came to Luoyang prefect. Move well today, you can’t! "
That Cha Shuangying and all the monks were shocked when they heard Yi Yuyan. They never expected Yi Yu to dare to make fun of’ Heaven’ so casually! You know, these monks are most afraid of heaven and earth, and they are always cautious. The word "heaven and earth" has almost become a taboo term in the field of cultivation. But now Yi Yu is so presumptuous that he even makes fun of "heaven", which can’t help but make them feel surprised and even more fearful and depressed. At this time, they are actually with Yi Yu. If there is a "heavenly punishment" from heaven, they will also be taken.
At this time, check the hate in the double shadow heart! Andao "Yi Yu this fellow I will never walk with him again in the future! If one day he talks nonsense again and lightning strikes him and kills him, he deserves it. Wouldn’t it be bad luck if he was also involved? " When they were thinking about it, they saw that a dark cloud suddenly gathered in that day and poured down on the sky, and all the monks were frightened to disgrace. They were thinking about the punishment in their hearts! Nowadays, when I see the dark clouds, it seems a bit like that day, and I will naturally associate it with the past.
However, the protagonist Yi Yu is still very calm. He doesn’t feel much about’ Tianwei’ in his practice day, and Yi Yu, after all, came from’ crossing’. People are far less afraid of heaven and earth than people here, so he casually made a joke and didn’t go to any’ punishment’. I don’t want to see the dark clouds now, so I don’t fear the devil with his cultivation of nature.
Will see Yi Yu upward a look at the dark clouds also slightly surprised heart andao "Luoyang city is really busy today! Ghosts and monks, and now there’s a magic cloud coming again, but I don’t know who it is
Just when Yi Yu guessed at random, he saw that the dark clouds suddenly gave out a loud noise that day, and then he released a bright light, a thunderbolt with a huge waist and a huge waist, and struck straight at Yi Yu with majestic energy.
This crowd was dumbfounded when they saw it. Just now, they said disrespectful words, and this day’s punishment actually arrived. It was indeed the limit of Tianwei! But the performance of Yi Yu made them even more surprised that Yi Yu didn’t hide or flash. Instead, he turned his hand and shook his fingers to shoot ten deep red blood, surging like a dragon’s bloody thunder, and actually counterattacked back!
Although I have seen arrogance, Yi Yu is too arrogant! What a crazy endless! Unexpectedly, I tried to break the cloud by myself! But then something happened that surprised them even more.
Hear "click" a loud noise, a silver light shining, a bloody shade, but two gods were struck by lightning! In my imagination, Yi Yu’s defeat did not appear, but the lightning that fell to the ground was unexpectedly struck by Yi Yu’s congenital Taiyi lightning, and this is exactly what Yi Yu’s ten lightning bolts left and the nine lightning bolts directly hit the aggressive rolling black cloud.