"Chief Officer Lin Feng, please report to the Hermit command center immediately!"

Windson immediately paused. He knew that this was the voice command of the military school brain, because it could not be wrong with strict certification. The simulated war fortress where the Central Military Academy is located was called "Hermit" in the exercise, which means that it is now temporarily assigned to the sequence of guarding the main base.
"Shit!" Windson secretly cursed and didn’t know that the wisdom brain was so arranged. I was just sighing that my luck was good, and now I immediately turned to the wind. However, the orders of the brain can not be violated. Lin Fengtong said good morning to Fei Xian and turned around and ran towards the command center.
However, today doesn’t seem to be a lucky day for Lin Feng. When he hurried to the door of the command center, the small intelligent terminal in his hand rang again.
"Chief Officer Lin Feng, please report to the flagship’ Lone Wolf’ immediately!"
"Chief Officer Lin Feng, please report to the flagship’ Lone Wolf’ immediately!"
Lin Feng was dumbfounded. This time, it was the voice command of the chief instructor of the mecha operator in peace, which also had strict authentication and authorization of the brain. Storm was the code name of Lin Feng in the mecha brigade.
"Who can tell me what’s going on?" Lin Feng lamented.
Ann didn’t answer his brain or answer him, so Lin Feng had to turn around and go to the military port again, praying that he could get another transfer before arriving at the Lone Wolf, or let him return to the cruiser "Washington" or he would go to harass the most dangerous task behind the enemy lines.
It’s a pity that windson didn’t receive any new orders until he set foot on the flagship "Lone Wolf" of the mecha brigade.
"Warrant officer Lin Feng is waiting for you." The soldiers guarding the "lone wolf" cabin door closed the cabin door when they saw Lin Feng coming in. Then windson felt the foot slightly flash "lone Wolf" took off.

Chapter one hundred and fourteen Pre-war meeting (on)
The soldier who arrived at the door after the "lone wolf" took off said, "Angel is going to hold a pre-war meeting. Please go by yourself."
Windson nodded and came to the conference room and pushed the door open to see that the conference room was full of people whispering and Ann was standing in front of the podium in a uniform.
Now after Lin Feng came in, An An nodded to him and motioned him to sit down with his eyes. Then he knocked on the podium with his pointer and said, "All right, everyone is here! Please be quiet and prepare for the pre-war meeting now! "
Windson looked around now FeiXian Ma Han and Zhao Rulong are not here. Here are some senior mecha operators.
When everyone was quiet, An An cleared his throat and said, "Before the meeting, I think many people had a question, that is, why they were suddenly transferred to the lone wolf. I know that many people were assigned to different positions after the last large-scale emergency assembly and exercise training, and only some of you were assigned to the’ lone wolf’. "
Speaking of which, An An looked around and nodded his head and said, "I want to tell you that although you will be assigned to different posts during the usual exercises, there is an optimal combination allocation table in the head of the military school according to everyone’s grades, ranks and even personality habits, which means that once faced with a real war, all the instructors and students on the battlefield will arrange everyone’s position according to this allocation table, and now all the people who can board the’ lone wolf’ to perform tasks are elites! As the elite of the elite, tell me if you have the confidence to win this war? "
"yes!" All the students responded with a crashing sound. If it thundered, it would almost overturn the whole starship.
Windson looked at a pistol, confident and charming, and the students around him couldn’t help but turn over their hearts and feel depressed. After listening to Ann’s words and that so-called optimal combination allocation table. He knew that his original post was not here. It should be his responsibility to let him guard the main base in the first transfer because he is not the elite at all.
Mecha manipulator, as the ace force of the Earth Federation, has all-encompassing training contents. Including basic combat mecha manipulation basic command. Infiltrate the elite team with group cooperation and so on dozens of courses. And windson in which only the first two, that is, basic fighting and mecha manipulation, are the top other training courses among all the students, all of which are just passing the exam, and the overall evaluation is even below average.
This, of course, is not because Lin Feng’s talent is not good, but because he deliberately hides most of his strength. You know, the war has already started, and the most outstanding students in the military academy will be sent to the front in advance. Lin Feng has his own plan. He just wants to master the skills of mecha manipulation honestly and then graduate quietly to explore the meteorite desert and find his parents. Going to war is not his purpose.
Windson don’t even want to get the overall evaluation of the average. In his original plan, he should have quietly mastered all the abilities about all the mecha manipulations, but he was dissuaded by the military school because of his poor grades …
But windson is not a free man now, and he and Chen Jia are reunited. He also has a lot of expectations. With the repeated persuasion and encouragement of several Chen family bosses. Windson in order to avoid his ears continue to suffer, have to keep all the training results in the passing line.
So it’s not the so-called elite of the elite who will appear here. Windson has guessed who makes the ghost. Thought of here, he looked at the platform in peace and felt his teeth itch.
"Well, since everyone is so confident, let’s officially start this pre-war meeting!" Ann smiled, and the heroic and sexy smile made many students swallow their saliva.
Then in peace, the holographic projector on the platform was turned on, and the dense interstellar warships appeared in the holographic projection.
These starships are thousands of meters long and hundreds of meters small. However, in general, although the number of starships is extremely large, the proportion of large ships is somewhat small.
"This is the image of several hidden military observation stations on the side of the guardian star field near the meteorite desert. It has been confirmed that this unknown fleet that invaded the guardian star domain through the meteorite desert is our enemy at the moment-the fleet of the celestial locust star people! "
As soon as this was said, there was a low buzz. The fierce name of the meteorite desert is basically known to all the people in the earth Federation, so most people present here didn’t expect that a fleet could cross it, which is really incredible. But now
The dark green fleet in the holographic projection is indeed the team of the people.
Compared with the starship of the Federation of the Earth, the starship of the Celestial Locust is smaller in size and weaker in firepower, but it is better to turn quickly and flexibly. Moreover, the hull composed of semi-biological armor and the shield system of the federal starship have their own advantages. But on the whole, the starship of the earth Federation has the upper hand.
An An gently knocked on the podium and waited until the following was quiet before continuing to introduce: "Maybe some people don’t understand how this locust star crossed the meteorite desert. In fact, it has already begun to show clues in these projections. Please have a look."
Ann adjusted the holographic projector, and the focus of holographic projection slowly turned to the front of the celestial locust star fleet, where there appeared more than a hundred starships with unique styles. These starships were dark all over, and if they were not careful in the dim starry sky, they would miss the dark green starships behind them, which was very different. When the projection gradually drew closer, everyone clearly saw the patterns painted on these starships and suddenly shouted: "Star Pirates!" "
That’s right. These patterns, which are composed of white blood-dripping skulls and two crossed leg bones, are the unique symbols of interstellar pirates. In addition, each starship is painted with a huge golden unicorn.
"This is the Jinjiao pirate group. According to relevant information, this pirate group has always been active on the other side of the meteorite desert. It has repeatedly avoided entering the meteorite desert when facing the encirclement and suppression of the Star Patrol Group of the Galactic Alliance. Therefore, we have reason to believe that this pirate group has the ability to cross the meteorite desert!" In a serious face continued.
"That is to say, the day locust star people’s fleet appeared in the guardian star field through the meteorite desert under the guidance of the Jinjiao pirate group?" A student asked.
"That’s right!" An An nodded and added, "Although we don’t know why such a huge fleet can pass through the meteorite desert, it’s not important at present. The important thing is that they have indeed appeared in front of us!"
At this time, the pirate fleet in the projection gradually decreased and stepped aside to give up the middle passage. It is estimated that the task of guiding the way is completed and the fleet of locust stars is ready to take the lead.
Windson looked at the black starship eyes flashed out some inexplicable cold mountain.
Jinjiao pirate Lin Feng knows a lot about it. When Lin Feng learned that the anti-government organization was in the meteorite desert, he tried his best to investigate the people or organizations that had not been able to enter and exit in the meteorite desert. After all, anti-government organizations have never been deployed on a large scale in these years, and even the military can’t grasp their whereabouts. In the investigation, Golden Horn Pirates jumped into the sight of Windson.
This pirate group is the only organization known to Lin Feng that can move freely in the meteorite desert except the anti-government organization. Lin Feng has long planned to go to this pirate group if he still can’t find the trace of anti-government organizations after graduation to see if there is any way to enter the meteorite desert. As long as he can get in safely, Lin Feng even has plans to join the gang as pirates.
Numerous interstellar pirate groups are active in the vast starry sky of the Milky Way. Among them, the most ferocious pirate group will kill all the hostages after looting to eliminate the trace, while the unspoken rule of the general pirate group is to let valuable hostages pay for redemption and sell them to some countries that still retain slavery as efforts or sell them to some black mines as miners.
As for the Jinjiao pirate group, according to the intelligence, its reputation is not bad, even it is a kind and mysterious interstellar pirate group. As long as the other side doesn’t make fierce resistance, after looting, the hostages will be detained except for ship supplies and some high-tech talents, and other hostages will be arranged to be put back by escape ships. Therefore, windson doesn’t think that joining this pirate group will have any psychological burden.
Windson also didn’t think the Jinjiao pirate will appear in front of their own, this may be a good opportunity. Thought of here, windson suddenly felt that it was also a good thing to transfer him in peace.
"Judging from the quantity, this fleet of the celestial locust stars should be composed of two large fleets, and a small pirate fleet is quite strong." Just as Lin Feng was thinking, Ann seemed to be introducing each other’s situation: "And our side of the Federal Second Fleet, which was originally stationed in the guardian star domain, transferred a main sub-fleet and a quick reaction brigade to the fierce Yangxing before the war began. Unfortunately, due to the tight front, just the day before yesterday, the Second Fleet sent two main sub-fleets to support the front. Of course, in order to increase the defensive power of guarding the star domain, the fourth fleet stationed in Rainbow Star in the rear area also dispatched two main sub-fleets to come to our side and is expected to arrive the day after tomorrow. "

Chapter one hundred and fifteen Pre-war meeting (in)
Psst ….. "After listening to Ann’s introduction, there was a breath of air-conditioning. People couldn’t help but ask," That is to say, there are only two sub-fleets left in the second fleet, the main fighting force on our side? "
"The reality is that there are only two sub-fleets left in the second fleet and the support of the fourth fleet has not yet arrived." In an affirmative nod replied.
"This ….." The questioner was dumbfounded.
There are two large fleets and a small pirate fleet from the Celestial Locust. How can we fight when there are only two sub-fleets left on our own side? Suddenly everyone was pessimistic.
Seeing that the morale that was finally inspired before the meeting fell down again, Ann didn’t seem to care and said, "Don’t you forget? Our college fleet is the top rapid response brigade, and we also have a guardian star. Although the equipment and training are a little poor, there is no discount in quantity. In addition, we have the power of home court, and a large number of space batteries have been arranged in the meteorite desert. It can be said that we still have the strength to fight. As the elite of the military academy, are you so discouraged? Tell me, isn’t it? "
"No!" There was a uniform cry in the meeting room again, but it didn’t seem to be as strong as last time. It’s no wonder that the locust star people have come to the two reorganized fleets, but our own fleet is pieced together. As for the local fleet fighting capacity of the guardian star, it is necessary to put a question mark, so the situation is not optimistic.