A thought of this Chinese emperor flashed in the depths of his eyes.

At this time, the fate of China, which was shrouded in the imperial palace, suddenly trembled slightly at this moment, but it did not give the Chinese emperor more shock. At this moment, a small part of the national fortune suddenly broke away from the control of the Chinese emperor and gathered at the golden light.
This newborn emperor has been recognized by some Chinese celestial fate.
In other words, this bloodline holds the qualification of inheriting China’s celestial kingdom and reaching the peak to achieve China’s celestial dominance.
Huaxia Emperor’s pupil contracted slightly, and his face was livid, and the tide of murder appeared in his eyes.
The emperor’s mind moved and heaven and earth changed color.
Accompanied by the Chinese emperor’s murder, he was still in control of the Chinese summer, and the national luck suddenly stirred up all over the sky, crying, and the wind suddenly darkened, and the clouds were overwhelming.
The core of the Imperial Palace spread wildly to the surrounding areas, directly enveloping an old capital.
The emperor’s murder, the manifestation of the fate of China, the release of power and other horrors, even the monks in Tianjun territory can temporarily avoid the edge when facing the situation of China’s China.
A number of monks in the old capital suddenly tightened their bodies, and their hearts suddenly looked up in the direction of the emperor’s palace with horror, and their hearts were held directly by their big hands, but Zhang Fafa made any sound.
Two imperial sceneries in the Imperial Palace of China are far away from each other. One is that the core of the Emperor of China has been surrounded by most of the national fortunes of China, and the other is that part of the national fortunes of China can now be recognized in the depths of the Imperial Palace. Although it is not many, it represents that the owner of this imperial sceneries is in possession of the pure blood of the Emperor of China, and inherits the qualifications of the Emperor of China to achieve one party.
Two days, two countries, two kings
Suddenly, the breath of the emperor has touched the part of the Chinese emperor’s heart that can’t be touched. He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the place where the breath rose, and his face changed instantly.
The smell rose from the lake.
The emperor’s breath can’t be embraced unless he goes against the sky. Now, the three people in the Shenchi draw strength and lift their veins, and two of them go against the sky.
But at the moment, the name of the Chinese emperor is XuanYuanWang.
If he wants to fly to the divine pool, it must be him to replenish his blood and promote his blood.
The Chinese emperor frowned, his eyes were deep and his face was cold, and his face was uncertain. Obviously, his mind was spinning rapidly.
Sudden changes upset the arrangement of the Chinese emperor, and it would be quite difficult for Meng Fei to really hold the blood of the emperor.
He is the reincarnation of Tianjun, and his future prospects are limitless, so he is qualified to set foot in Tianjun’s territory.
That is to say, Meng Fei will compete for the qualification of Chinese mercy in the future.
This kind of thing must not happen.
The Emperor of China inhaled deeply that he was the Lord of China, and this will never change until he gave up the Emperor.
Meng Guogong, who flew to Shenchi, suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked, but in the end he became deeply worried.
He looked down at the bloody flying pool, and his eyes seemed to penetrate the bloody pool and fell on Meng Fei.
Sensing a slight tremor in his veins, he clearly knew what had happened
Go against the sky, blood and blood.
The imperial clan of China is a descendant of the most noble blood in China.
People in the Imperial Chamber of China are naturally respected. Once they can compete with the blood of the Imperial Chamber of China, there is bound to be nothing to settle.
Meng Fei gave him a big surprise today, but it was not the right time to upset all his plans.
Meng Guogong helped the Chinese emperor recruit Meng Fei and wanted to keep him around to help him rise rapidly with the help of the Chinese celestial power.
But today, the other body is born, and the fate of the blood is over, and things are complicated and dangerous.
The image of the Chinese emperor is warm and generous, but Meng Guogong witnessed with his own eyes that he squeezed out the competition and finally ascended the throne, and he knew the nature of the Chinese celestial society very well.
The birth of Meng Feiti, the fate of the blood, must have inspired the Chinese emperor to kill and then quickly clear everything that may threaten his position.
The reincarnation of the heavenly king
Meng Shi skyclan di Shen
Go against the sky and blood vessels
Meng Guogong’s eyes were slightly bright and two hot flames burned.
Three superimposed Meng Fei has enough qualifications for Huaxia Emperor to compete for everything in his hand.