The voice just fell, and a vision appeared. A colorful light of merit fell on Lao Zi from the sky, and the merits of opening heaven in Lao Zi’s body were inspired. Lao Zi’s whole body was full of light, and the figure of Lao Zi was gradually enlarged and faded in all directions, and the three flowers filled the air, and the Tai Chi map rolled endlessly. The whole universe felt the infinite power of the saint.

All the creatures in the wild have to pay homage to Lao Tzu to prove the mixed fruit.
I only heard the voice of Yuan Shi from heaven and earth: "My Yuan Shi was transformed by Pangu Yuan Shen, and now I have a teaching name: Explain Teaching! The interpreter should also explain the heaven, and Tianshun people should explain the avenue to educate all beings, and Pangu Fan should suppress the fate and explain the teaching. "
After all, the world shines with splendor, but it is the achievement of Yuanshi Tianzun who has no license to be a sage. The image of the Buddha at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty also appeared on the vast expanse, and all beings in heaven and earth bowed down and surrendered.
After the deity was consecrated at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, there came a voice from heaven and earth: "I reached heaven because of Pangu Yuan God’s transformation, and today’s great religion was intercepted as a secret: interception was used to educate all beings and suppress the fate of interception with four swords." The heavenly leader became a saint. At that time, a natural vision, the glow of heaven and earth, and waves of coercion spread from the East China Sea in all directions, and the aura of heaven and earth fluctuated and the light of the stars came together.
Sanqing established the church as a saint, and he knew that it was time to establish the church. He only listened to the quotation and said, "All living beings are suffering, so I should establish the church to solve the suffering of living beings and help them overcome the suffering." After receiving the twelve-product lotus platform, the lotus platform under it emits twelve-color brilliance to illuminate the western world.
I must mention the faint sign of holiness after receiving the wish, and I also wish: "If I can prove that the Buddha where I have lived is infinite, incredible and solemn. There is no hell, hungry ghost, beast, flying peristalsis and so on. All sentient beings, as well as the afterlife in the three evil ways of the flaming Moro world, have been enlightened by me to become the three virtues and three bodhis of Ayundadoro. "
Establish Western religions by quoting and approving. Even dozens of great ambitions are willing to establish great religions, promising to make every effort to establish a western paradise for all living beings.
In the golden light of establishing education, two paths are separated and turned into a golden wheel of merit after receiving and mentioning. The two men attracted great merits into the body with the lotus platform and the seven treasures and wonderful trees, and also made a mixed sage. The sound spread all over the world, and then the golden light came out of the western world. Two of them were as harsh as the sun, and countless Buddhist sounds sounded between heaven and earth, which was called that Western religion did not recite Huang Ting or worship Hongjun.
It’s just that the western countries didn’t suppress the twelve-product golden lotus, which was destined to treasure, and it was also cultivated into the best congenital spiritual treasure by pouring the ontology lotus platform with merit when it became a Taoist. It’s just that this treasure is inherently deficient, and I’m afraid these twelve-product lotus platforms could not have been achieved without the help of heaven.
Hong Jun’s share of the holy places is all together. Now there are eight saints between heaven and earth, and Qingyun will be sanctified in the future, so there will be nine saints between heaven and earth. (That Hong Jun is no longer a saint. )
Road flyover gourd looks at this saint like a fair and laughs.
"All the saints are good.
I know that saints are annoyed there.
Stay all the way.
Just know the sage’s way. "
Road flyover Hulu had just finished when one person came, but Qingyun. "Teacher Hulu, do you think saints are really so bad?"
Road flyover Hulu said, "All saints are ants. When you become saints, you will know that saints are actually ants."
"That teacher, are you a saint now?"
"No, but saints are ants in my eyes."
Qingyun was confused for a moment and then understood. "Mr. Hulu is like Hongjun."
Road flyover Hulu didn’t refute it, just looked at the distance and smiled.
As Taoist Hulu said, saints are not so easy to be. Now two people in the west know that this heaven is bigger than themselves. The two people think of their own ambitions and now they have a headache. These causes and effects are enough for them to pay back.
Zhang Wen on Penglai Island clearly felt that his fate had increased. With the help of these fates, Heaven clearly appeared in front of him, and the realm rose again. It seemed that the avenue was about to feel that it was usually only a moment. He heard the sigh of Hongjun. Zhang Wen was once again interrupted by the opportunity to touch the avenue.
"Hong are. I depend on your mother. "

Chapter 24 I’ll amuse you Chapter 25 The demon teacher is in great trouble from the Terran in Heaven.
Mr. Zhang was very angry. Kong Xuan and Jin Peng, the pandas, looked at him and scolded him for a long time, but he didn’t repeat half a sentence. It’s strange for three people to see Zhang Wen so rude for the first time.
Kong Xuan asked, "Brother Panda, what happened to the teacher?"
The panda thought to himself, "I know so well what happened to the boss." But it’s hard to say. "It seems that it was hit by the old man Hongjun, but I don’t know how Hongjun made the boss so angry?"
Jin Peng said, "Did Hongjun steal the teacher’s orchard? Seeing that the teacher usually pays special attention to the orchard, I think Hongjun must have stolen the spiritual root of the orchard before he made the teacher so angry. "
The panda immediately jumped away as if he didn’t know Jin Peng. Before Jin Peng knew it, Mr. Zhang rewarded him with a chestnut.
"Boy, things can eat, words can’t blather. Hongjun is in heaven, and your boy speaks ill of him. Do you think that cheapskate doesn’t know? You are not a saint yet, and you don’t know the magical power of a saint. Remember not to speak ill of a saint behind his back, or you won’t know how your boy died. " After Zhang Wen scolded Hongjun, he taught his disciples again. "I can scold Hongjun, that is, I have the strength. If your boy hadn’t spoken ill of him just now, I could have gone to talk to him about it. Now I can only forget about it. Remember to be smart in the future and don’t always talk about it."
Three people: "I sincerely respect the teacher (boss)."
Zhang Wendao said, "Kong Xuan and Jin Peng, you should all go to Terran. Don’t do this for nothing. Get more merits, which will also help your future practice. Go ahead. "
Kong Xuan and Jin Peng got the decree and went to Terran Education. Zhang Wen took the panda and flew to Zixiao Palace.