It’s not a background person, is it? One of them guessed.

I’ll help you get this scene back. Wait a minute. I’ll make a phone call to arrange it.
Into a little you can cure the little Qin Shaohan spirit a flap way
Who is that elder brother Lou, who is called Shaogong? It’s not that you don’t know the air and expression. You immediately made a phone call with your mobile phone. After hanging up for a while, you smiled and assured Qin Shaohan that it was all arranged. Let’s go to see the drama.
After that, I went back to another male elder brother beside me and said, Ye Shao, call your old man’s public security department and tell them to come over. A few people said that they found that the mall people didn’t let the little guy suffer a little today. He really thought he was a superhuman powers.
Chapter 20 Police Station Fengyun No.1
No matter how good a woman is, she can refuse the temptation of sparkling diamonds, so can Jin Nuanyu. Although she didn’t want to buy any diamond ornaments, Jin Nuanyu couldn’t move when she saw the diamond jewelry counter in the shopping mall.
Yue Ling, let’s go and have a look.
Well, Daniel lee’s reiki force should have been completely defeated by Jin Nuanyu’s malicious pinch of Li Yueling. Looking at Jin Nuanyu’s delicate fingers, Li Yueling really couldn’t help secretly hating that it would be quite appropriate for this beautiful woman to go to ancient times to be a punishment officer. Her two fingers alone are more severe than torture.
When the salesgirl at the jewelry counter saw the guests, she immediately introduced Jin Nuanyu, who was half lying on the counter watching the bright and shining diamonds, and her introduction was also very detailed and selective. She selected some diamond ornaments with elegant style and recommended them to Jin Nuanyu. It seems that this salesgirl also has a good eye to know that a beautiful woman with noble temperament like Jin Nuanyu is not the kind of little woman who will go crazy at the sight of diamonds.
Of course, when Jin Nuanyu listened to the introduction of the sales girl with great interest, Li Yueling was just chatting and looking for a place to put the burden aside. I don’t know where to take a person and bump into Li Yueling.
It’s nothing to bump into Li Yueling, but the guy who bumped into Li Yueling fell far away. When Li Yueling wanted to question the man before, the man flew and climbed up, and a trot disappeared.
At the same time, I saw a middle-aged man in a suit and tie, followed by several police men and walked quickly to the jewelry counter.
As soon as the middle-aged man reached the counter, he pointed at Li Yueling and shouted, That’s him, that’s him, comrade policeman. Catch him quickly.
That followed the middle-aged man, and immediately after the police heard the news, they surrounded Li Yueling with a blank face.
You saw a policeman coming to twist his arm. Li Yueling immediately took a step back and quickly said, You have the wrong person.
Yes, yes, that’s him. At this moment, the middle-aged man who came with the police sounded again.
At this moment, Jin Nuanyu also found out that Li Yueling was in a bad situation, and immediately rushed over to see the three policemen who surrounded Li Yueling. When they rubbed their epaulettes on their shoulders, they could not help secretly wondering why people from the Municipal Public Security Bureau would come here to catch Yue Ling as a thief. The root is that both ends are wrong. First of all, Li Yueling could not steal something. Secondly, even if people reported that Li Yueling had stolen something, why didn’t the police from this area come but the police from the Municipal Public Security Bureau?
At that time, I didn’t have a clue. Jin Nuanyu had already arrived at Li Yueling’s side. Xiu Mei frowned and said, We are together. I can prove his innocence.
It took a long time to see Jin Nuanyu, such a beautiful woman dressed in luxurious clothes. The three policemen were all stunned, and one of them was a humane lady. You mean you are together?
Yes, Jin wenyu replied, if you think he stole something, you must take some convincing evidence.
For Jin Nuanyu to stand up and Li Yueling to be silent, it seems that the beauty can handle this whole incident without showing her face. After all, this is an empty matter. I believe that an explanation can solve this misunderstanding.
You reported the yellow scripture. Tell me about it. A policeman said to the middle-aged man who shouted to arrest people earlier.
I saw it with my own eyes, but it’s a good thing that the police comrades came here, otherwise I was really worried that this thief would slip away.
When he said this, Li Yueling felt something was wrong. Since he saw it with his own eyes, why should he wait for the police to come? He should have called the mall security guard to arrest people, and look at the three policemen who nodded their heads frequently to agree with the words of the Yellow Sutra. What the hell is going on?
I didn’t get Li Yueling to think about it. One of the policemen put all your handbags on the Avenue. We want to check them.
Li Yueling, who is not afraid of the shadow, cooperated very much and put a dozen handbags in his hand.
The policeman motioned for the other two policemen to check it for a while. A delicate jewelry box was turned over by one of the policemen from a small handbag with hairpins to have a look. There was a glittering diamond ring in it. The price tag of the jewelry box in the shopping mall was all finished and it was missing.
What else do you have to say? Even if you say something, wait until you come back to the station with us. The policeman who is the first of the three policemen sneers repeatedly.
Do you think you can afford to buy an inferior diamond ring with a price of 9888 yuan? Jin Wenyu hit the nail on the head. This point is to plant and frame me. I think it is the Yellow Sutra that you should catch.
Before Jin Nuanyu could finish, Li Yueling shook her little hand and said, Nuanyu, stop talking. I’ll go with them once. Just tell the master that I won’t do anything. At the moment when the policeman rummaged through the jewelry box from his handbag, Li Yueling had already concluded that this was a real setup, not only because the police in front of him were a gang of yellow scripture, but also because of the bumptious guy just now. This was a game whose purpose was to let him know that he was caught and explain it again. It was also redundant for Li Yueling to stop Jin Nuanyu reprimanding the three policemen like this. The best way to solve the problem is to make sure that the police are in a good attitude and don’t let them handle it, so that Jin Nuanyu can inform the master that they will solve the frame-up incident.
Jin Nuanyu was held by Li Yueling’s small hand for a moment, and he was numb like a personal imitation. A little strange feeling passed through his heart. Then after hearing Li Yueling’s words, he knew that he had not calmly considered and thoroughly agreed with Yue Ling. Then you go with them first, and I will find out and solve the matter as soon as possible.
Although this situation is extremely unfavorable to Li Yueling, he is a little worried, but he didn’t expect to frame himself. If the man knew that his background was a political group, he didn’t know if these birds of a feather could still laugh.