So, in the remaining directions of the animal way, Xiao Wen and ninety thousand all chose the defensive avatar for the first time!

Xiao asked that the real defense fairy has only one Ming Fa Jin LUN, but although the Ming Fa Jin LUN is strong, it has inherent defects in strength and cannot resist the attacks with large scope and sufficient strength. Now Xiao Wen still lacks the same powerful defense avatar.
After the direction was set, Xiao asked and ninety thousand immediately worked together.
Because the main force is 90 thousand, Xiao Wen can still find time to do something else, such as digging and mining.
Half a year later, 90 thousand’s voice of surprise suddenly interrupted Xiao Wen from the mine back to reality.
Looking at the 90 thousand smiling people in the fairy space, Xiao asked at once that it must have been a success, but he still asked: "Is it done?" !”
Xiao Wen nodded heavily and replied, "Hmm."
"What magical power?" Xiao asked eagerly tunnel.
"It’s amazing! Moreover, people have lost their blood! " 90,000 won the credit.
"Good girl, don’t be a suspense. After that, I’ll invite you out for a meal."
"No, it will take several meals!" Ninety thousand serious tunnel.
"OK, you can have as many meals as you want."
"Watch this, hehe."
At the voice of 90,000, a small red Se appeared on both hands …
At that time, it’s really hard to say what it is. It’s like a hairpin and a brooch, or it may be other accessories. It’s full of golden red Se, in the shape of a phoenix wing, and it’s obviously a pair. There was no movement of 90,000, and the two little things of Golden Red Se flew together. Finally, they silently joined together and became a heart-shaped, but at the same time, Xiao Wen had no doubt about its shape, and it was indeed a pair of wings.
Now that the golden red Se wings together are not as big as the palm of your hand, but it sends out a message that Xiao Wen has to pay attention to, because it is so solid that he doubts that even if he uses Aryaacalanatha then, it is possible to miss it with one punch!
Xiao Wen’s guess was soon confirmed, because there were 90 thousand micro-movements, and the palm-sized small shield suddenly became bigger in the flames and became the size of a chair surface. This is almost the same as the round shield used on the battlefield, but obviously, this small shield can be bigger, but there is not enough room in the fairy space. A small shield with a diameter of one foot has a clearer sense of solidity and is really difficult to move.
"Can I try a punch?" Xiao asked.
"ok." 90,000 also jumped and tried.
With a grip of his right fist, the golden light poured from Xiao Wen’s right hand all over his body, and Aryaacalanatha Jin Dandan was quick to send it!
After a lamp of tea kung fu, Xiao asked to stop swinging his numb right hand …
And the small shield, then turned into two sides, slowly rotating around ninety thousand, it doesn’t look like it has just been hit …
"What the hell is going on? Why so strong? !” Xiao asked dribbling at the two small shields, could not help but say.
"Very simple, they are the wings of this girl!" Ninety thousand finally gave the answer.
"ah? ! ! Your wings? ! !”
"Yes, whether it’s feathers, flesh and blood, spiritual power, most of them are concentrated in them. Moreover, after being isolated, they have undergone new changes. Otherwise, their defense is not so strong. "
"Then you should be able to take them back at any time?" Xiao asked hurriedly asked.
"Of course."
"If it’s your wings, there must be other magical powers, right?" Xiao asked eyes a bright way.
"Yeah, but only this one has been developed for the time being."
"Ok, take your time."
"Next, people have to have a good rest, jīng they are overdrawn."
"well. By the way, have you named it? "
"Still use the name? It is obviously my wings. " Ninety thousand puzzled tunnel, "Then it’s called the wing shield."
"So simple?"
"That’s it! Now I want to eat well! !”
"Let’s go, I’ll contact you first."
After spending three days outside with ninety thousand people, Xiao Wen returned to the fairy space again.
At this time, the purple Yan has been asking for information in considerable detail, and the strength of the purple Yan is only a little bit can be fully recovered.
Xiao asked temporarily didn’t orthodox means to improve strength quickly, but thought of a new recruit.
If this move succeeds, it will surely become his killer weapon in the battle of the underworld!
Even, as long as he succeeds, he can immediately kill Qing Ji and Dao Mo Lan Xuan’s door with Zi Yan!
This will be the last step of their preparation!
In the stone painting, Xiao Wen casually sat on the grass, and his eyes stopped at the part of the "Qi Dian" that recorded the shrinking yuan and blasting the mirror. (To be continued. Mobile phone users please go to read. )

Chapter five hundred and forty-two Qing Ji
Shrinkage blasting mirror is a special fairy that cannot be sacrificed. This fairy has a common feature, that is, the design idea is high, but as long as the principle is clear, it is simple to transform.
Xiao Wen has never used this mirror before, so naturally he can’t talk about any experience, so he can only follow the gourd painting gourd ladle. Now, he can judge and transform this mirror with the eyes of a refiner.
After careful reading and rereading, Xiao Wen finally closed the "Qi Dian" and put it by his side, so he lay down directly on the grass.
Naturally, it is impossible to prepare any pillow for him on the stone grass, but something magical happened soon. Just as he just leaned back, he heard that there was a piece of grass behind him that was slightly arched! So, when he completely lies down, the arched part just cushions his head and acts as a pillow.
Xiao Wen seems to have become accustomed to this for a long time, his eyes half narrowed, and then he continued to think about the principle and structure of shrinking the mirror.
There is no doubt that the reduced-element blasting mirror recorded in the Code of Instruments is quite perfect, and a powerful instrument is refined from materials with less total value. Under some specific conditions, the reduced-element blasting mirror is really perfect. For example, the sneak attack on Louis, after five hundred and twenty miles, Xiao Wen still succeeded in the sneak attack! . .
But now, with the spread of the news, he and Zi Yan are unlikely to sneak up on any opponent in that way again, and the enemy is getting stronger and stronger, so the original shrinking yuan blasting mirror can’t keep up with him and Zi Yan.
So, he must transform it!
First of all, the last time I killed the moon. The black whip that inadvertently became the alignment of the moon gave Xiao Wen inspiration. Therefore, Xiao Wen will definitely add a alignment structure to the zoom lens. Secondly. Now he xìng 90,000 fire fairy pupils have greatly increased their power, so it is necessary to further improve the stability of the shrinking mirror. Otherwise, it may be blown up only once. Secondly, Xiao Wen actually has a new idea, one with some Y and N risks, which he hopes can be realized in the new zoom lens …
Time goes by little by little. Although lying on the ground without moving, Xiao Wen has finished the design of the first alignment structure in his mind. Then, he had to call out the geomagnetic compass. When the compass became as big as a cliff in his eyes, he turned his attention to the materials of the sacred realm. Almost all the mines in the sacred realm have been lit up by Xiao Wen, but perhaps the self-demand of the force of the earth and gas has become higher. The mines in the sub-god realm are still too late to dig. So … Now Xiao Wen can only transform the shrinkage blasting mirror with the mineral materials of the sacred realm. In the past, many low-order materials were used to shrink the mirror. This time, he will replace them all with the materials of the sacred realm!
Gradually, the materials were screened out by Xiao Wen, and even, the materials of the sacred realm that were originally needed for refining the shrinking mirror were replaced by Xiao Wen with better materials. And these materials, in fact, have been related to his idea of Y and N risks.