It is also for this reason that the witches are immune to Yuan God’s attacks, and at the same time, they do not have the Shou Yuan as long as those who fix the truth.

The emperor shook the record of heaven but cultivated the Yuan God, which solved Shou Yuan’s problems.
At the same time, Wu Wu’s flesh is extremely strong and comparable to that of a god beast, which has been greatly exerted in the record of the emperor’s extremely shocking days. The increasing witchcraft possessed by the sorcerer is also manifested to a great extent through the Xuan, but the sorcerer and the sorcerer also have the same attack power, and Chen Han can’t see it at all.
As the saying goes, no matter how strong the emperor is, he can only combine the advantages of the two cultivation systems as much as possible, but it is never possible to concentrate all the advantages and abandon all the defects. There is never absolute perfection in the world.
"Chen Han, I found what you want."
Just as a group of people were exchanging their cultivation experiences and benefiting each other, not long ago, they heard that Chen Han was currently in a cultivation dilemma, and Xingtian Xuan, who was sent by Xingtian to look for metal, hurried in from the outside, carrying a metal block the size of a millstone in each hand: "Look at this, what kind of ghost gold and soul blood copper are not needed when refining the device, and they are usually used as materials on the body of a puppet witch beast. I specially picked up two pieces.
Looking at such a large piece of metal with different luster, Chen Han’s face suddenly smiled, and finally he was able to ascend to the peak of the late Mahayana.
Chapter 373 The future is bumpy
Since the moment I reached the relationship with the witch family, Chen Han was relieved about the metal needed for uniting.
The aura of heaven and earth in the core area is unimaginable. Although there are no powerful monsters under the restriction of certain rules, there are countless natural materials and treasures here, and the quality is even better. Just, he didn’t expect that in this short wick sweet time, Xingtian Xuan found the ghost spirit gold and spirit jade blood copper, so big two pieces far exceeded what he needed to ascend to the peak in the late Mahayana.
It is no longer a problem to be promoted to the late Mahayana, and now he has to face two other problems.
Once promoted to the peak of the late Mahayana, he will soar to the celestial world, but he must go back to Yuanxing first. Meet your family and say goodbye. Besides, you have to unblock Yinglong. After all, thanks to its protection for so many years, otherwise it would have been obliterated by those super powers.
In addition, according to Xingtian, Yuanxing’s universe will continue to cycle, and all kinds of constraints will be untied in the future, and eventually it will definitely climb all the way.
At that time, there will inevitably be a shattered war, and family members are too unsafe in that universe, so they should be transferred to the realm of repair.
However, if you want to be safe in the fix true world, you also need to have absolutely powerful forces, so the best way is to lay a solid force in the fix true world first. Then, it is obviously not enough to just ascend to the late Mahayana, and it is possible to do it only if you have at least five robberies and even six robberies to scatter immortals.
The record of the emperor shaking the sky comes from the fusion of mind and method between the witchcraft and the repair of truth, but it is closer to the repair of truth from the level of Yuan God.
If you want to cultivate scattered immortals, it is definitely not possible to follow the method of the witch family. You must rely on the scattered spirits in the fix-true world to return to Xu Dan.
This kind of elixir is only available to super powers, and it is extremely precious and impossible to exchange. Those wild practitioners can cultivate scattered immortals, but it is just a coincidence that they get the corresponding medicinal materials and can be refined into scattered spirits and virtual elixirs. There is no shortage of several kinds of medicinal materials for refining Dan medicine here. The key lies in his complete immobility to an alchemist, and his true yuan cultivation doesn’t even have a little increase. With that kind of strength, it is almost impossible to refine the scattered spirit to the virtual Dan.
Therefore, if you want to get the scattered spirits to return to Xu Dan to practice scattered immortals, the best way is to use the super power and become a true disciple.
"Elder, I want to know what way I can return to my own universe." Chen Han spoke of the most concerned issue at present.
"In a special period, the inferior universe will open a channel connecting the fixed world and the celestial world, but this channel is a one-way channel and cannot be reversed."
"Yes, when I first came to fix the truth, I only came in the transmission array, and I didn’t see any channel connection when I came out."
"There are two ways to go from the celestial world to the inferior universe. One is to achieve the immortal level of cultivation, and to have the sacred magic weapon to break down the plane barrier."
Xingtian thought about it, and then said, "However, this method can’t determine which universe to enter. It is absolutely luck and coincidence that Junlong can enter our original universe. Another way is to find a treasure called Gankun Dingxingshi, which can reverse the emptiness of Gankun’s shuttle. The strength of the fix true person is too weak to break the plane barrier, so the first method is not possible, and there is no dry star stone in the fix true world … "
Chen Han was dumbfounded after hearing what he said, and his face changed dramatically. "What can I do?" I … I have to go to the source star of the original universe! "
"Don’t worry, just hear me out."
Gently motioning with his hand to Chen Han for him to sit down, Xingtian sighed: "The plane barrier between the celestial world and the inferior universe is naturally much stronger than the plane barrier between the fix true world and the inferior universe, but it is not something that can be broken by the fix true person. However, there is another kind of thing in the fix true world, which is similar to the fixed star stone. It can’t shuttle the plane barriers between the celestial world and the inferior universe, but it is ok here in the fix true world, but … "
"Is there anything hard to say about the predecessors?"
"Not the room, but this kind of yin and yang to break the virtual stone, although far less than the dry star stone, but in the fix true world is a treasure. It is true that for the vast majority of people who fix the truth, this thing is useless at all, but there are still some people who need it. The most important thing is that it is very rare and rare. "
"Then how can I get it?"
"No matter whether Gankun sets the star stone or Yin and Yang breaks the imaginary stone, it is not one kind, but it is divided into Gankun Yin and Yang, which is also the origin of their names."
Having said that, Xingtian seems to have fallen into some kind of memory and muttered: "Yuanxing, where is the hometown of his own people …"
At one time, when the Wu clan was in its heyday, it was diverted from that universe and entered the realm of the fix true and the celestial world to win the world. There were high-ranking experts in the lower clan competing for the Gankun Star Stone and the Yin and Yang Broken Virtual Stone, just to remember the return to the original universe.
The fix-true realm, which consists of ten Xuan doors, eight demon doors and six GREAT GHOST doors, actually only occupies half of the whole fix-true realm.
There are six fierce places here, which seal the veins of the Wu nationality respectively. As for the other fierce place, it is called the most horrible and peerless fierce place. What’s there, even the ancestors of the witch clan are not completely clear, and the broken stone of Yin and Yang exists in the sea of lost souls near the core area.
Moreover, the Yin and Yang in the Lost Soul Sea break the virtual stone, and there are only two different stones, the Yang stone, and the Yin stone exists on the other side of the mysterious holy wall that opens once every thousand years.
There is an area ruled by demons, spiritual practices and fierce beasts, and there is also a peerless and fierce place, which produces Yin stones among the broken stones of Yin and Yang.