"In that case," Shen still didn’t go. He put the knife across his belly. "I have lived in this world and died by myself. It’s the last thing I ask you, Lord Ji."

"I’ll kill him" Ji said he had promised before he could say "Go, my hero, if you die, you will die. Since you are bent on dying, I won’t stop you. This is also a good place to die." He said with a wave of his big sleeve and turned to leave this courtyard.
Presumably, he didn’t want to see Shen Shen die before his eyes.
They also followed the silence away.
Be careful to cut your belly with a horizontal knife in the courtyard alone.
Are you going to die?
Cautious face pulled up a nai smile hand gripped the knife.
"Ji’s adult …" At this time, an alarm rushed into the courtyard from the outside and stopped him from stepping out of the courtyard.
"What’s the hurry?" Ji snorted some crossly.
"Ji’s adult ….." The man steps are all a little staggered to Ji’s side and talks about something in a low voice.
"What? !” Moments later, silence almost roared.
What the hell did he hear?
Caution some curiously looked at the silence.
And Ji looked at the sky with some livid face.
The coast fell and foreign enemies invaded.
This is the news that he has just heard.
Did you really lose?
He frowned deeply.
Why is this night so long?
It’s been a long night
When Puerto Rico led its own army to knock on the gate of the fallen leaves city,
When he stepped through the streets of Lebanon and walked step by step through the city walls and looked at this vast but weak city.
He knew that his time might really come.
Ps first Geng
Seeing the greasy hair in the creation of a new full screen announcement.
It suddenly occurred to me that I am still a pawn.
But one day my name will resound through Wan Li.
Page one hundred and fifty-seven This time …
The long night is finally over.
When that first ray of sunlight fell on the Ionian coalition tent in the mor
No one knows what happened on Ionia East Island and Sea last night.
Everyone gets up for breakfast as usual and then grabs the sword.
A new day has come.
New blood will flow again.
Balzac finally managed to sleep for a short time. When he woke up with his eyes still bloodshot, he couldn’t wait to ask what had happened to the newly incorporated army.
The answer is no, the army is quiet and has no abnormal behavior.
But this didn’t let Balzac relax at all, on the contrary, he became more worried.
Of course, he also knows that there is a serious shortage of food and grass, which was barely enough for two days, and it is even more precarious after these two thousand people joined.
Maybe he won’t last a day?
With this in mind, Balzac came to Karma with heavy steps.
"Good morning, Lord Karma," Balzac said hello to Karma politely.
He really respects the middle-aged woman in front of him. She is calm and her beliefs make him really admire her.
"Good morning, General Balzac" Karma opened her eyes and meditated all night, which made her exhausted her energy and recovered a lot yesterday.
"Did you hear about last night?" Balzac asked
"I already know" Karma nodded slightly revealed a worried expression "they …"
"They are temporarily safe …" Balzac said here and lowered his voice. "I heard that …"
"Yes," Karma seemed to know what Balzac wanted to say and nodded directly. "Yes, two days at most. Now … it’s hard to say."
"Well, this is not the most urgent thing now. What is urgent is how they deal with the first world war today. It’s really hard to say. Maybe everything will be decided today and these two thousand people …" Balzac also frowned and obviously didn’t think much about how to deal with the extra two thousand people.
Two thousand people really talk more, say less, say less.
And it is at such a sensitive moment.
It’s really … nerve-racking.
"Is that you or you to deal with" Karma did not say that he shook his head.
However, this is also intended in the question. Balzac naturally won’t be really unprepared. He asked Karma out of respect. After all, these are others. Naturally, he has his own ideas in his heart.
If Karma really said something, it would be …
"Well, in that case, Karma’s adult, I mean …" Balzac cut his thinking slowly. "Give them supplies, but put them on the flank as far as possible to avoid them getting too close to the array and at the same time prevent them from being in a line with Noxas."
"Well, it’s all right." Karma didn’t ask what wouldn’t let them be pioneers
Not to mention whether worse things will happen if they are pioneers. It will be somewhat chilling if they are really one of our own and let a team of exhausted soldiers take the lead.
Two people discuss finished outside is also ready to go.
Beating the camp gate outside is the battlefield.
Compared with the whole military camp, it is very nervous.
Chen Senran and Graves seem to be lazy.
They didn’t follow the big troops. They climbed out of the tent slowly and had time to squat down at the tent mouth and light cigars to see the scenery.