Gao Boyuan’s many characters love me and cannon fodder. Although a mortal has a strong heart, God is better than not facing it. If he faces weakness, he will not be kind to a woman. He will easily catch a hummingbird with his hands.

Hummingbirds can start the quasi-god according to the initial conditions and stay in his hands quietly, but their eyes are extremely sad and their claws are still with Ashin’s feathers. No wonder people say that sin cannot live.
After all, it’s the quasi-god’s deputy Yuan Ling, whose sad breath is extremely strong. Gao Boyuan is greatly affected. Why don’t you struggle? Aren’t you flying fast? You’re just waiting to die.
Will the quasi-gods send out consciousness waves? You are still alive in your hands, Brother Boyuan. I really shouldn’t know you like this.
No one can fully understand another person. This Gao Boyuan is really knowledgeable. Of course, Gao Boyuan didn’t follow the quasi-god, and his eyes were full. You know me, but it’s just a bird’s illusion.
I’m a hummingbird when the spirit of the quasi-god is shocked, and the god of birds will also be in trouble in your flash.
Gao Boyuan touched the bird of God. Hey, hey, bird of God. What do you say when I let it go?
The quasi-god Xiaoyuanyuan immediately asked you to be the first person in the high school, and you were the first person in an imperial examination in the Song Dynasty, and the initial conditions would send you to Qingyun.
Gao Boyuan’s eyes flashed excitedly and then shook his head. It’s so mysterious. I think there is a lot of silver flowers now
The quasi-god smiles bitterly. This is really Gao Boyuan’s reaction.
It’s impossible for a hummingbird to have this ability. Fortunately, people are going back to their houses for dinner at dusk. No one pays attention to their lives. God will forcibly break through the limit and move from a passing villager. Silver snorts and says, Brother Boyuan looks down.
Gao Boyuan bowed his head to pick another tooth. It was a big pile, and I picked it up with one hand.
Brother Bo Yuan, have you ever heard of a snake swallowing elephant? If you don’t have enough greed, the snake swallowing elephant will rise to death. You can punch a hole to see if I am in trouble and I can’t save my life. I can also give you Jinshan Yinshan Hum to protect your high school. Don’t know what you m are.
Gao Boyuan’s face is changed to scold the good villain. Damn it, the noble bird of God is already very good. I’ll let you go and have to send you to the village to be safe.
Without your little permission, my escape conditions can be achieved, and the small wings of God will be transformed into a flash and disappear in the boundless twilight.
Along the way, the scenery was swept away by the quasi-god’s small source, and the weak spirit whispered softly. The hummingbird didn’t cry, but he felt that he was crying and pressed the jade feather tightly to his chest.
When the big banyan tree came near, they built nests together and defeated the goshawk. When they came, they smiled so clearly.
How can I suffer in the future without you? I have to stay in the dreamland until the time is limited
The bleak moonlight fell on him, and he stood stupefied on the branch, unwilling to think of the distant past. He first met Huan Sheng in Death Valley, which was also a simple man. Death Valley was a spiritual desperate place, and he had to fight hard. Finally, he succeeded in getting out of trouble with Huan Sheng, but this dreamland I designed was a real desperate place, and he locked Axin’s body in the dreamland, and Huan Sheng kept it aside and could not save it.
He silently said to himself, Xiao Xin-er, I made this dreamland for you. I will take your feathers to the tropics one day. I said I would give you a romantic trip. Don’t be afraid that I will save you when the time is limited.
The abacus in Gao Boyuan’s heart rattles. The colorful bird is a divine bird. It says that the kingfisher is also a divine bird. This time, the young master can’t blurt out anything again, and he will make the words colorful enough. Chapter 1 People don’t let me go and I will save them.
When Gao Boyuan walked in the bamboo building, he saw Wang Shengpan climbing on the stool and taking the birdcage by the window. He hurried over and put his arms around him. Be careful. You’re right. We shouldn’t live in the kingfisher. I thought about it in the morning and let it go.
Ashin’s life is tight. Gao Boyuan knows her face too well. This is a precursor to plotting.
When Xiaoyuanyuan searched for her, she flew over the window several times. She was afraid that Xiaoyuanyuan also fell into the cage and huddled in a corner. Gao Boyuan negotiated with the quasi-god far away. She couldn’t hear it, but when she saw Xiaoyuanyuan suddenly flapping her wings and flying away, she thought Xiaoyuanyuan had escaped. A valuable bird would be annoyed if she pressed Gao Boyuan’s temper. How could she say that she would let me go? It must be a lie to Wang Sheng.
Wang sheng doesn’t seem to believe it either. Put the cage on the windowsill and let it go.
Gao Boyuan, hold down the cage. It’s getting dark. It’s dangerous for you to let it fly. Alas, it’s my fault that I’m obsessed with money and caught it. I can’t rely on you to give it to your mother. I don’t care if I don’t have enough to eat a new shirt all year round, but I can’t help reading it.
A Xin’s little students listened to his complaints and gradually fell into sadness. When will A Yuan live? She knows too well that Gao’s family is the richest in the four villages. But A Yuan was seriously ill one year, and his brother and sister-in-law didn’t even have a doctor. They hoped that he would die and occupy his famous land. He was so lucky that he survived. On weekdays, A Yuan was not even supported by the Wangs. How can you blame him for this kind of life?
Wang Sheng is crying and swearing there, Yuan. I’m just you. We are good brothers.
Ashin’s little life suddenly upset you when he was a good brother and he regarded you as a plaything, of course not now. After he developed, MD also colluded with the ghost to reincarnate me as a strong woman and marry me as a concubine and white-faced wolf.
Wang Sheng cried out of breath and forgot the kingfisher. Gao Boyuan held him halfway to the back room and looked back at Ashin Xiaosheng. The greedy eyes made her hair stand on end.
She knew in her heart whether smelly Yuan had feelings for Wang Sheng or not. If Wang Sheng were in prison, he would try his best to save a hummingbird. I am a hummingbird. Wang Sheng forgot to let me save him.
She looked at the gap in the bamboo cage, but it was quite big, but the white cloth door was not covered there. It happened that the door was woven into a dense bamboo pole, and the side seam was so thin that the hummingbird could not drill.
She tried to peck through the cloth with a sharp mouth, but it didn’t work. It was getting darker and darker, and the cage was dark and dry. She angrily bumped into the cage.
Hummingbird’s speed is high. The birdcage is placed on the windowsill. She hits the cage several times and falls out of the window to the bamboo building.
A small bamboo cage can’t stand falling, and it immediately falls apart. Ashin Xiaosheng has been injured and shocked twice before and fell back into the pile of debris.