Generally, there are a few. 1. I grass well and the cabbage is arched by pigs.

He must be paid by his parents.
Career and love have been recognized.
Zhong Xin smiled at my aggrieved face. "It’s better to let him die completely. In this respect, I’m different from Zhong Yi. She doesn’t like to refuse to pursue people’s softness. I usually leave no room for that kind of stalking and beating. I still need you to set off the green leaves. So I won’t be here for dinner. You and I will come."
I didn’t feel like it in my heart. My self-esteem was badly hurt. I leaned against the sofa and shook my face and said, "If you don’t go, I won’t go. Even if you give me money, I won’t go. This is too bullying. You have to go by yourself."
Zhong Xin blinked and looked quite cute and said, "Hey? Are you still angry with me? "
What a wonderful thing it is to come, to be accompanied by beautiful women, and then to see beautiful women, and to have a dinner. Playing LOL every day is like talking to death. It’s not only demeaning me, but also like benefiting me. It’s time for me to show my true masculinity of refusing to give in and compromise.
"I’ll go as soon as you beg me again," I said.
Zhong Xin said, "I’ve never begged anyone since I was so big."
I said, "You can brag. I haven’t asked anyone. Anyway, I’ll put it here. Do you want to continue to accept others’ stalking or ask me for help in just a few seconds?"
Zhong Xin said, "Then help me understand my hand first."
I ha ha a joy. It turns out that she is still thinking about this kind of thing in her heart.
Then come out from the restaurant with Zhong Xin and take a taxi to Zhong Xin’s destination.
After getting off the bus, I went to a relatively high-end residential area in a city.
I sighed with emotion, "Little Sister Zhong Xin, you should be quite rich in this classmate’s family, right? The house price here is not cheap. "
Zhong Xin said, "Really?"
I nodded and said, "Yes, what should I do if I really lose your face later?"
Zhong Xin smiled and said, "No, it’s just a high school classmate. It’s not a rich second generation. How can the second generation lose face and they don’t know you? What if they lose face?"
After listening to the first half of Zhong Xin’s sentence, I think this chick will know how to comfort people. After listening to the second half, my heart is instantly cold again.
Zhong Xin looked at my face, sometimes black and sometimes red, and smiled. "Didn’t you say that you were a shield in front of this man?" Now, when I see that others live better, I have no confidence in playing drums? "
I said, "that’s not the main reason. You didn’t say I dressed casually earlier."
Zhong Xin said, "I’m not just as casual? What’s wrong with this? "
I just wear a blue denim shirt, a black T-shirt and jeans with shoes, which is very casual.
Zhong Xin is almost the same. She wears a white T-shirt and jeans suspenders outside. I’ve seen those little girls who like to look cute like this before. It’s rare to see anyone wearing her cold Fan Zhongxin put his hand in his trouser pocket and then gave a cold expression. That makes people feel inaccessible.
However, the two of us are really a bit of lovers’ clothes!
"What is the so-called clothing mainly depends on the face" Zhong Xin added.
I was completely black.
Then Zhong Xin giggled and echoed in the community with a silvery smile, and I don’t know why she was so happy.
"I’m ugly, I’m ugly, okay? Alas, what’s so funny about this? Should you laugh at me for being ugly?" I said nai.
Zhong Xin laughed. "No, I’m just glad to see that you like to take advantage of people and shame them to get beaten. I don’t know anything."
I didn’t seem to hear her words, but I was still walking towards the front in a gloomy mood.
Zhong Xin said, "Don’t be so lifeless. What if you don’t act like it in front of my classmates later?"? In fact, you are still feasible? "
I said, "What do you want me to do?"
Zhong Xin said, "Just show your normal personality."
I nodded and said "Oh"
I took two steps forward and looked at the bright moon. I sighed with emotion, "Only Li Bai’s poems can say that Li Bai has now gone to the moon and is missing in the sky?"
Zhong Xin gave me a tilted look. "What are you talking about?"
I ignored her and then said, "Today, people still sing Li Bai’s poems about the moon, just like Li Bai’s poems about the moon!"
Zhong Xin seems to understand what he is laughing more brilliantly, holding his belly and laughing nonstop. It looks like a flash in the pan, with a face like peach blossom eyebrows, eyes like stars and lips like springs. Is it a reincarnation of praise? Otherwise, how can it be so beautiful? The clock heart is really the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Finally, I shook my head and sighed and said, "Li Bai’s poems can restore energy. I have a hundred cups of wine today, and I am ashamed. Although Li Bai expected that I would not think I was ugly."
"You … you … you little punk actually know that Tang Bohu’s poems are killing me. I’m not a month. You expressed your wrong feelings." Zhong Xin said with a bright face
"If I could do it all over again, I would choose Li Bai."
"I can still drink in a brothel, girl." I sang with my head bobbing.
Zhong Xin’s expression changed immediately, from previous happiness to a face of contempt, and then returned to indifference.
I was shocked to see how quickly her expression changed.
"See what see? Go "Zhong Xin cold press a way.
I secretly called a unlucky step forward with Zhong Xin.
When I arrived at a unit building, the bell rang secretly.
The first person my gentleman met at the left side of Zhong Xin’s door should be my "boyfriend"
Zhong Xin’s expression is also very noble. Leng Yan is next to me. When others see it, it’s not like coming to a party, but like cutting people.
Before the door was hit, I said’ hi’ and a man hit me in the face with a cake. A strawberry-flavored cream instantly filled my whole nasal cavity.
Chapter 353 There are four boys’ parties
"Ha ha ha ha! ! New friends! Welcome to Dong’s birthday pary! " A girl with short hair and neat bangs took a plate of cake rudely, and even my face smiled and said this sentence.
"You talk too much, Wang Yumeng. How can you do this?" One by one, thin, tall and looks like a little person came up to me.
I was just thinking that the boy had a sense of proportion and took out a piece of paper from his pocket. Just when he wanted to wipe me, the little receiver also took out a plate of cake and turned to my face.
Who’s always there? !
The strongest king in the country won the first place, and that consciousness and reaction can not only be reflected in the game.
I had a dark loss before, and my vigilance had already reached the orange warning sensitivity. When I forced to see this little cake, I quickly squatted down and the cake was even-handed.
I gently took the piece of toilet paper from the hand of the frozen clock heart and wiped my face, but the crowd froze and it was very quiet.