But when they see the sound source clearly, their faces can’t help but become dignified.

This is a practitioner. To be exact, many years ago, she was a practitioner, but now she has become a monster that is neither human nor ghost. Her body is still concave and convex, causing her clothes to be worn out. Her graceful and charming body is naked, but her flesh and blood is covered with a fine layer of black snake scales that are everywhere, shining with a faint metallic luster.
It takes an inch of snow-white skin on the chest and neck to surface. This monster was also an attractive beauty a long time ago.
Maybe it will be beautiful if she has scales, but her head is a flat snake head, and a pair of long and narrow eyes are flashing ice on the left and right, and the long snake letter keeps exploring the bright red ratio from Shekou.
The snake head is full of scales, and the narrow snake eyes are in a line of cultivation. The eyes are on the death of the cat, and it is obvious that the two monsters are powerful.
But this doesn’t mean that she will retreat and stay at the altar. Although she won’t feel hungry, she still misses the wonderful taste of flesh and blood.
A cloud of fog in Shekou seems to spread rapidly along the passage. I don’t know if this fog is an object, but the speed is amazing. When it doesn’t respond to a few people, this fog has already fallen instantly.
Beware of the fog, poison the cat, drink a little, fret a little, and a layer of light fluorescence will be emitted from other bodies instantly, which will isolate the fog.
Death honors Mo Tianxing, and both of them dare not be careless. After all, this is in the altar. Even if they are tough, they should be careful and careful, otherwise they may fall into a hopeless situation if they are not careful.
Meng Fei’s face remains the same. He is also covered with a shield, but there is not much fear in his heart. The strong body and pale golden flesh make him cope with the vast majority of toxic drugs in this world. Even if the flesh method competes, his blood eggs are hidden in his Yuan God.
Even in this world, there is no blood-egg method to solve toxins, even if it is less. At present, he has not encountered it and does not believe that this snake lady poison can hurt him.
But they are not afraid of fog and poison, but the four true gentlemen who follow behind them have no such luck
In the dead sea or in the celestial world, they must be one side, and they are very strong and have the qualification to establish a Sect.
But this is an ancient shrine, which is the most powerful and terrifying place in the dead sea-they can’t repair it to save their lives.
After the black fog enveloped them, they were already miserable, but it was not impossible but not impossible for people to help them.
These practices have been branded with cannon fodder before entering the altar, and they are doomed to be sacrificed. Even if they can be saved for a while, the law has always protected them from death sooner or later.
Go in one ear and go out the other. Meng Fei suddenly felt a chill in his heart. Without hesitation, he blasted forward with one punch, and the power of the chaotic world burst into its range. The figure suddenly lagged behind, although it was instantaneous, it was enough.
The fist slammed down smoothly and came into contact with a cold and hard scale, so the snake body was generally a sharp and miserable cry. The snake lady who sneaked in was hit by Meng Fei with one punch.
The fog is now fast, but it dissipates faster. In just a few breaths, the line of sight has been restored. The snake lady’s figure has disappeared from sight. Only a few tiny scales on the ground can show the fact that she really attacked in front of her.
Meng Fei’s eyes were on the death of the cat, and the two Johnson swept the body with a calm expression but could not help but sneer at one in my heart.
Just now, the snake lady ambushed these two old immortals, and it was inevitable that she could be repelled before she hit, but the thing was that they chose to be silent and watch her sneak attack.
If Meng Fei-xiu’s chaotic boundary method is a little weak to suppress the snake lady, I’m afraid something has happened. These two old men are quite clear about their intention of using the knife to kill people, and their hearts can be punished.
The cat’s face was dull and her eyes were dead. Four practitioners swept through their flesh and raised pieces of red spots, which were obviously poisonous and faint. Let’s go and continue on our way.
Death changed his face a little from beginning to end, and he followed closely and stepped forward.
Mo Tianxing gave me a weak smile at the corner of his mouth. Meng Fei suffered from his feeling that it was difficult to die in the eyes. Today, it is difficult for Meng Fei to kill him for a day.
And his wry smile also attracted Meng Fei’s attention to his intention to fight together.
Meng Fei nodded slightly to him and the two men stepped forward.
Shortly after Meng Fei and others left, the snake lady went back and forth, and the flat snake head was still printed with a shallow fist. Several scales broke off and a trace of blood oozed from the broken scales.
Her eyes looked at the direction of Meng Fei and others leaving, and the snake eyes were undisguised with hatred.
But soon she bowed her head and waved with a black wind to roll up the four uniting bodies on the ground and roared away.
Looking at the fork in the road before the cat died, Meng Fei Mo Tianxing’s face was ugly. As early as when they met the first fork in the road, they already had a bad feeling in their hearts, and now this feeling is realized.
One fork in the road continues, and the other two extend from left to right, and I don’t know where it will eventually lead.
And the most let them nai is along the left side of a channel can see another fork.
In other words, it is not true that the roads are constantly diverging, and the wrong roads are also constantly diverging. The number of fork roads is becoming more and more, and it will reach the point where a method is used to calculate terror.
It is extremely difficult to find the right way to enter the temple behind the altar in a huge number of forks, or the hope is close to
Something seems to be wrong. Are we entering the main hall of the altar now or have we already died in the main hall of the altar? The statue looks pale. If he can’t find his way in a maze, does it mean that he will be trapped here from now on? Chapter 112 A wolf and a snake are not allowed to take off.
With this in mind, the Johnson’s face may suddenly become more gloomy. Since he can think of things, Meng Fei Motianxing, the cat’s cat, will miss the moment and the population atmosphere will gradually become dignified.
This silence was finally broken by the secret, and he said slowly, we can’t stay here and keep groping, so we can find the way out, otherwise we can be trapped here. This old monster’s speech has no meaning, but it is the most accurate choice at this moment
If you are caught in a maze but have no clue, you can hope for your luck, keep exploring and maybe find your way out.
After nodding silently, the proposal was passed directly. Since I don’t know where to go, I will keep walking. It is very simple to choose the last line and continue on my way.
However, in the process of moving forward, everyone’s heart is dignified, but one person’s pronunciation is filled with dignified breath.
Fortunately, it didn’t take too long this time, and the channel in the line of sight suddenly became wider.
A few people’s hearts were shaken by mistake, but they broke into the main hall of the altar. Even in the eyes of the indifferent death statue, they couldn’t help but show some meaning.

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