Meng Fei body micro light flashing around has flown to the middle.

In front of him, Bai Longma took it, and if it moves fast, it will tear one dead creature after another.
These horrible monsters are moving with green sticky blood, and they have great vitality. Even if they are halved by Bai Longma, the half body is still crawling forward as if trying to hug Bai Longma.
However, the powerful strength gap makes everything a delusion. Bai Longma is a horseshoe and has already smashed the head of this dying monster with half of his body missing.
After watching the half ring, Meng Fei felt faint chills in his heart. He still looked down upon these monsters. They didn’t have many vital parts, unless they smashed their heads at one stroke, even if they tore two halves, they still had strong vitality.
Today, compared with Bai Longma in strength, the speed of killing the enemy is the opposite.
Bai Longma’s true qi is a rather vicious force, constantly sending plumes of red light into these monsters. The number of these lights is not so small.
However, even for ordinary human beings, this wisp of power is a little hot at most, but it has caused earth-shaking changes in the monster body.
One by one, the monster’s body completely burst, and their green blood is like refined gasoline, while that ray of red glow is like a little spark. Once the two meet, it will detonate and completely burst the monster’s body.
This way of killing monsters is also mastered by Meng Fei. I didn’t expect to find these guys’ weaknesses so quickly, which also made Meng Fei feel quite gratified.
The number of dead creatures seems to be increasing, and black is rolling in the distance, forming a black cloud on the earth.
But such a dead creature is not a threat to him. I don’t know that Meng Fei’s heart is a little ominous.
His ears twitched and he listened attentively.
After half a ring, his eyebrows finally lifted slowly.
In the distance, a buzz has come. Meng Fei looked at the place and saw something dark coming from it.
These things are very different from ground monsters, but they have a pair of black bat wings on their back wings, which are quite strong enough to support them to move over long distances.
From these guys, the breath of yin and cold is quite large, and the individual strength is obviously stronger than that of monsters running on the ground.
However, Meng Fei is not afraid of his wrist. The fire gourd has now finished wearing the armor vest of the ghost at the same time
Although these monsters don’t look strong, and they are not as strong as the dragon said, the golden monster is equivalent to the eternal gods, but he is still careful not to be careless
The lion fights the rabbit, too. He doesn’t want to capsize in the gutter.
If the imitation of dead creatures in the distance is exhausted, even the first batch of winged monsters have reached hundreds.
Meng Fei did not hesitate to flash colorful light in a wave of his hand. This is the true qi of gold. Although the other four true qi did not move, it did not increase its strength. However, the release of the true qi of gold by Meng Fei is already powerful.
Five forces spread out, and each kind of light enveloped more than 20 monsters. These monsters were carefully controlled in Meng Fei, and they were divided into five equal parts, and there was not much difference in quantity.
Meng Fei turned a deaf ear to this. He carefully looked at all kinds of qi, which was fatal to these monsters in a moment, and this knot was already displayed.
Compared with the soil qi, it is less lethal to monsters. Although they are still damaged by this kind of power, most of them still break through the glorious interception and move on.
With a snort of fire, the gourd swayed again, and this time Meng Fei got angry.
That suddenly doubled the power surge and instantaneous has been to these monsters to package.
These monsters can no longer resist the impact of the true qi of fire, no matter which force has successfully smashed them into pieces and instantly fell from the sky.
There was a green blood rain on the ground, and the broken remains were scattered on the ground.
The monsters didn’t stir. They kept moving forward and attacked the besieged Bai Longma without fear of death.
It was those monsters who came from the rear who robbed the bodies of their comrades from the battlefield as they advanced. They opened their horrible mouthpieces and deeply penetrated those broken bones, even the green blood on the ground never let go.
Moments later, wherever they passed, it turned into a deserted sandy land.