Thank you, old man

Thank you, regardless of whether the other party didn’t hear Li Mu and two women walking towards the hotel. Although they killed several wannabe, the Malov Pirates Group would never let it go. No matter what killed them, it was a provocation to their absolute prestige.
The most important thing to improve the rule of a town is prestige. The other party will soon hold a series of retaliatory actions. First of all, it must first find out the foothold of Li Mu and then kill them in public. Only in this way can the civilians once again deeply realize that their Malov Pirates are invincible
Although Li Mu doesn’t want to cause trouble, he will not hesitate to erase the other party when he comes to trouble. Now he returns to the hotel, mainly because of the big box of Bailey’s ten watches.
And the young man named Nick disappeared when the two sides clashed, that is, the interests will gain enough benefits for the method, and his life will be in danger now, and the young man has no profit value, which Li Mu does not care about.
Chapter sixty-three One Piece Club
After he came to grand line, Li Mu thought a lot of questions, and what he thought most was of course the future development. Although he was not ambitious, it was extremely difficult to achieve his goal. He needed great strength, but it was far from enough to rely on his own strength. Therefore, he still needed to find some powerful hands, and this Galos Island is a good place. It is not a big problem for pirates to get a group of hands from it.
But it won’t happen overnight if you want these good hands to become strong one by one.
Maybe this process will take several years, but he can wait until Luffy is out of the sea. grand line is relatively calm, but when Luffy, a troublemaker, shows up, things will change, and all major events will be active, both the revolutionary army and the Four Emperors, and that is the best time for him to rise.
After he is ready to do his job, he will hunt down those who are strong in the evil list. The reward for evil value is rich, which can make him upgrade to a higher level quickly, and his strength will certainly be greatly improved.
But these things can’t be done overnight. What he needs to do now is to bide his time.
On the other hand, after Li Mu picked up the luggage from the hotel, he took two women to the place where the pirates gathered. The process was very smooth. Just grab a passer-by and the other party can clearly point to the general direction of the Pirate Club. This Pirate Club is well-known in Galos Island.
This pirate club can also be said to be a pirate amusement park. After all, every pirate licks his blood at the tip of a knife. The outlaws always need a place to vent their anger. The pirate club in Galos Island is famous in dozens of surrounding islands, and many pirates come here every month.
Central Africa is a place to relax, eat, drink and gamble, and there are certainly many recreational activities, but at most, drinking alcohol and anesthesia can make these pirates forget their troubles for a while. In the final analysis, except for the powerful pirates, the other three pirates are a group of hateful and poor guys.
Is this the so-called Pirate Club? Isn’t it too big?
When Li Mu and others were at the gate of the club, they realized that they had underestimated the club. This is not a club, it is just a small town, but it is full of pirates and villains.
The club is located in the center of Galos Island. It occupies a huge area on the ground, which is one third larger than the average resort. Its three entrances are connected to three towns respectively, and pirates from three towns can enter at the same time.
People are always entering the entrance of the club, not pirates, but also some well-dressed aristocratic businessmen. It seems that there are not a few people who come here for fun.
Several guests stay first. When Li Mu walked to the door, a man in black with an expression suddenly stepped forward and stretched out his hand to stop several people. Several people without club membership cards each received five Vamberi members first.
You have to be a member to get in. Tickets cost five. Vamberi, can you give me an explanation?
A pirate, especially a pirate who is short of money, Li Mu is very sensitive to Bailey. This club has such a big appetite that only one member has to pay five Vamberi and ten thousand people, which is five hundred million Bailey. Even if a huge sales profit is excluded, it is quite large.
Of course, sir, you should know very well that most of them are pirates with considerable strength. They are used to the fact that there are often some unexpected contradictions in the club. However, with the occurrence of contradictions, many public property will always be destroyed, and the accidents will often be caused by some things. The strong man in black said slowly, and at the same time, he glanced at Li Mu with malicious intent, especially after seeing the two femme fatales, Elsa Jubian, especially after the word accident was stressed.
In order to prevent this from happening, the club has implemented the membership policy this year. If you have conflicts with others and accidentally destroy something, those will be deducted from the five Vamberi and returned to you. Please forgive me.
Well, your club is quite good at doing business.
Li Mu simply handed the other party 150,000 Bailey, and the man in black also took three ordinary cards to see that it was a membership card.
Conflicts often occur, and Li Mu smiles coldly. After glancing at the delicate flowers and two women beside him, she says, I hope those pirates don’t mess with me.
Entering the club, Li Mu and other talents understand what a club is.
Eating, drinking, whoring and gambling should be a casual glance at Li Mu and he got some preliminary understanding of this club.
In the spacious open-air field, the pure waitress who exposes the hostess can be seen everywhere. There are pirates shouting excitedly everywhere, and there are some huge buildings around the open-air square. These places are different from the open-air square, which are casinos for people with status.
Well, brother, it’s a mess here. Zhu Bianchi is dissatisfied with pouting and looking at a chaotic square, frowning secretly.
Because these two beauties, Elsa Jubian, have attracted many people’s attention, an iceberg-like Leng Yan girl, a pure girl like a hundred flowers, and the unique temperament is not comparable to those exposed girls.
Let’s go in and have a look. Here are some places where no one can stay. Li Mu smiles and two women are noticed very often. He has long been used to this and has not shown any concern. All kinds of eyes are coming from all directions and he takes two women to the club.
The club is too big. This time, he came to see the strength of pirates in Galos Island. The higher the level of the casino, the stronger the pirates will go.
When Li Mu and several others walked towards the building complex, a passing waitress immediately came forward and politely asked several guests if they didn’t know what I could do for them.
Do you want to ask if there is a high-grade place here? Casinos or bars can wait for Li Mu to answer. Elsa frowned with disgust, but those brothels where men play will not be introduced
Say that finish also meaning glanced at his side stiff Li Mu.
Bad girl, I can’t believe shaking her head. Elsa’s words made Li Mu tremble with her lips and she couldn’t say a word, while Zhu Bianchi looked blank. Brothel was shrimp and Dongdong.
I don’t understand why men don’t want that. Hum, I feel Li Muwang’s eyes. After a cold glance at Elusha’s face with a blush,
Hehe, how can it be?
Li Mu’s quick laugh, since he chose the profession of One Piece, he will come into contact with the meeting sooner or later. On the dark side, I didn’t expect Elsa’s ability to be so strong.
Sure, guys, come here with me.
The waitress smiled sweetly as she walked, pointing to a tall and towering building complex in front. Can you see it? Jinling Casino over there is the first high-end casino in the club, which should be able to meet several requirements.
Li Mu couldn’t help nodding behind the waitress. Those buildings are obviously carefully designed by designers. The style of western Gothic architecture in previous lives is very novel and makes people feel bright at the moment.
Casino entertainment is not just gambling. The waitress looked at Li Mu’s pink and tender little sweet tongue and licked her red lips. The charming smile said that Jinling Casino is called a man’s paradise, which can be said to be a beauty cloud, and there are also many extraordinary female pirates who can meet the needs of men.
The waitress paused here and shook her head with interest when she turned to Elsa Jubian beside Li Mu, but I don’t think Mr. Wang is interested in those things.
I’m interested in saying
Li Mu secretly yelled, but when he saw Elsa’s cold face, he was immediately thrown a pot of cold water with the pledge. Elsa was cold in his heart. He could still make excuses for the other party, but now there is no chance. Li Mutong obediently resigned himself.