If you are half a minute later, my sister, it will be a real thing for me. For the sudden inversion of Jiang Shi’s poems, it is clear in my heart why I breathed a few mouthfuls and chuckled.

Heart laments the terrible power of ghosts that day. At the same time, Jiang Shi’s poems can’t help but sigh. I can’t believe that Wu Bao has been refined into an ancient magic treasure, but the ghost eats the soul. However, it is still ruined by his younger brother Yueling. I am afraid that he may not know that he died in things when Yuan Ying was disillusioned.
In fact, Li Yueling’s sneak attack on the dirty trick actually occupied the main merit, while Li Yueling’s negligence in attacking the magic weapon was also indispensable.
The bodhi old zu in black robe, such a distracted person who cultivated an ancient magic treasure in the early days, ended up in the hands of Li Yueling. I’m afraid no one will believe it even if I say it.
But it did happen, and maybe sometimes strength doesn’t mean everything.
When Li Yueling caught Jiang Shishi’s side, at the same time, a flash of gold flashed behind him, and from far to near, he stood firmly in front of Li Yueling.
Isn’t that why I left my helper Lao Tuo to watch gold silkworm, the gatekeeper?
Li Yueling was amazed, and I quickly realized that gold silkworm, a six-winged, had won the alliance. Soon, she looked greatly changed, saying, "Sister Shi is struggling. I’ll go there first. You can meditate here and recover a little before you come."
Isn’t it possible that the people in the Magic Shadow Sect have been wiped out by us? Jiang Shishi doesn’t understand the strange way
Li Yueling, who is not a magic shadow clan, is a fairy sword clan in Emei. He has learned about what happened in Tuode from the golden silkworm method worm. After anxiously replying to a sentence, he immediately decided to print a lead to recall the soft ruler sword and then accelerated to the Tuode gatekeeper with more than a hundred golden silkworm method worms.
Jiang Shishi wanted to chase after her body, but she felt a weak and wry smile shaking her head. She immediately sat down and pranayama before fighting against the ghost. When she was exhausted, she could fly again today.
Just as we were approaching Tuode’s guard, Li Yueling suddenly heard that Tuode was crying out in pain, and the anxious person in his heart had not yet raised the Taoist priest to hurt my disciple, Li Yueling, the guardian elder of Xuanyuanzong.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Unpredictable doom
Come on, Li Yueling and Jiang Shishi plan to kill the bodhi old zu in black robes, and at the same time, three Taoist swords dressed in blue robes with a sage-like style broke into the magic shadow Sect, but naturally they encountered Tuode, who was ordered to keep guard at the door.
Tuode at first saw that people broke into the house, but it was still not cleaned up. The remnants of the magic shadow Sect were waiting to be attacked by the golden silkworm method. But when the three men were near, they found that the other party was not a demon. When they felt that the other party had released the Taoist Yuan, Rio Tinto was not impulsive and immediately stopped to prepare for the question.
The three Taoist priests were twenty paces away from Tuode’s door, and one of them, the middle-aged Taoist priest with the phoenix eye, first sternly denounced the fact that you were a Taoist force, but you were a demon and a lackey.
It’s strange that Tuode was scolded, but it’s better to get angry in his heart. If he is old enough, he can bear it. If the other party is also a Taoist middleman, it’s better to have fewer misunderstandings. Anyway, it can’t give the master any trouble.
Several Taoist priests, I think you should have misunderstood me. It is also true that my practice belongs to the Taoist clan, and it is not wrong. I am not an evil door lackey. I am my master here to eliminate evil spirits, defend Taoism and suppress anger, explained Tuode.
In addition to the evil spirit, you and your master, you are the brothers of the Taoist Sect, and we will quickly get the news that you regard the evil spirit of the evil shadow Sect as well. It is that Taoist Dan Fengyan who is imposing and intimidating, questioning Rao as Tuode’s temper, but no matter how good he is, he can’t get angry.
However, Tuode is also concerned with the overall situation. First of all, he clearly knows that the other party should be friends or enemies. Secondly, the strength of the other three people is far higher than that of him. It is absolutely not worthwhile for them to turn against each other
No matter whether you put up with it and explain it to them first, it will make sense to wait until the master returns.
I don’t know how many Taoist friends are called in Xuanyuan Sect.
XuanYuanZong hum that road flyover with phoenix eyes, then turn to his side, and the other two Taoist priests say, "Uncle Ji Shi Bo, I think this man is dressed strangely."
I don’t even know uncle Shi, and I’m vague and deceitful. Should I drag us here or not? I’ll take it first and then uncle Shi will decide.
How can Lingyuan be so reckless? When will you change the Taoist priest who is called Ji Shibo by Lingyuan? You can ask questions in a few words. You should give in first and I’ll ask questions.
At the beginning, Tuode almost got mad at the words of Lingyuan. Fortunately, the words of the silent Taoist made him nervous and relaxed.
Don’t want to make things stiff. Tuode immediately leaned forward and said after a ceremony, this elder, I am indeed a master of Xuan Yuan Zong. Today, my master is in the room to kill the magic shadow demon, and I hope several people can wait here for a while.
It’s only after I’ve been exorcised by my master that several people will meet each other.
Road flyover Ji is obviously much more angry than the young Taoist Ling Yuan. After listening to Tuodeyan, he smiled slightly. It’s not that we don’t believe you. It’s strange and abrupt. Ask your patriarch, Taoist Cang Hong, how can you return your teacher recently and who is Xuanyuanzong? Can you tell me?
Tod’s eyebrows are wrinkly. First, he asks, why haven’t you answered my previous questions? First, he asks about me.
That lonely Taoist seems to have a good temper and doesn’t change his way. Emei Xianjian Sect is also lonely. This is my deputy patriarch Shui, and that’s my nephew Lingyuan. It’s your turn to answer my questions when he comes.
This silence in Xianjian Sect is very high in seniority, even the patriarch of Xianjian Sect today should also address him as a senior brother, which is even more important in Sect.
I have long been inward-looking. If I hadn’t learned that teacher younger brother Shui had suffered a big loss in Magic Shadow Sect, he wouldn’t have gone to the mountain.
This time, I was alone with the water. Today, the patriarch of Xianjian Sect is hanging close to his teacher and nephew Lingyuan. It is to wipe out the magic shadow Sect in one fell swoop
Tuode knows a lot about Daozong. He also follows Li Yueling’s disciples. In a few days, he may know a lot. However, Li Yueling, the title of Xianjian Sect, has also heard that it is a powerful Taoist Sect. After knowing the identity of the other party, I want to know the misunderstanding. I immediately responded to the silence of my predecessors. My master is Li Yueling, the guardian elder of Xuanyuan Sect, and I am the master’s newly-introduced wall brother Tuode
Uncle Hu said that when did XuanYuanzong protect the elders?
Well, you’re a demon, and you’ve tricked the Taoist master. There’s always a nest of snakes and rats, and your master must be a big monster. Taoist will destroy you as a demon who pretends to be a Taoist priest for heaven.
Tuode’s voice fell, but it was shouted by the silent Taoist priest to retreat to Lingyuan, but it was jumping in the future, pointing to Tuode and shouting.
This spirit deep body patriarch has always been used to bossiness, but as far as he is 30 years old, he has already repaired the ghost in the early days, but it is indeed arrogant.
If it weren’t for the induction, Tuode did have a door, pure strength and the presence of his elders, I’m afraid he would be a killer at the beginning
Today, I heard that Lingyuan has made full use of his resources. People of his age are most fond of the limelight. This time, the water is moving and the people help, but this Lingyuan knows it, but he just pesters him to follow.
Therefore, his patriarch Torre will also lend him a top-ranking baby, which is also the biggest reason why he is eager to show his talents.