The surface of the pool water makes a circle of tiny ripples because of the drop of light spots.

Lin Lin stared at the tiny light falling into the stone pool and immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva. When the previous light fell, he vaguely saw that it seemed to be a drop of crimson liquid, which was exactly the same as what Lin Lin saw after dropping blood beads.
Looks like the secret is over there.
The light in Lin’s eyes became brighter. He looked up at the top of Shichifang cave and whispered
Keep shouting, hide and recommend it. Potatoes know that reading is a lot of stealing, but at the starting point, the public will not need money and trouble. If you want to help hide and recommend it, you will be grateful.
I’m still in the middle. Later, I’ll focus on the fifth chapter: Mysterious stone symbols.
What is this?
Lin looked blankly at the things in his hand, which seemed to be a stone with two fingers. The size of the stone with two fingers was pale gray, but when the palm was pinched, it had a strange soft feeling, which should not be stone, but it was not like jade or wood.
Like stone, not like stone, not like jade, not like wood, not like wood.
This is what Lin tried his best to climb the top of the cave and found from a hidden crack there, and it should be the source of the previous liquid dripping position
There is a very clear palm print in the shadow of the top of the mountain inlaid with this object. Even the palm print is clearly visible. Look at the mysterious palm print. I’m afraid this cave was arrived long ago.
Strange things
Lin Dong muttered something. In this thumb-sized stone, some obscure lines can be seen faintly, which looks like a magical rune.
Rune is full of stones, but every place makes it look more like a mysterious stone symbol.
Now Shi Fu is not too strange except that it makes people feel obscure and abstruse at a glance, but Lin Dong is white. It is not an illusion to see that red spot liquid just now.
That ability of Ishichi should be caused by this stone symbol.
Lin’s little face is full of thoughtfully. Previously, he saw the light spot fall into the stone pool with his own eyes, and only this can explain that this stone pool will hold this magical effect.
Suddenly, the stone rolled outside the cave where Lin moved thoughtfully. When he hurriedly put the stone symbol in his pocket and put it on his chest.
Brother Lin Dong hee hee, I knew you were here.
When Lin moved the stone symbol, a butterfly-like figure appeared at the mouth of the cave now. It was a little girl who looked about thirteen or fourteen years old. She was dressed in a simple light-colored clothes, but simple clothes could not hide her smart little face. Although she was still young, her small face was quite delicate, and her big eyes looked very cute when she was sparkly.
Looking at the little girl Lin Dong is also secretly relieved. The girl is not the Lin family, but Liu Yan, who raised a baby in the snow shortly after his birth. They grew up together. Wan’s brother and sister are very close, but because she is an orphan, she didn’t follow Lin Liuyan. She took a nice name, Qingtan, and her name is as full of aura as sandalwood.
Brother Lin, it’s getting dark. Mom has been calling you for a long time.
Green sandalwood smiled and leaned in, holding Lin’s arm in his arm, and then dragged him outside, muttering that it was dark and the stone road was out of sight here. Don’t you still want to sleep in the cave like that time?
Looking at the side that kept cooing like a lark, Qing Tan Lin couldn’t help but smile. Immediately, the palm of your hand gently touched the chest, and the stone symbol on the chest seemed to have a faint cold feeling.
Although I don’t know the origin of this stone symbol, my intuition tells Lin that it should be quite extraordinary.
Night hangs over the earth, and the moonlight pours down and washes away the residual heat in the earth.
In the room, Lin moved and closed his eyes, sleeping, and wisps of moonlight poured in from the window. Some moonlight shone on Lin’s body, and suddenly the moonlight rippled like water waves. Soon, a strange scene emerged, and it was seen that those cool moonlight condensed a little bit against Lin’s chest, but a little light was emitted, and it was faintly visible that the center of light was a stone symbol with ancient simplicity.
When Shi Fu was shining, Lin’s eyes, which were in a deep sleep, also opened a little. However, before he finished opening his eyes, he suddenly felt a burst of dizziness pouring from the depths of his mind, and then he was horrified to find that he was now in the dark.
There is no light, silence and cold here.
The sudden change made Lin move with fear in his heart. Anyway, he is only a child who has just been fourteen years old.
Suddenly, when Lin was afraid of moving, a slight sound sounded in the silence and darkness. Soon, a mass of light and shadow suddenly appeared in front of him. Look carefully at the light and shadow, which actually looked exactly the same as Lin, but his face was not angry and full of numbness.
What’s going on here
Lin looked at the front with a glassy stare, and he felt the same light and shadow, and his brain was frightened by this strange scene.
When Lin was in a daze, the figure of Lin moving light and shadow suddenly moved, and it was obvious that its figure flashed with fists and stretched a set of Lin moving familiar fists, which was put to good use in its hands
This is a back-to-back fist.
Looking at the light and shadow, Lin’s eyes suddenly widened, and then a thick shock emerged from his eyes. He found that the light and shadow seemed to be more perfect than Lin Xiao’s.
Pop, pop, pop, pop.
In the dark, the light and shadow are flying, and the fists are waving vividly, which means that an ape is feeling more full of aura than Lin Xiao.
Nine-ring strength