This poor spring is the weakest of the 36-way chaotic demons, and those who even cracked the raccoon didn’t dare to talk to Xingtian, the big boss in the magic, at once.

But Li Yueling smelled an opportunity from it, and his strange attitude towards Xingtian was much a few minutes. Is it really God’s help that I have reached a consensus on Xingtian’s intention?
The fairies and demons from all sides of the 10 directions have done their best. Although you have hung up the name of the chaotic devil, it is impossible to kill me forever. I am here alone to discuss things. In fact, it is very simple to send you the cultivation environment in two sentences. It is better than three days. The hades station will help you get rid of the biggest threat to the pagoda magic star. This magic banquet will be directly changed to a severance banquet.
Li Yueling’s words immediately caused an uproar among the demons in the temple, but the two demons kept calm enough. One was a calm face, Xingtian, and the other was to occupy the three demons in Yaochi.
Xingtian of hades followed with a thoughtful expression. That’s the Hades Building. Why do you give it to us?
With this, Li Yueling didn’t explain much, but directly typed the final seal in the final seal, which represented the sudden formation of the final seal in the mantle of Hades. In front of Li Yueling, Zhang Xu condensed an ancient black rune.
The demons look in their eyes, but they all know it. You know, during the first time of the chaos robbery, the demons had played the idea of hades, but they joined hands with sixteen chaotic demons and were driven to the floor by the floor of hades, which was even more after the great avatar forcibly sealed the channels of hades.
You are the keeper of hades. Xingtian’s indifference finally shows a little surprise.
Hades has got the certificate to mix Yuan Luo Tian Dao and go to hades to belong to the emperor, but he can do it. The main Li Yueling shrugged his shoulders and said,
Then you promise that you will be able to change the subject except for the pagoda demon star Xingtian who eats the spirit.
There’s no guarantee, but if you don’t have the emperor and his brothers to deal with this demon, you will all be in his pocket sooner or later
Tutu Magic Star is the super nemesis of chaotic demons. Even the most negative chaotic devil in the field can imagine that he can stick incense in front of an opponent who holds Tutu Magic Star, and once he meets it, he can’t even escape.
You have another advantage when you go to hades, that is, the initiation of the law in hades. I know that the devourer is determined not to go there, but you are not worried that I will give you the initiation of the law in hades. After all, we are talking about business.
Let’s think about Xingtian’s quick explanation of gods and demons.
The possibility of success in this trip is about 40%. After all, this deal is really abrupt and takes advantage of itself. The chaotic devil’s murderous temperament is likely to collapse, but it is unexpected that because Xingtian looks like the leader, the devil can think calmly and think about himself, so the hope of success is greatly increased.
It took half an hour for Xingtian to walk slowly in front of Li Yueling. After a while, the devil always said that today’s magic feast was cancelled. Our brother took this Lingxiao Treasure Hall, Yaochi Magic House, and gave it to you. Do as you say, but our condition is that if you don’t promise everything, don’t talk.
But said hinder Li Yueling heart is crazy expression still keep calm way
The jade emperor’s old son can’t rebuild the heaven, and he can’t go back to the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, or we will mess around the world again. First, we must get rid of the spirit-eating fellow in 2000. If not, we will return to the purple mansion. Third, after we leave, you need to be the first person in the purple mansion. People can control everything better than the purple mansion.
Li Yueling is a little thoughtfully followed by frank way.
I hope we are not mistaken. Xingtian sighed and smiled at Li Yueling in a friendly way. In fact, many of us have not been the devil for many years. It is really right for us to give this choice. After all, even the devil has to live, not haha
Have finished
It is in
Different grass in firefly window
Changbai haoge
brief introduction
Yingchuang Yicao is another good short story in classical Chinese after Liaozhai. It is written by Bai Haoge, the director. According to modern research, it was written by Liu Gong Qinglan, a man in the Qing Dynasty. This theory is deliberately imitated in both artistic expression and artistic expression. The protagonist of Liaozhai is full of twists and turns, and euphemistic characters depict vivid images, especially many marriage and love themes describing ethnic customs, which is quite interesting to read.
Preliminary compilation of different grass in firefly window
Guan Sanyi said that there was a miscellany in the first hospital of the Ministry, but the miscellany was also two kinds of quotations from great scholars. He searched for the classic grave and learned the ancient evidence. On the theory that non-first poems can help straighten up, but the history of wings is still alive. He recorded the current events. Shu Guang’s long tongue was carved and carved, and his heart said that ghosts don’t have to ask about the truth or falsehood. He doesn’t have to be suspicious of his husband’s strange admiration for Qi Xie’s Tan Zongmu Yu’s early success. Li Boshi’s drawings and toys are also full of ups and downs, but The Six Classics and Twenty-two Historical Sages’ Legacy Classes can be tested, but they must be pedantic. It is said that the dog’s tail continues to be marten, and the window is copied with different grass. See the director of the exhibition, Bai Haoge, who is ignorant of the time, or Yin Liugong, who is concerned with Gu Suiyuan’s old man’s comments. The main idea is cool, copying the novelty of a serial studio, rising and falling into the classroom. Although novelists say that the literati’s classics are important, the sandman is solid and virtuous, and the essays are far away.
Volume one
Tianbao relics
Yinshi Cave in Lishan Mountain, whose forehead says that the stone leaf of Tianbao remains is unbreakable, is also unknown to people. The door of the whole year suddenly cracked wide and feet. Seeing the language, Liu Ruiwu, a native of Lishan Mountain, has been afraid to enter. He is also afraid to enter the cave. He is eager to go to the things in the Covenant, but he is curious and courageous. A total of five people walk with wine, food and hunting gear, and the mountain path is rugged. Then he sees the white stone at the mouth of the cave, and the phosphorus is slippery and shiny. I didn’t dare to talk about it. I shouted, "Don’t explore this strange interest." The bonfire torches were enthusiastic, so I entered first and then entered third, but I entered the first place. The shoulders became deeper and deeper, and the stone walls on both sides were white and crystal clear. Candles seemed to be painting. I took care of all the people, saying that the environment was not evil, afraid and beneficial, and I went deep into poverty. I got a door with a few lines of ink, and I read it. I said that every time I met a hot summer, I shared a cave, and I was blessed with five years I can’t help but smile at each other and forget my body. I can’t help but put a stone statue on the immortal princess. After ten years of autumn and July, I know that the emperor has turned to the screen, I can put dozens of empty seats in the throne. I am still curious about Zuo Xiao’s makeup pavilion. A stone beauty pulls her hair to the mirror and is tired. I am pitiful. I want the previous generation of princesses to hold their hair and kneel. I sincerely hope that the princess’s head will be slightly turned back, and her eyes will be painted. After that, she will stand in plain clothes.Princess sitting on a pebble bed is also naked, and her clothes are crisp, her breasts are light, and her umbilical cord is slightly exposed. However, she is shy and her hands are embroidered, and she seems to want to solve it, but her shame is overwhelming. Although she is full of red clothes and double bends, the five people are eager to explore its secrets and take the lead. It seems that I have heard a lot about it, and the air conditioning is chilling, and people’s muscles are full of chestnuts. Although Ruiwu is heroic, it is still lingering. The five officials involved in the lawsuit, Zhuo Rui, who ordered the officials at the end of Chen to examine the letter, were lightly blamed and sent them to seal their holes with pills and chisel their forehead to destroy their traces. However, in the woodcutter’s pasture, they could still recognize the rocky cragginess of Lei Zhenqi’s cave in the last years of the apocalypse.
Waishishi said that I had a strange taste of the emperor’s generation of wind, and the emperor’s palace was built and selected, but it was better than searching for the strange snow cave and the Yungui building, and the civil engineering was extravagant in its view, and the beauty of the body was afraid of summer heat, so how could the world be cool and cool? I heard that the descendants of Ruiwu were absurd but could not make up for it, but the accident was different and recorded in the world.
The old man in Suiyuan said that he portrayed the strangeness and strangeness, but he said that he was curious and courageous before he could speak. This has made the landscape samadhi, and Rui Wu is not a layman.
Bu Dagong
Season Zhang Xianzhong chaos Hunan Bijiang said Ma Xiongfei can shoot loyalty and constant pets with five stones, so he was rewarded with a unique horse, so Yan Yan Zhuo County Bu Dagong was friendly with each other, and Bu Yikong’s force was abolished at the age of 20, so he sighed that Shi Sheng Wu Shining’s ten thousand enemies killed thieves and fought for big gold seals. This Mao Cone heard that the horse was loyal to the pet, but it was a man who called Bu Bu angrily to the head and said that the canal should be sold. Therefore, human feelings did not hold you to the official position. The local thieves in Shandong dare not enter the country because of their loyalty. Fengyang was very anxious to caress the minister. Ma Shiying called the heavenly soldiers to guard the tombs. They were recruited to cross the Huai River to offer loyal battles. Many people found that the northerners were not used to the boatmen, and the thieves were loyal and loved, and their courage was a horse’s interest. They said that when they saw the horse’s eyes closed, they ignored the horse’s hand and cried. Unfortunately, they said that they were fighting for a cunning rabbit in the hunting mountains. I said that the gentleman had made contributions to the country. However, if you retire, you will love the wood. Because of the sophistry, you can offer loyalty and loyalty. If you are soft and sleepy, you can give loyalty and trust. Then you will be imprisoned in the earth room to keep healthy and die. Forage tools will be used as soon as you are poor, but you will not be dead. In the night sitting room, you will see Zhifu, saying that you have gone abroad and left your hometown, and your neck is full of blood, and the rainbow aftertaste has not been heard. It is good to continue to cross the river without burying heroic bones.The shackles of the girl’s path will be reversed, saying, "Don’t be a rat." I’m taking the big numbers in my sleeves and calling out on the wall, and I’ll go quietly. Then I’ll see that I’m guarding the crouching, sinking and sleeping, and I’ll get rid of the thief. That is, the Yangtze River is early and the boat is waiting for the girl to urge Bu Tong to sail, while the boat in the south is three people, but the waves are stable and the sky is stable. I’m afraid that I’ll give a hand to Luo Ganfang, a famous fairy living in another Looking forward to the foreign sun, I said that a warrior is a horse with teeth and long feet. When this young girl smiles, she says that a martyr is a concubine, a concubine, a concubine, and a couple, is it effective for her children to compete with each other? Because her surname is white, the words of a girl in the Ma family will be remembered more and more, and the last girl will laugh. She will answer the boat trip and stone the Arabian girl’s life, but she has not seen the cooking gun, and she has eaten enough. The girl has made Bu take a break to solve the problem and return to work, but the inquiry has arrived. You don’t know anything about going against the trend, but the snow waves beat you in fear. You can go to my concubine’s house and land. Looking back, all the boats suddenly went together without Bu Yi and Yi. About half a mile later, a village with water rings and trees entered the village with beautiful scenery, and a huge house door in the northeast was built. Yu Gaohua’s eaves were covered with green stones. Yan Yue joined the Rong government girl and told Bu Yuejun’s concubine’s house not to say that my concubine was otherwise and lost. Suddenly, a teenager slowly took a light robe.Teenagers are easy to wear clothes, clothes and crowns, and their eyes are full of tears. Xie Yue is comfortable to hear the fierce and painful cutting of the fifth middle school. The slow guest can’t be guilty. Today, I am ordered by my mother to pay tribute to Su Bu, and I can see a woman from the court. I can be degraded for forty years and welcome the widow. I can’t be ashamed to die from my husband’s country. My daughter is heavy and hard to get rid of the trap. I have paid tribute to Mrs. Bu Zhi again. Knowing that the marriage was harmonious, I thanked my wife, but seeing her husband was miserable. The husband in the side room was left in the hall. Wei Fengbu inquired privately. Zang learned that Ma Gong was afraid of the horse, that is, he was martyred in Luzhou and built a family of horses. He started his career as a martial artist. His second wife and one wife were at home, that is, he was a teenager from birth and death, and his half-brother was also sacrificed the next day. Bu Daiji lost his relatives, and all of them were married. After seven years, his wife’s plan was exhausted. I’m afraid to hear that I didn’t dare to divulge my birthright lightly. I can’t bear to deceive you, and I’m also brave in the world. I’m afraid that I’m an inhuman ghost. I was loyal to my father in Luzhou just two years ago. My father didn’t stay in the battlefield city, and my mother was scared to death. My concubine wanted to be laid off, but the thieves were willing to be violent. Once the thieves were less slack, they threw themselves into a well. When they met their family, they were strict.Yue said that the concubine’s former topic, the wall cloud, and the prisoner horse, also offered loyalty to the suspect Xiongfei Jun, and the concubine thief canal was already hung over the shaft without his argument. People said that this sister-in-law servant would not be able to walk in the water, and for thousands of miles, she helped each other into the curtain, undressed and slept together, and the ladies of the three dynasties now loved each other. After the first month, the women said that the people of Bu Lu County would not be able to vent my affairs here. Rong’s bow suddenly killed several thieves and bandits, and all the people in the town rushed to raise money when they were in danger. When they wanted to go to the women’s home, they could not hide. When they spoke, they could follow their words. The women in the town were sealed by Shunzhi, and Xin Mao went to the lake to help capture and offer loyalty to the remaining party. Therefore, they were injured by the slaughter and set up a sacrifice. They said that their subordinates said that their ambitions were not small, but they cherished their eyes and ears and gave birth to two people in seventy years.
The unofficial scholar said that it is not accidental to observe Bu Shu’s words about Ma Shu-yan. Although a woman is virtuous and obedient, she cares about the same person, or a loyal minister or a beautiful woman. Her evil deeds are trapped in bandits and thieves, killing Bu Yun’s eyes and pupils, and eventually becoming friends.
Zhou Shengyu, an apprentice, is less devoted to Lu Xian. At the age of three, he will go to Nanqiao to pray for a piece of paper in the inkstone box. Zhu Er said that he asked San Niang not to wait for Zhu Yi to nod his head. Yu Xing suspected that his wife was ill in Yan’s private life. He suddenly asked his wife unexpectedly, but he didn’t know that the fairy was happy to start, but he didn’t know the fairy’s intention. Recalling the immortal words and having an epiphany, I said, "In the wild goose line, although I said three times, I listed my brothers, I said that I was twelve, or I said that I didn’t pay close attention to the ear, but I prayed for the immortal influence for a long time. Because I went to Huai to visit my relatives, I suddenly saw the first two words in my dream, but I didn’t forget the reason why I went on a boat trip. My sister in a county stopped at the villagers’ home in Shijiang and walked alone in Ge Province. In the Weitang, I said that Jin Sanniang was a doll, and I was even poor, Fisherman’s foot is in the reed of Dai Li, and he is eager to ask and answer. He said, "Go east for 23 miles, and knock on the huge house in the north. When you know that we are too busy to wait, we will meet each other." Whispers have hurried to think about their words. Fairy words are in line with life. I am here to find my way, but I don’t care about the wilderness. In the former place, Maolin’s shady building is towering and Huawu is close to Zhumen’s cave in the north, and the door should step in and cross the powder wall. I was criticized for the way forJust counting the courtyards in Wubie, the wooden doors with flowers planted around the fine rooms are extremely elegant, and the toothpicks are placed on the four walls of the guest’s room. A bed with a few clean fibers seems to be set up because of the guests, and the old servant Ming enters the courtyard, so he is rather suspicious and even more surprised. However, since this should not be too fast, the poems and paintings on the surrounding walls are extremely elegant and the cross of the United Nations General Assembly is pronounced. For a moment, Jin San Niang was concerned about gladly raising food, nuclear, sweet wine and fragrant taste, and said that this mother’s hand is willing to serve your wine to produce benefits and delicious food, and the strength of heart, lungs and lungs is not uneasy, but she doesn’t know her appearance. Burning candles to check the leakage of two drums, sleeping, sleeping, fragrant cotton and brocade, cartilage embalmed, and she felt uneasy. She woke up in the evening and was diligent in washing, and said that going east to the garden pavilion from this room could be quite entertaining, melancholy and beneficial. Colorful, exotic, fragrant and colorful, lingering in the hedgerow because of joy, going deep into Russia, smelling and admiring the ring rhyme, like a person hiding in the next life, peeping at the side of a tree, looking at a number of maids and maids, picking flowers in purple or baskets or towels, and finally picking flowers in the past, with a beauty year, the makeup can be charming and beautiful in the morning, but the whole life has not been lost. According to the beauty, picking a flower will be in the mirror and taking care of it.I made a speech in front of you, saying that the number of fallen immortals in the mother’s world matches the number of immortals, so I built a mansion here. I can treat you like a fool. I have been happy to make a living, and I have been sitting in a small porch, and I have been married. At this time, I have been married, and I have been married. I have been married, and I have been married. Actually, I was surprised when I met you in Weitang, and I dare not say that the beauty told me that the two prices would promote the birth and start the journey. Although I didn’t want to, I couldn’t fall in love with the gentle river and the boat account was equipped. So I set sail and sailed. Although the two prices were named Ji Gang’s attitude, everything was not in vain. I came to Jiangbei to ask about the two-price surname, and the trace rate was strange. I dared to investigate that one day I would cross the Tian Fei Gate and smell the northern language, saying that a public boat was drowned and rescued. It’s urgent to stop sailing for more than ten miles. One man came to the boat to save himself. Yang You-yi gave birth to new clothes and drank beautifully. He was fine and cool, so he asked about a certain man, his father, a certain man, a great official, and his business, Jiang Zuo, was comfortable and sincere. He said that his brother was drowned and resurrected, and he could no longer find a few healthy mules in the town and recruit him to embellish his appearance from his clothes. About hundreds of Jin Gong thanked him for knowing his north.I don’t know who solved the problem that Yang suddenly led a man to a blue robe and dust stains. I told the pioneer to stay in the room and give a gift to the giant Jinsheng. From his teaching, I asked Wang Xiaolian’s name, but he was poor and poor, and he also gave birth to a companion. I don’t mind that in the ceremony, he was better than the house king. He didn’t give up his life and became a king, but he gave up his career and gave birth to him. After three hours, he told me that you were only ten times as good as Cao Pi, but failed to give me a good ear. The list was published, the king was elected, and the first column of the court trial was sold. Lin Yinsi, Jin Sanniang League, was eager to beg for false brocade, and stopped saying that Niang was solid outside Yanjing holiday, and asked Yemo to discuss marriage. When she was married to a giant family, a male married woman was also married, and she didn’t want to explain it. Emperor Wen of Sui told her not to quit her life, and she was unhappy, and the bride’s posture in Qinglu was absolutely different. It’s good to prepare for the future, but it’s morning. Yang doesn’t know the past life. He urgently asks the bride to answer that it’s appropriate to retire after success. However, both of them are daffodils. Lu Xian ordered my concubine to be a colleague, but they were also born and realized. Because they carved their statues on Lu Xian’s side, San Niang told her husband about it, and they were very envious of it.
The unofficial scholar said that the chances of the world have become more and more, and that the rate of success in my official career has all come from the cold stove. The three mothers are unique in the world, but Kan Kan’s words are similar to those of Mrs. Jin Wenjiang, but her daughter is shy and constant, and she is greedy for her own efforts. Fortunately, Lu Xianling has made many achievements in the world. I see this again
Lady Yujing
Wang Youzhi in Linzi is good at throwing a million dollars and losing less, which is rich in his family’s name. He abandoned his blog in middle age and traveled in the rivers and seas. He was worried about people and worried about people. Because Du Jiliang planned to spend thousands of dollars in summer, he would be suitable for Fujian to cross the boat, and he would not be allowed to park in the lake for several days. Sitting alone in the night, he would be half-thinking about going to bed, suddenly smelling the dice and suddenly moving in the neighboring boat, and he would be ordered to wait and listen to Russia’s second Tsing Yi tooth show. I am glad to see Tsing Yi from the cabin, and I don’t ask for candles, but I walk in secret. Wang Jue’s shoes are not wood, stone, slippery and soft, and I can’t tell the pain, but my ears are fierce and wavy. The king’s heart is stunned for a long time, and a bright light has left the boat and landed, and the mansion’s princes are towering and towering, and from the beginning, I reported to Wen Yefu’s door screen in Tsing Yi, that is, I rushed to see the statue of the four-person figure of your official. Let the court regard its residence as gorgeous and indescribable. Xianxun Wang Bin resigned and then sat down at the tea table. The first person answered that he was afraid of shock. Poyang Jun was also the king of the three cities and five lakes. Because stay for a long time, the leader of the court, met the king of the five lakes, he was here for two days. He was depressed in the dark clouds and the moon, and he was quick to hear that you were so arrogant. If you don’t have a different way of life, you refuse to be honest. Fortunately, Wang is startled and eager, but Xie said that you are not enough. When you meet this pet, you will stop talking andIt’s very rough, and the jade hook is coming into the left and right. The king’s snow color is bright and long, and it’s nearly a foot long. The lotus flower hangs upside down, and the light shines in one room. The king knows how to hide and cherish the treasure. He laughs and says that the king is willing to take the first world war to decide the price of the treasure and connect with the city. He should also laugh and say that he is willing to make a big loss. The king is discolored and the money is restored. Then the four kings say that there are more than enough money in a boat, and the hooks are reunited. The four kings don’t care about throwing It’s too late to listen to Wang Erqing’s clothes, but he still comes to send them away. It is said that Wang Yuejun’s treasure should be taken seriously if he crosses the water, fearing that Mrs. Jade Mirror will seize it. If he returns to the boat in a trance, if he dreams, he will untie the cable and walk. It is also unusual for a different king to cross the stream in Zhejiang Province because he remembers Tsing Yi’s words and treasures his hook at night. It is a great pity to ask people about the future. I don’t care about my surname, but the ancient monument in Tsing Yi is lost, and the word jade mirror is still recognizable. Because I know the ancient name, Narcissus is a long-term tribute to its position, and I say that if a woman eats blood, the pedestrians in this side are forbidden to be rude, but I am ignorant of not greedy for treasure, but I am very ignorant of hiding my treasures. Therefore, if you are good at business, you will give it to Bo Sheng, and it will not be stingy. If you don’t listen to me, you will be accused of ruining your body, and you will be guilty of greed. You should also lead aFemale slaves laugh and lead twists and turns. More than a dozen female officials in a hall with curtains hanging down to the ground are all purple clothes. When they see the king, they say that they have stolen the hook. The king is angry with his words. He says that you are very dependent on this treasure. In the palace, Luo Shen and Han women all know that they suddenly lost it a few months ago and were able to fly yesterday. I don’t care about you. At this point, Wang Yue wishes that although the value curtain laughs and says negative, the hook will be returned to you. Wang Yan said that the hook will not be returned today, and the rest will be won by betting on the victory. If you are negative, you will not lose the slightest bit. Huang Kouer regards me as a curtain and meditates for a long time. It is said that the skill is fine and the desire is quite acceptable. Wang Yue pays homage, and Nuo Lian asks Wang Yu to see his wife as if she had been moving for a long time. She said a word abruptly, but fortunately, she did not see people who were angry. In this case, I don’t care if you want to listen to your blog, but you can’t argue. Wang bears his skill calmly, and orders the shutter to extend Wang’s entry. Mrs. Wang is more active than the civil works, and Mrs. Xun sits with the jade hook and orders the waiter to take two declarations, saying that the four stars and three throws in January will win, otherwise the jade hook can’t be returned, and the king will be reluctant to cure you of the crime of blasphemy. That is, the first lady and the first lady will roll the dice in the jade basin, which will set each other off, making a large group of maids.Applause and laugh, saying that the stars will really get married from the moon, and the lady will sit together. The lady is too shy because she calls the female official language to say that she is greedy and degenerate. Now she will go from Lang, but she can’t still be present. Cao Keji plays science, heaven, don’t appoint a minister, officials and officials, and several things have been said. The king has joined hands to do what he belongs to, and all of them are sobbing. Mrs. Wu told the king that I dare not see others, and I am afraid to recruit suspects and blame you. I am eager to see a stone in the ferry, The opposite side is still stretched out, and the eyes are looking at the flowers and shadows. The sunset will be eager to return to the boat and seek the water every time. A stone will be strangely hidden. At night, Mrs. Gu will stand in front of the couch and glance at her fingers. She can be ashamed to lose her body. Wang Ran is eager to take off her clothes and put on her arms. The king replied that the ditch concubine was the same kind because of knocking on the jade hook Angry life, thunder, fire, burning, returning to its yuan, Taihu Lake, staying and playing well, Wen Jun’s concubine was very glad to take it and exercise it to get into shape. Today, her husband Wang Shu is not convinced that her wife ordered the jade to be hooked in the middle of the curtain, but if the peerless beauty is near, she will still have a hook. Wang knows that her words are not false. She will return to her wife and tell Wang that Poyang Jun has ordered you to always take it across the stream and live forever. Wang died on the left side of the stream the next day, and she was buried with her life.
Waishishi said that gambling was fierce and he lost his position. He bowed his head and bowed his head. He generously gambled from Dr. Fan to gambling, but it was not the case that Wang gambled on Bao Fu’s beauty. When he heard that it was difficult, he would be indifferent. He said that if he had a good hand, he would know that Poyang Jun would cross the river and grow up. Mrs. Yi was ignorant and envious in the mud and ghost.
The minister, Mr. Suo, and his colleagues are good at raising children and playing pipa songs. Every time they meet a banquet, they all say that it is wonderful, salty and thick, so the rich man is over twenty years old and has not yet been given a room. He hopes that the master, Geng Wuchun, will pay a memorial service outside Fucheng Gate, which is more than ten miles away from Guo You. One day earlier, an old man and an old man will go to the jig. It is already afternoon and two people are walking together, and many languages are spoken. He has passed by a small shop near the halfway road and is in common consideration. A servant named Liang’s surname is drawn into the same drink, but his color is not very good. He also cares about the relative whiteness for a long time. The old man said that he was afraid of mistaking his master for the first aunt, and he slowly relied on his master to listen to him and laugh. He said that Liang’s second brother had been relying on him recently, and he shook his wrist yesterday. He said that it was quite an adventure here. He said that once he ran out of money, he would stop asking for drinks and get drunk. People are angry and dying. Liang said that they are still in the room, but they are widowed to the new owner, Jia’s daughter, and they are widowed, and they take more young Langyi Gai. If you can follow me as good news, you will not believe it. It should be said that although the Lord is beautiful and not a slave, you can adjust Liang Yuegu’s departure. If you want to test your words, you will be happy. However, you will not reach your home until the end of the day. If Liang Xiao says that you will live here and make a house in the second mile, you will be condemned.I am worried that this side will give ear to the beam, and I will stop calling a prostrate external beam to enter, but I am told that the canal is also very kind to serve us, but I am worried that the wildness will make the West Gallery wait for peace of mind before I can serve Liang Nuo, and then I will lead a garment to the master to leave you a few words in front of the eaves, and if the servant and maid are really unwilling to do so, they will push the door into it from the beam on the west side of Liang Hang, only to touch the bed with their hands. That is to say, the good thing of sleeping is settled, but the door is closed, and I will go to a certain place where I can’t stand the sight. I will think about the night and flee to the main residence. I suddenly heard people say that although I don’t care about it, I don’t care about it. I laughed and said that I was not used to it. If I don’t get tired of it all day, I will clap my hands and laugh and say that I am naked, so I am not good at it. I will peep at the lamp in the window and see a beautiful woman in the daytime. If the face is like a peach, the milk, In the strong room, I secretly inquired about the bedding, and it was absolutely cold. The things in the house were forgotten for a long time, and I thought that the woman’s appearance was not even, so I got up and asked Liang Fu to comfort me. Bi Nai said that the food at home was not safe, and the meat in the nearby village was all faint. Fang Fang stayed in his room for a few days, but he was finally suspicious and stunned, but he didn’t see Xu Guangliang. He was red and worried for a long time and went to Liang.The sound can be played once, because I stopped my wrist, I heard the curtain sigh, and I felt that I was good at singing and laughing, and the candlelight of the shutter shot at the outside of the sill. A little maid and servant were all dressed clearly, sitting in the curtains, looking at the eve because of the great horror, I suspected that she was inhuman, and the woman had been given a life and was absolutely ashamed to sit in the face. Seeing this in the candlelight, I didn’t feel the lust, so it was a spent force to sing again, and the woman laughed and said that the children were solid. I cann’t describe my life’s adventures, but I cann’t count on other xiaoliang to attract the diet rate outside a hall. Often a woman is also good at pipa, and she tries her best to teach her. However, a woman’s daily consumption is gradually trying to avoid Rouman’s current hunting heart. If she is dying for a day, Liang Fang will stop her eating in China and North Korea, but she will try her best to stop her operation. A few people broke into Yue and fled early, but here she was shocked and all the public prices were ordered to be arrested All the foreign servants died of hematemesis in a few months. Today, if the wheel is crawling, you still slander Yemou through the canal. You are shocked and tell the public, and you are also surprised that he is haggard. Because he follows a certain trail, he is overgrown with grass and smoke, and he is so frightened that he visits the natives nearby. He laughs and says that Jia Jia’s daughter in the village before him is also amazed. He says that Jia’s rich girl looks very beautiful, especially good and cool, and he is a teenager in the lute.Ye Nai, who laughed and said that a certain day was improper, thanked the iceman in an uproar, and told his master to ask the old adults before asking for advice. It was expected that he would disagree. After knowing that the ghost was no longer responsible, he was ill for several months and then recovered, so he redeemed his voucher. In Juesi, the legal name was common, and the humanity was amazed.
Waishishi said that after the death of a woman, it is still the same thing. Xu Niang is old and suspicious. It is a matter of sincerity to escape from slavery. It is also a matter of saying that the peony flower fool is also a windy night. Taiwan’s father caught this woman happy.