Fu Chen stared at the twenty guards intensely because he felt that a violent force seemed to surge in their bodies.

Suddenly, twenty white guards grew two meters taller in the eyes of hundreds of people
Then his arms and legs were like a balloon, which instantly swelled up and wrapped the head of the white guard. The white cloth was propped up into pieces, revealing a deep red head like a flame, which was extremely ferocious and terrible in the night.
How is it possible that Fu Chen’s four hundred cavalry sounded these four words at the same time?
Even Li Qingshan, who has been through the battlefield, is also horrified to see those who suddenly become monsters. The muscles in the corners of the mouth of the guards can’t hold back. Obviously, he can’t bear the collapse.
Wu Bo not to mention that he is no less afraid than Li Qingshan now.
Fu Chen gods told him that the strength of the 20 guards actually rose abruptly from the fifth-order qi to the third-order 20-order qi guards. How is that possible?
At the moment, it feels like he is watching a horror movie. Those humans immediately become fierce and abnormal after taking special drugs, and they are not ghosts.
Twenty bloody ferocious heads are as greedy as ghosts of hell, staring around them, but the eyes of 400 guards reveal more excitement than excitement. This is the excitement of drinking blood as soon as possible.
Four hundred cavalry in the twenty guards should not be monsters. They all feel stared at by death.
It seems that the horse also felt the violent blood type. Although the owner could not rein in, he still slowly retreated backwards.
Ha Halong proudly looked at the deformed bodyguard proudly and said, Today I will tear you all to pieces.
Aotian Long laughed and immediately Fu Chen calmed down. He was able to calm down in such a short time, which should be attributed to Fu Chen’s watching horror movies, ghost movies and thrillers before crossing.
Is there anything strange in the film?
After experiencing the baptism of terror shadow, Fu Chen’s bearing capacity in his heart is certainly much better than that of the four hundred guards.
In the special effects movies in the 21st century, the degree of terror of monsters is not much less than that of these guards.
Besides, these guards are more than three meters tall, and their hands and feet are three or four times thicker than ordinary people. There is nothing unusual about that head and other roots.
Fu Chen was shocked because it was a real monster after all.
Don’t panic, everyone. Those monsters are being repaired now, and it’s about the true qi. Just ask everyone not to play their regular training level indiscriminately. Fu Chen’s big order made those cavalry who were in shock immediately flood with confidence.
400 cavalry with five orders of qi can fight 20 monsters with orders of qi. Although they are not as tall as the enemy, they also know that many ants can kill elephants.
Fu Chen’s four hundred cavalry here can always play that level in the training ground, and then twenty cavalry surround a white monster. Although they can’t win, it’s definitely no problem to stall them.
Li Qingshan and Wu Bo are both Taiyuan, and Xiu Yuan is higher than those monsters. It will take them long enough to mix in the cavalry, and the victory will definitely belong to them.
It is Fu Chen who is confident in this battle, and he can only defeat Aotian Long.
Li Qingshan, after all, is a veteran who has experienced the battlefield. He has returned to normal at the moment, urging the horse to take a step forward. Brothers, these monsters have killed many families in a few years, so let’s kill the people today.
Think of those koo children died four hundred cavalry immediately burst into anger.
Chapter 11 War in Aotian Long
Chapter 11 War in Aotian Long
Fu Chenfa believes that looking at the unusually bloody and horrible scene in front of him, these white monsters were born out of killing. When they threw the cavalry to the ground, they ignored other cavalry and greeted the pike and threw themselves on the ground. The cavalry first bit its throat, then raised its blade and put its claws into the cavalry’s heart and crushed it.
The cavalry died tragically in less than two seconds from falling to the ground until their hearts were crushed.
These deformed white monsters have lost their wits. Fu Chen looked at them coldly, and the blink of an eye turned into a hell scene.
Li Qingshan Wu Bo nodded. They also looked at the white monster in front of them. It was a bloodthirsty beast. Although the situation of four hundred cavalry was very unfavorable at the moment, two people were afraid to leave Fu Chen because if he made a mistake, an empire would set off a great wave.
Aotian Long watched the massacre in the courtyard with satisfaction. For him, it was the first time to witness the perfect experiment after entering the first stage of transformation.
Because of the imperial law, he didn’t dare to let the guards take medicine, but today, since his plot has been exposed, he won’t talk about the law at all
He didn’t expect that it was the first stage of transformation that would enable twenty guards to defeat four hundred cavalry. What a crazy situation it would be if he entered the second stage of madness.
Although until now, because the research conditions are just ripe, the research can enter the second stage, but it will be enough to give him enough medicinal materials later, then he can limit the production of these pills
Brother, you are no longer suffering, and I will be able to save you soon. Long Lai Ao is very excited in his heart. His brother, the dragon covers the sky, but he was sent to prison for murder, which made him feel bad. He vowed that he would rob the prison and save his brother.
The success in the past few years has made Aotian Long face upwards and laugh. He slowly draws a silver pike and walks towards Fu Chen with a strong pace.
For Li Qingshan, he is the best general in the city, but he is respectful to a twenty-year-old boy, which makes him very excited.
Judging from Fu Chen’s attitude towards him in Li Qingshan, Long Aotian found that Fu Chen’s identity was very unusual, so he could be altruistic to save his brother.
With the pace of Aotian Long, the momentum of Taiyuan is gradually rising and blocking him. The cavalry didn’t pass through his hand, and they were all rubbed to death by Aotian Long at will. Then the white monster was hungry and wolf-like, and he threw himself at the bodyguard who fell to the ground.