Brother Black Dragon, I don’t know how to advise you on this urgent call. Sony Dharma Shen said

The black dragon pointed at the crowd and said, Ask them.
Indra laughed, and his wrist shook, and there were several mutations in the ground. Three of them suddenly flew in the thunder, but the speed was not very fast.
Sony Dharma three people reached out and waved the three golden life and death thunder immediately, and there was a little doubt in their eyes about what he was doing.
The palm of your hand gently brushed the mutation of life and death, and Lei Sony Dharma’s face suddenly changed. Brother Di, it seems to be different.
Indra laughed heartily. Of course, it’s different, Brother Sony. It’s not in the hands of Emperor callert, but our new protector, Tianjun, in China.
Meng Fei Sony dharma face slightly cold but way
Indra day slightly dazed way to Sony brother also know Meng Tianjun his eyes turned to Sonik body smiled, this should be the hexagrams master Sony brother don’t introduce a?
Sonik immediately bowed to the crowd and said that the younger generation, Long Tianchao, had seen many predecessors.
His identity in the outside world, even if it is called a storm, is in his hands, but at this moment, he is not arrogant at all, because he knows that in front of these people, his roots have lost the money that he used to be able to dominate.
Brother Sony, the successor of Guamen Tianjun generation, listened to Indra and laughed
Sony Dharma, with a cold face, said slowly, Brother Di, I’m flattered. Your new promotion to protect the country in China and Tianjun are the real geniuses. In the future, the first day will even fall into your hands.
Indra’s face flashed a trace of pride, but it soon dissipated. Brother Sony, since all of us have come here, we are not going to go to this day. It seems necessary to fall into the hands first.
Everyone was suddenly silent. Since this life is no longer legal, it doesn’t make any difference whether the day is the first for each China.
The two hexagrams were shattered, but they were crushed to death by Lingxiao Tianchao outside, and the first name was finally snatched back.
Moments later, Indra shook his head and told about the benefits of this mutated life-and-death thunder.
He is also this kind of thing that creates people. Without his forging to seal the nuclear, he can also seal the light power into it. No one will doubt his words.
However, perhaps because everyone is here in Kerviel, a silvery-white monster body was taken to let everyone see the true power of this mutant life and death thunder.
After seeing the shocking explosion, people’s eyes are full of shocking excitement.
With this powerful thunder, it will be much easier for them to cope with the overwhelming golden monster.
Everyone, these mutated life and death thunder were forged by Meng Brothers, and even the inner seal of light and dark qi was entered by Meng Brothers alone. If Keweier’s previous step is effective, you should know fairly well.
Sony Dharma sighed, but it’s a pity that Meng Tianjun came in too late. All the nuclear bases in our hands have been refined. Although we have gained a lot recently, it is still a drop in the bucket.
Everyone is dark nod, and everyone’s eyes are full of regret.
Kewell smiled slightly. You can rest assured that Meng Brothers can not only forge new life-and-death thunder, but also transform old life-and-death thunder. He paused and calculated in his mind that the strength and speed of Meng Brothers will never let you down. I guarantee that we will have enough time.
This time, even Indra’s eyes flashed a trace of horror.
Forging a divine mine to transform a divine mine is different. Compared with two things, it is more difficult to transform a formed divine mine than to forge a divine mine.
Meng Fei was able to transform his forging, which definitely reached the master level.
But they didn’t know that for Meng Fei, if he wanted to transform these gods, Reagan didn’t need any forging, but the fire spirit in the gourd could solve the problem in hand.
Sondharma nodded slightly, his eyes were deep, and no one could see the actual thoughts in his heart.
I don’t know how much Meng Xiong can transform in one day. callert said with a smile in the previous step, the number of life and death thunder in our hands is quite large, and it has been more than 20 years since a wave of dead creatures arrived.
Meng Fei hesitated for a long time. I can’t guarantee it, but 10 thousand an hour should still be ok
If he goes all out without stopping, then he is sure to get faster, but at this moment he hides at least half the time.