I heard that you have successfully cultivated the barren temple and the demon eye. You should stare at Lin Dong and suddenly ask.

There is a place where two men’s eyes are also slightly condensed. Obviously, they have also heard of the barren demon eye brand.
Fortunately, I barely nodded before I hesitated.
She should nod her head lightly, her beautiful eyes drooped slightly, and her big eyes wavered. She remembered that her sister’s face was quite surprised when she heard the news.
I can’t see it. You have something to evaluate at the beginning. Now I have given it to you. I should have stretched myself. The soft waist was outlined by Tsing Yi. She glanced at Lin Dong lazily and said.
Smell speech Lin suddenly some in distress situation should be a yes, that is to say, also in his body to put up a boast.
The other one will wait until you can understand the Great Wilderness Sutra.
Seems to know that Lin wants to come again with the light sound in his heart.
Looking at the girl’s pretty cheeks is also a smile. I remember you seemed to say that if I could understand the great wilderness, you would promise me a request.
Should be leng qiao face suddenly emerge with a blush soon a bite of silver teeth mercilessly stared at Lin move turned away.
I’m afraid you didn’t say this to qualify.
Looking at the girl that still exudes some anger and beautiful images, Lin smiled. It seems that this time it was not as boring as I thought. Unfinished Chapter six hundred and seventy-two Blood Rock.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two
The place we are going to this time is called Blood Rock, which is about five days away from Daozong, because that area is just at the junction of some super sects, which makes it three. No matter what the hnlun zone is, the most wanted figures of some sects are often not in that place.
The green eagle flies across the blue sky, and the three of them are talking about this information.
Sectarian wanted list
Lin was dazed for a while in the desolate temple, and he also learned something about the East Xuanyu. This sectarian wanted list was made by some super sects, and the people who were able to get on this list were not people with amazing strength.
In those days, Zhou Tong’s predecessors had been on the wanted list of this sect, and it was still worthy of the name. Of course, this was released by Yuan N, but it was later cancelled in our Taoist opposition.
Lin Dong was startled and immediately in distress situation. Zhou Tong’s predecessor was really unstable everywhere. I’m afraid that what he heard the most after Daozong was his great achievements.
However, it is also very difficult to see that some of the gold content in this so-called sectarian wanted list can still live a rainy life without something real after offending some super sects
Try not to rock the boat on this trip to Blood Rock. Although we are brothers of Daozong, the super sectarian coercion in Blood Rock is much weaker for them. We should look at Lin with big eyes and warn.
Lin Dong nai left the pie mouth and was taught by such a yellow girl about the same age as Pteroceltis tatarinowii, which really made him feel a little weird.
We Daozong lived in a nirvana crystal mine. This time, some movement there interfered with the vein mining, and we just explored it. It should be that the monster beast is not difficult to pour. If it goes well, we will be able to go back in about half a month.
Lin Dong nodded slightly. He also knew something about Nirvana Crystal Mine, which is similar to Nirvana Crystal Mine. It doesn’t contain jng pure heaven and earth force, and it is also doped with Nirvana gas. This crystal mine is an important resource for all the super sects. Because those sects know that Danhe domain names need a lot of Nirvana Crystal Mines to replenish every year, otherwise Danhe will gradually dry up sooner or later.
Hehe, the younger martial sister took the lead in coming here, and it’s not difficult for us to take a trip outside. Although hnlun, the auction there is quite developed, and all kinds of strange things can be met. Maybe we can go and watch the man in white next to us, too, with a smile.
After talking all the way, Lin Dong got to know these other two people. Jiang Kun, a man in white, is a big brother in the underground temple, and his strength is also in the nirvana of seven yuan. The strength of the man in black, Yuan Ling Hongdian, is similar to that of Jiang Kun.
If the four of them in this line look at it from the surface, the strength should be the strongest, and the surging force B is slightly stronger than that of Jiang Kun. I think it should be at the peak level of seven yuan nirvana, but I don’t know what is moving in her body, but I feel something unusual. I can see that this little nv should not be as simple as it seems.
Lin smiled and relaxed a little. After he came to the East Xuanyu, he will come to see the world this time.
The blood rock is a long distance from Daozong, even though the flying speed of the green carving is not slow, but this journey still lasts for about five days.
When the morning of the sixth day came, I suddenly looked up and saw the lush forest far ahead, but it suddenly stopped. A slightly scarlet S color spread from the line of sight, and that kind of Yan S was still eroded by blood. A faint and fierce smell rose from the earth.
When approaching this area, Lin Dong could feel that the breath of heaven and earth around him became miscellaneous. Most of these breaths contained a trace of ferocity, and some yn was fierce in the dark, while yn’s cold eyes swept across the sky and flew over the green carving.
This is a bad land.
Lin Dong’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and this idea comes to mind. It seems that this place is really quite hnlun.
Here we are at the blood rock.
The first part of the carving should also be stretched, and then he smiled and said, Let’s go to the vein first. Our Daozong brother is stationed there.
For her words, Jiang Kun and his wife will not object to the fact that Lin is new here and not familiar with the road. Most decisions are decided by the will.
When the green carving is blown up in the hand, it is a huge vibration. The wings turn in one direction and the speed increases rapidly.
The flight lasted for half an hour, and then Lin Dong saw a terracotta-red mountain range, which was now in his field of vision, and some buildings were faintly visible in the mountain range.
Should seem to be no stranger to this place, the eyes are at a glance, then the green carving is commanded to slow down, and finally it hovers slightly on a hill and then it slowly lands.
Their landing site is a stone field, and not long after the landing of the Green Carving, there was a break in the wind, and then more than a dozen figures were swept away. Looking at their badges before ing, it was obvious that they were all Daozong brothers.
And the dozens of people who have been plundered will be alert when they see it, but they will disappear and be replaced by some respectful S.
In the first place of the dozen people is a charming body slightly petite nv, although its appearance should not be pretty, but it is a soft temperament. When she sees it, her cheeks are a little happy to see this appearance, which is obviously familiar.
Xi Xi Fang Jie