That is, yesterday, Cher asked the Dragon-Tibetan Buddhist monk, the Dragon-Tibetan Buddhist monk, the whale king and Hui Xian to purchase some paving lapis lazuli. It was better to deliver it this afternoon, but I didn’t want to buy lapis lazuli in large quantities in Xianshang Street just now, and suddenly I came to Cher for a thousand miles.

And it’s a sentence, so I can’t contact her anymore. How can the Dragon Hidden Toutuo Dragon Whale King not worry?
Because of Cher’s sound, the two of them ran once again to seal the spirit Sect, and Du Gusheng was in a hurry to get ready to catch up with Li Yueling, who had just led more than a thousand people in Yuan Zong to soar.
Cher elder sister said quickly escape light Li Yueling anxiously asked.
Speed dugu vice-palm teaches people who come to Wanlingshan to rob the dragon and hide the Buddhist monk to repeat Cher’s thousand-mile sound.
This is how long ago Li Yueling face slightly stiff way
At this moment, a cup of tea is already raising the speed to the limit. The Dragon Whale King reluctantly replied that he had been practicing in the world for some time.
Although his strength has been upgraded from ordinary Jin Xian to three Jin Xian, it is still difficult to keep pace with Li Yueling.
I got a reply. Li Yueling’s eyes are tight, and now I’m worried that the color will hide from the light. I’m close to Dugu Shengdao, Brother Dugu, and you brought my wife with you. I walked first. I’m talking about putting the golden warm jade in the Dugu Shengdun aperture.
Before Du Gusheng responded, Li Yueling asked the Dragon Whale King about the direction of Wanling Mountain, but when he saw his body suddenly appear, Zhang Xu’s golden light was flying in the same light shuttle, and the speed was not too fast compared with that of teleportation.
Venus is immortal and Li Laodi is a strong man.
It’s a shame that I haven’t seen him for five years. It’s really a shame for me to see Li Yueling leave quickly and use the means of hiding light. First, I was amazed and sighed in my heart.
I heard that Li Yueling, the Taoist priest of Dugu, had the strength of a pick-gold wonderland, but he was not too surprised. They were very clear about Li Yueling’s means. Perhaps Li Yueling’s achievement of a pick-gold wonderland five years ago was still relatively slow.
Clouds and fog cover the dragon, and the Lingshan Mountain stretches for several hundred miles. It is indeed a blessed land, not to mention its unique aura of heaven and earth, which is more than five times deeper than most boundaries of Cangdi Xianxing.
It’s amazing that there are so many resources to cultivate truth here.
And its name is named after the fact that there are tens of thousands of different kinds of exotic birds and strange animals.
As early as a thousand years ago, this Wanling Mountain was already the main place, and it has always been the headquarters of Xuanjiazong, the three major sects of Cangdi Xianxing. However, half a month ago, Xuanjiazong suddenly moved away from Cangdi Xianxing.
Coincidentally, Xuanjiazong walked in front of this treasure land and was discovered by Cher and the three of them. At that time, this was already the main place.
At this moment, the peak at the highest point of Wanling Mountain is covered by a layer of blue mask with Fiona Fang reaching hundreds of feet, which seems to be a magic weapon.
In this magic light curtain, snow in white is panting, and his eyes are full of anger. The three people staring at him are faintly visible in their skirts with shocking blood traces.
In front of Cher, three people are all dressed up, one old and two young, all Gherardini. Cher looked at each other as if she had a plan in mind.
The older Taoist priest in red said coldly, "Is this a blessed land like you, who is not in demon fairy, but you don’t listen to your own kind words, but you still want to call for help? Don’t you have to kill a real person? It’s really unappreciative."
The old road flyover Tsing Yi beside him is also very insidious and laughs. Your family is too compassionate. It is so small that demon fairy let his brother send her away, which will save her trouble in the future.
Today, Xuanjia Sect has been moved away from Cangdi Xianxing. I think that our Tianshi Sect has a strength of more than a thousand people and should be able to enter the three major sects. After taking over the Wanling Mountain, it is expected to replace the Shushan Sword Sect as the first sect to respect your old man’s status. You need to do it yourself. demon fairy cares about these trivial things. Let’s leave it to his brother.
Another Taoist priest in Tsing Yi also caters to the saying, Yes, Brother Yuxin said that the name of a real person is also famous in Cang Di Xian Xing. If you personally deal with this little demon fairy, it will really lose face and your brothers will do it for you.
For the disciples to flatter this real person, it seems very popular. The chief elder of Tianshi Sect, he also really talked about it in advance. The strength of Jin Xianxiu alone is enough to let him walk sideways in front of most Jin Xian.
Speaking of the Tianshi Sect, it really belongs to a larger Sect in Cangdi Xianxing, but it is far from as powerful as the jade heart man said, and at most it can barely squeeze into the top 20 columns of Cangdi Xianxing Sect.
Because this real person lives with an elder of Xuanjia Sect, the elder of Xuanjia Sect once told him that Xuanjia Sect would move, which is equivalent to telling him that this treasure land of Wanling Mountain will come.
You know, it’s a million important things to be an excellent sectarian station in the purple mansion except three days ago, and it’s also the most important factor to measure whether a Sect is strong or not
After learning this news, a real person has been looking forward to the arrival of Xuanjia Zongjuzong migration day. He will come to see it every few months. After all, people didn’t tell him about the detailed relocation, so they just ran a few times more.
I didn’t think it was this time when a real person came to Wanling Mountain. Although he disappeared from Xuanjiazong’s master, he saw the busy and desolate Cher in the future headquarters in Yuan Zong. Moreover, because he got millions of cents, Cher had already arranged the main peak of Wanling Mountain almost, which was better than that of Xuanjiazong’s headquarters at the beginning, but he didn’t have a strong law ban.
According to the Tao, a real person is one step late, and he shouldn’t complain, but Cher’s evil spirit is to let him know, and at the same time, it’s because of this that a real person has taken away others’ hard work and built bad hearts.
From his point of view, a demon fairy is not qualified to enjoy such a blessed land.
With the same real person, it was his two disciples, a jade heart and a jade deficiency, as well as two people who used to flatter at ordinary times. The advocate is only a little less demon than the two of them in repairing strength, but the two of them are vigorously encouraging a real person to rob Wanling Mountain.
In the long run, a real person will be determined.